– Live. Positive. Now

Now it’s the time.

This time.

This time.
What’s up
With life?

This time.
For now,
It is
A time…

A time
To think
In things
Of life;
For life.
This time.

This time
Is real…

Real feel
Of time,
Of fears…
Of fears
That let
In tears.

In tears…
In tears
For life.

Live life!

In tears…
In tears?
That’s not
For life!

It’s not
The way
To live
This life.

This life.

This time
Is time
To live
In joy.
In joy,
Cause joy
Is where
We find…

We find
The time
To live
Our life
In shapes
Of truth;
Of hope
That brings
Our time
To light,
To shine,
To be here,
For us,
For us
To enjoy


In positive spirit.

Our life.

For positive
Is life.

This time
Is time
For Positive
To make us survive
This time of life.

We make every moment be positive, within us.
We give a chance for positivism
To come back
To life.

Our life in positive
Will change the world,


Now it’s the time to be positive, in life.

To change the world.



– Life 2.0: Revived

Our second chance to 21st Century Hope.

We now emerge form the pandemic into living life again, in a 2.0 chance and form; we embrace who we have been, only better than before; we take the learning from the suffering, joy, difficulties, discoveries, experiences, adventures, lock-downs and separations; from friends, family, volunteer helpers, and from those who are now gone. We take it all, and realise who we really are, when we focus on what it matters the most to everyone, that is living a life centred on being happy while spreading happiness around; making a 2.0 life of strong transition into a better world.

Back to life
As it was,
As it is,
As we always
Wanted it to be.

Back to live;
Life of us,
Life in me
Life in You
Life in Life
Life Revived.

Are Here
Are the Now;
A Renewal,
A Reward,
An Experience
For the world,
To turn corners
Corners over-imposed.
Sharpness for the masses,
Sharpness from humans
Of shame,
Sharp corners of the “un-Hope”

There are humans
With un-Hope.
That we let
Rule our world;
Hope should be
On Trust of hope
On Trust of what
We all want
To feel amongst
The human bulk,
People masses
In bulk.

Feel People’s wanted hope.

Trust is what
We want
To hope for
In 2.0s beyond.

2.0s build up from hope
That humans learnt
In lessons
In bulk.

A hope that every
Individual of us
Learnt in a sameness lesson
In our own home.
Individual inner lessons
Of same trust
For same revived hope.

Hope that all was
For humanity’s revived hope.

So we all join now
In forces Strong;
Strong in behaviours
That take the Strength
Of all those gone
In the messing with the 1.0 world imposed.

We take their strength
Into classrooms of shaping
Their mess suffering away,
For good, For gone;
Transforming their act
Into 2.0s revivals
Of Awareness
Of what humans really want…
Really want
To keep as “need”,
To keep as “guide”,
To keep as “2.0 hope”.

So we revived in hope
Life In Peace,
In Fairness,
Harmony, Empathy, Effort-rewarded,
In building the blocks for 3.0 humans
For revived 21st Century’s
Humanity Hope.

We start in 2.0
Of second chances
Of Trust-built Hope.

And we transition this world
To chances of a 3.0
Fully rewarding world
Finally to come, in Trust
For All.

and we change the world.



Mimic Nature

Reborn in a renewed sameness-looking change to better this life.

As Nature has witnessed the recent suffering from humans, She has got stronger and renewed inside, and has chosen this spring time to reveal their inner-built strength into the naked eyes of humans, by showing her presence off, like never before. This way, humans got a chance to understand that Nature is, and has been there all the time; that Nature is, after all, this other part of us; that we are one. Spring 2022 Nature, She is showing off more, so humans, this time over, have a choice: can get themselves reborn in the same Nature’s way; just by taking more of their inner selves into the naked eye of others; just by choosing to openly experience a closer life to equally naked heart humans around, and to all humans around, mimicking Nature.

Spring is life
Spring is here.
It is life
For life,
It is here
For life.
Spring is part
Spring… of life.

Spring is color
Cleansing act
Of all that
As it is born again.

Nature returns
On same colors
Same trees


Never the same.

Nature is wise
Nature refreshes
Every time
In front of our eyes.

Nature tells us
That every year
We have a choice:
To follow Nature’s
And get reborn
In that sameness
When sameness is renewed,
As nothing ever
Stays the same
Ever yet
In our Planet Earth World.
Never same inside You Your World.

Cleansing, clearing, inner, pure, newness new.

A chance to learn
From Nature again;
For those who want
To listen,
To take
The learning,
The feeling
The willingness, and braveness
Of getting reborn
In sameness… inside?
In a never sameness of time.

We listen to Nature
We follow the steps of inner cleansing clearing pure act;
We mimic that sameness-looking change,

and we change the world.


A hUmAn21 SLOG.

World in pockets, World in Mass.

Our world survives in open mass’ hands of shared trust.

It is life
In all forms
That matter
What matters
To us all.

Life matters
To us All.
Life is
What matters
After all.

All is all
We have to handle
In worlds of grieve.

Unnecessarily provoked

Who is good?
Who is wrong?
Who is who
To judge
Who is good
After All?
All gone?

Not gone. Ever gone. Never gone.

There are people
Who will make
Of people
And places.
And hearts…
And hearts,
After all.

People use people’s hearts,
And still,
Not all is gone.
People use people,
While keeping lots going on,
For People to still feel on.

When all that’s left
Is far away
From hearts of clean
When all that’s left
Is just
That act
Of war,
And acts
Of peace
Disguised with wrong doings
From people pretending
To care
For entire

… When that is all
That is not gone…

… We are all gone, inside.

We are all thrown, outside
Into worlds of foreign
On us
To live a life
That is their’s,
Not our’s.
A life lived
In pockets’ of force
Imposed on us
To live a life
Of their own
In us.

We are too many more
Than lives of those
Who impose fate
Of convenience
To us all.

We are too many
To be let
Our own world,
Into pockets
Of craze control.

We are all too far
Much better and good
Than the few who throw
The world we want
From us…
… into tight pockets
Of convenient lust.

Much better and good
Than those who make
The world small,
And kept
In pockets
To be ashamed of.

The world in pockets
Will not survive
For anyone
To enjoy

The world does not exist
Without the mass of us
Expressed outside
In joy, in peace,
In harmony, in love
And trust.

The mass of us,
Will change the world of pockets
Of lust.

The mass of us, together, must act.


To move from pockets, to trusting Mass;
To make the world last, for Mass. For the majority of All. Of Us.

and we change the world, in Mass.



– Pride Out.

Societies of human pride values will change the world.

Pride is not made by force.
Pride is not felt under force.
Pride is not won by force.
Pride is not protected by hiding it.
Pride is felt out of positive outcomes of your actions.

Feeling proud, outcomes based.
This way, Pride is felt outside you, too.
By others who see positive outcomes
For them, of you, or others, through you.

Positive outcomes
Generate a sense
Of Pride
In the Doer
In the Receiver.
In Society.

In the energy sense
Of positivism.
In the human value sense
Of energising
With human traits of social good, of respect, of family values.
Respecting People.

Proud of You:
For your positive outcome, affecting others, positively.
A great way to be proud.
Of You.

Feeling Proud, of Yourself:
In the inner-know that you are positive
For the world;
Even if the world pushes your Pride inside.

People pushing people
“Winning by Intimidation” type of people
A school of business success for some…
So very common, everywhere.
So very common, we think it is norm.
People intimidating others out of power seeking
Power gaining
Power gaming
Are the norm
In worlds of capital egoism
That destroys the world
While making few
Win… a rich sad inner life…
That’s the norm in egoism-feeling unhappy inner lives.

Next time someone intimidates you, feel proud; for you have been identified as a great human with Pride and values that cannot be bought; identified as someone who will change the world when finding togetherness of the alike Societies of Pride; when gaining strength through your inner self and inner selves of the many like you around.

You are a silent majority in this world.

So, Pride out!

Be proud of your family human values. As the Human of Pride we all inner-are.

Proud your Pride Out!

and we change the world.



“World Away” the “Worlds Apart”

No more wars for personal ego-lust.

World feels happy
When World moves.
People make the World
People on the move
Bring happiness to this World.

On “masks on” mode
On “masks off” mode
People come, and go.
The World moves
As people move around
in the World.

In energy
Experiences of the past
Make the present again.
Making present last.

The World is happy
When the World moves
Around happy people
On the move.
Mental moves
In Physical moves.
Mental Moves
In alive brains of good.

The World is happy
When happy people move

Is life.
It is life.
Movement is life.

For good
For else
For life;
Make for a happy life.

The world needs to be in the good mood again
For people to energise it, and energise back from it
Positively, Again.
A World on the move energises Societies…
People back again!.

People must be allowed back in full freedom of hearts and brains.

Societies in fair sharing of positive energy are Societies of joy:
Societies in charge of making the World
A positive energy

A place of getting rid
Of wars of energy
Thrown in;
Of wars of power-ism of the few
Thrown into innocent people
To handle.
Soldiers, Citizens, Soldier Citizen…
Energy thrown into unnecessary wars
Of evil, of power, of egos, of fear to lose power,
Shared by evil spirits of humans,
Still around.

Keep the world away from people of power-ism.
Away. Keep them afar…

Give the World back to people with genuine spirit of human goodwill
Deeply built in their minds,
Deeply built in their hearts.

Deeply built in their acts.

Societies of progress in equality need no ego-powered fictitious charm.
No matter how smart… no matter the progress smart egos are to promise back.
It is not worth it for us.
We give their smartness back, to them,
For them to enjoy it, if they can, in their own World, Apart.
In a world sealed away from the rest of us.

No clubs of hidden clutter of the spirited in lust.
No such clubs in our Societies to come.
Throw egos of lust away and afar
Throw progres made of lust apart;
For it is a mirage
For the majority of us,
A progress existing
In ill-conceived brains of people of lust.
It is not for us.
World it Apart!

We still live Worlds Apart
One World for them few.
One World… for the rest of us.

People can build
The alternative World
Of mass share,
Of working hard,
Of enjoying hard,
In societies joined up
For progress in peace, of mind, of heart, of acts.
In Societies of shared respect,
For generations of shared wealth in a global blast, to last.

It is possible, if Societies want it hard.
For the barriers are always great.
Mass Minds in Unison are far greater that any barrier made of just few hundred thousand minds infected by lust.

No more Worlds Apart.
No more wars of personal lust
In the name of many
Whose mind is clean, in clean heart.
Or this World would not make it
Into happiness that last.

This drug, that eradicates ill-willingness from the minds and acts of people tempted with spirits of egoism and lust… this drug is the one we “pandemic” the World into. Fast!

We can make a World Away from egos of lust-powered, of mass-inflicting harm.

Away… no more Worlds Apart.

One World Away!
In All Minds.
In All Hearts.
In All Acts, at last.

and we change humanity, for our One World to last.
Until we find another one.




ReBorn to Yourself, away from who others need you to be


It is now
It’s now
And gone

With time


Leave now

Leave me alone

With the new


It’s gone
Leave it gone
Memories… gone

Don’t want


Leave me alone

I am ReBorn

ReBorn to Yourself; away from the person others need you to be.

Be for Yourself and the people who truly love you.

Get your taken-self go… Make it “gone”; and Go ReBorn in Person-You.

and we change the world



Tech Makes It Fair

Let’s tech-progress our life

Those who like tennis may have watched some of the 2022 Australian Open matches over last month.

And I am sure most would have noticed a novelty: the absence of Line Judges at the court. The absence of people using their eyes and professionally trained capability to spot if a tennis ball, running somewhere in between 100 and 200 kilometres per hour, depending on the type of shot, has actually bounced within the court limits… or not.

Example of best human standard, challenged.

Tough undertaking; nonetheless one for which humans have been proficient at, so far. Or, one for which human’s level of proficiency has been accepted by the public, the fans, the players… the commercially interested actors inherent to sporting events that turn into competitive commercial business.

Line Judges have shown an impressive quality of convincing so many. They have had a proficiency level that has allowed them, especially at times of controversy, to defend their capability of getting their job done as best as it can get done, every time. A job well done, for human standards. Undisputed. They have exhibited an amazing human performance!.

Until “as best as it gets” started to get redefined, by this technology, to the naked eye of everyone watching, and of everyone commercially involved.

The “Hawk-Eye”: technology redefined, deployed.

This technology is called “Hawk-Eye”; a catchy name, perhaps attempted to relate it closer to the physical world and make it stand-out amongst communities of fans, no matter their location and culture.

The google definition of this technology reads like this:

“Hawk-Eye uses six or more computer-linked television cameras situated around the court. The computer reads in the video in real time, and tracks the path of the tennis ball on each camera. These six separate views are then combined together to produce an accurate 3D representation of the path of the ball”.

This technology probably started to deliver better results than humans achieved, from the day it got installed and operated in a tennis court. And perhaps as it has proven to continue doing so for a long time, it is that this year, at the Australian Tennis Open, it has replaced all human Line Judges on court… leaving just the Chair Empire in… so far!.

And it has done so without facing much public controversy; no problem seems to have transpired openly so far from any of the main stakeholders affected by its deployment: the players, the audience, the organisation, the sponsors… the fans.

How come this technology has taken few humans so suddenly out of their physical roles without any discontent from the main protagonists, nor from the corporations that make the event commercially successful for everyone?.

Transients matter; transformative success is not sudden.

I believe we have witnessed quite a sweet transition process of a successful disruption based on technology: it has worked, it has happened, in my view as a tennis and technology fan, as follows:

Focus: One application.

First of all, the disruption has been around just one application.

The technology has not been deployed to tackle all aspects of judging the fairness of the game for every single situation. It just looked at the bouncing of the ball against well marked and visible lines on the floor. Multiple lines, yes; and just one straightly scalable single use case. That’s it.

Co-existence: facing the challenge.

Secondly, the technology has coexisted with the traditional way of solving the problem; and it has been given time, while trialed in parallel with Line Judges physically present on court, given humans the right to challenge it, as well as the right to adapt their job to the technology’s output as part of their professional act. A friendly co-existence.

Superior experience: for everyone involved.

Thirdly, the technology has proven, during the co-existence, as being superior than humans for the main purpose of the act of judging: make the game fair.

The technology has not just proved better than humans; it has provided proof of becoming the best way seen to date to establish fairness for everyone involve.

The technology has replaced humans on an activity where human’s reliability could never be not even close to 100%, by delivering close to 100% reliability… if not just a 100%!.

The case, in this particular situation, is too well onto the technology’s side. The use case chosen is one where human capability would never deliver at the level the technology has. Full stop.

Technology meets commercial reality, and wins.

Linking technology with commercial reality! A sweet spot.

This is a case of technology, deployed for one single use case application, with proof of performance against the established practice, that delivered superior experience, based on making a competitive game fair. A successful formula, that may well increase the fans’ joy in the game.

Will this technology be implemented in all tennis major tournaments as a replacement of all the Line Judges?

Probably not… yet.

The technology requires a set up that not every single tennis court around the world might meet immediately without investment. The commercial viability for certain events may render the deployment unsustainable, and it will unlikely be globally adopted too soon.


The so called “grand-slam” tournaments, and some of the so-called Masters 1000 Series appear to have a strong enough commercial muscle to adopt the new ways of working, as many of them have already had the “Hawk-Eye” installed and operating.

For those where the installation is already proven and in working order, it may just take one single courageous decision: the one taken by the Australia Tennis Federation and Australia Open Organisation, going ahead replacing people and delivering incomparable, uncontested, fast fairness to the game: the “Hawk-Eye as a Judge”. A courageous decision for innovative and pioneering.

… over a Transient.

It is interesting to reflect on how important has been to be courageous, when you are backed by a solid human (physical) to digital transition plan: a complex technology, set to deliver value for one use case, proven globally over several years, finally use case-augmented in the one scenario where courage took over tradition, at Australian Open 2022.

What did trigger people to be this courageous? I think many of us can guess the answer to this question, looking at what the world has and is going through since late 2019 to date…

A trigger that generated the successful integration of a “digital technology” as a replacement of physical human presence in this Australian sport event, creating a superior experience for everyone involved, happened over a transition (long) path.

From 2001, through 2006… into Society 2022?

According to Wikipedia,

The Sony-owned Hawk-Eye system was developed in the United Kingdom by Paul Hawkins. The system was originally implemented in 2001 for television purposes in cricket.
And Google tells us that:
In March 2006, at the Nasdaq-100 Open, Hawk-Eye was used officially for the first time at a tennis tour event. In 2006 the US Open Tennis Championship became the first grand-slam event to use the system during play, allowing players to challenge line calls.

Would our Society now adopt disruptive technologies as a fair replacement of humans, as a trusted way to spread fairness for humans? Starting with fairness of a tennis match?

Whatever the trigger that made Australia to have the courage of replacing five or six judges by technology was; even if it was due to an unexpected and globally undesired pandemic scenario; the reality is that it has taken 16 years for a proven technology to be allowed to make the tennis game fairer for everybody.

Let’s “tech-progress” our life, without the need of undesired triggers.

Let’s ourselves be the trigger of acceptance of technology that has a consistent proof of value for aspects of life we care about.

Let’s embrace technology that show evidence, proof of delivering superior experience, commercial advantage, happiness, joy, fairness, trust… better life…

Whichever the value we are looking to augment as a Society in 2022 is, let’s embrace technology that delivers it consistently, and with transparent evidence; like the “Hawk-Eye” does!.

Let’s actively embrace this kind of “tech-progress”…

… and we change the world.



2022 Random Reflection: time to enter the Multi-Universe-Wide-World.

Turning the “world-wide-web” into our creative webspace to experiment the future.

More people will start creating economic value out of their creativity, within or away from corporations and its shareholders’ demands.

The “web” is becoming an imaginary world wide space. The www “world wide web” is turning towards a space that empowers people to explore and experiment the output from raw creativity; to generate wealth they all can take a token share of.

The so-called Web3 and the tokenisation of value; and the so-called Web3.0 and the tokenisation of digital assets; these are trending topics. These webs offer a space for creating the future, freely, out of experimentation of an imagined reality: the “Lab of Future”.

In that “Lab”, there are as many future “universes” as creators enter to experiment. Experimenting with new ways to create economic value, social business models, shifting from shareholders to stakeholders; creating new ways to experience life; to experience happiness in a physical and emotional form. A Lab for experimenting with crowd governance: giving voting rights to each token owner; giving rights to software protocols that automatically apply agreed rules; rights agreed and created by the “Lab’s members”.

It might be early days. This trend may not settled into mass adoption, yet; this activity might become another one of those that are ultra controlled by controllers of the past and present, as they will also become members of Web3 and Web3.0. Similar type of controls already exist in our present universe.

The difference now is that just one of the many trends set within this “Lab” could stick within a community of individuals and stay. One of them could become transformative for society, and stick. Perhaps, one out of a bunch of successful personal universes – emerged out of a multi-universe creation act – would jump to reality; one of them could stick for the masses, beyond its creator. We just don’t know, now.

Some people will call this as “modelling”. This “Lab” seems actually to be the workshop space where we model the future, to come. However, we believe this is beyond the current notion of “modelling” as we know it. The nuance resides in the inability of the current models to mimic the reality that becomes our future, for certain.

The feeling is that a transformative scenario could come up, all of the sudden, out of one such “Lab”. Strongly scaling, this would become a scenario with the potential to move masses into embracing the world experienced in the metaverse; a scenario that could transform masses fast. We just don’t know which metaverse-generated reality would become mass-adopted. One will.

The traditional way for movements to emerge, out of well orchestrated physical mass demonstrations, might fall obsolete; unable to fulfil their goal of moving societies to action, such movements will get replaced… are being replaced.

Metaverse, Web3, Web3.0 experimentation: this would be the instrument the masses will employ to creating transformative movements, one creator at a time.

Our world already functions with multi-universes that are digitally created, communicated, and believed possible. They are originally created by individuals, as opposed to organisations, corporations, forums, or governments. For some time, part of our society has turned to create reality in a digital form: communicating what their desired transformation is, just by creating it, digitally. One creator at a time.

The multi-universe of experimentation becomes the factory of social transformation projects the world could opt to adopt. The next mass transformation will emerge from this “Lab of Future”. We just don’t know it, just now.

Exciting times lie ahead. Fuelled by technology and human imagination that are ready.

Let creativity thrive at the edge!

and we change the world.


A hUmAn21 SOCIETY#21 SLOG Series.

2022 Empathy Will Make Humanity Stronger.

Let’s make Empathy become “Humanity’s sixth sense” in 2022.

No more hidden individuality behind plasma screens.

We felt one
Inside our hearts,
In our willingness to belong
We enjoyed
As individuals
Behind plasma screens
… felt forever.

Our hearts are together,
Our will, our soul.
We enjoy the freedom
Of being present
In physical form
Forever more.
That’s what
We wish for.

This war on covid and anxiety,
Physical and mental,
To be stored inside our past.
Let it be past.
These experiences
To feed into our new selves
As we overcome.
Let them become
Our new understanding
Of what, Love, Friendship, Empathy
Really are,
And signify
For us.
Let the experience reveal
What entails to overcome…
And unveil the people
Who truly turned present and caring
In 2021, for us.

In 2021,
The suffering and loving
In anxiety and isolation;
Our share of life,
Discovering ourselves;
Shared experiences,
Learning from the lack
Of joy and caressing..
Joy we, otherwise, believed
standard in life…
… it will return.

Will bring it back.
The year of true solidarity
Of two-way empathy
In a new physical world
That will emerge
Towards the beginning
Of a true new life
For us all.

The year when
Honest encounters
And true understandings
Are born back.
Discovering that we do overcome,
From great pain,
When armed with the most positive
Of the energies this world can have:
People truly in love.

With You,
In real physical presence.
In a new year for Humanity.
Our wish.

We build our wellbeing out of past scars.
Let’s take advantage of them.

Let’s make empathy a true part of our life in 2022:
for physical meaningful encounters, for humanity… at large.

and we will truly change the world in 2022.

Welcome to 2022