About hUmAn21

I Create the Future

Luis Benito,

Founder of hUmAn21.

Curious Creator / Digital Artist / Author / Naval Architect / Executive / Mentor / Coach.

Promoter of Social Business Networks for a transformed 21st Century’s Society, based on shared human values.

HI Everyone, i am Luis

I am originally from Spain, married to my lovely wife, my source of positive balanced energy, She is Korean.

I have lived and worked at Spain, Korea, Singapore and England. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan.

I am very curious, fascinated by the strength in individuality, one person at a time. I love freedom. I captured my feelings through digital art painting. I capture life through photography.

I love to create the future, one step at a time.

I believe digital technologies and digital ways of living can become the best catalyst and enabler for humanity to become more human, social, owner of its destiny, while making our Planet survive, as we evolve within. I believe in Health for the Planet and Health for Humans, reached in harmony with each other.

This is what the hUmAn21 is about: humanity that creates social digital business networks to propel Earth towards the greatest place for all of us to live; in personal health within a healthy planet. We all can be a hUmAn21.

I welcome you all to join the hUmAn21 Movement here.

We transform humanity in a sustainable planet together, leveraging the power of digital technologies, one human at a time, everyone of us. It is meaningful, exciting,… it is possible.

Follow Us, Take your step!

I create the future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Abraham Lincoln

(2022 – to date)
Creating the future. Strategic Innovation. Customer Success Executive Partnerships. Sustainability. ESG Strategy. Digitalisation. Start-up Mentor. Architectural / Disruptive / Radical Innovation. Digital Transformation. Strengths. Mentorship. Street Photography. Adventure.

United Kingdom
(2014 – 2022)
Creating the future. Entrepreneurial Ventures incubation and acceleration. Architectural/Disruptive/Radical Innovation. Digital Network Economy. Digital Native Culture. Executive Direction. Board Direction. Strengths. Mentorship. Street Photography. Adventure.

(2012 – 2014)
Creating the future. Strategic Marketing Direction. New Product and Services Creation. Strengths. Mentorship. Adventure.

(1993-95 & 1998 – 2012)
Blue Ocean Strategy. Operations Business Management. Business Development Management. Project Management. Mentorship. Strengths. Ship Surveys. Adventure.

(1992-3 & 1996-98)
Ships Surveys. Project Management. Adventure.

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