Free Your Freedom.

Find the truth that protects your heart.


Take place and run free.
Take you time to set the truth.
Free truth life run
In blinks of lust.

Take shake share freedom.
Shake and share,
Shake and pour,
Free your Freedom.

Stay cool calm cool.
Be great in hearts of cool.
Cool heart of strong pool.
Pool full of trash blood blues …
Staying cool.

Cooling down trash away
Goes away in tranquil moves
Moves and shakes in one way coops
Moves and hides, and dies and dies
Humans need the cleanest pools
To survive to current groups

Forgotten clues.

Of what human like is about


Pool short share care.
Pools shake share run
Fast out away fast.
Run away away those
Pools of coops pools fuss
Careless hearts
Careless are
In life.

Run Run from careless plots.
Plots pools coops lost.
Lost trash lose it out
Far thrown far a reach
Too far you can not reach
Shake away off-ways
Coming your heart’s way.

Not around your heart.

Share no more with careless hearts.
Choose your sharing
Choose who you
A piece of your clean side, back.

Hard to rebuild a broken heart.
Too hard to afford
Giving it away
To careless fuss.

Shake and shake the careless hearts,
Off your sight.

Embrace Embrace Truth, Truth.
Even if harsh.
Truth is the blast to have.
The truth shared
In plane bright open space light;
The truth shared in honesty, in fearless to lose face acts;
Is the only truth you can take to build you stronger side up.
The only truth worth living with and for the sharing of your time.

True Bright Truth
Naked Reality of Human Heart.
So hard to find.
We find it, as mission,
We take it, to rebuild our mind and up.
The only cash that works for the mind.

We choose this truth, to take a piece of our heart.

And we change the world.


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