About hUmAn21

I create the future

I am Luis Benito, Founder of hUmAn21.

A Curious Creator. I love sharing with People who love to have fun while living life respecting others.

I love sharing with people who build a better future out of their present actions: sharing, caring, people in love with technologies that augment us; technologies that leverage our values while they take care of our day to day more effectively than we would.

Artificial Intelligence to service humanity and our Earth Planet. For our Shared Health, People and Planet.

I am a Naval Architect from Madrid, Spain, an Author, a Digital Artist and an Evangelist of the new 21st century humanity.

Hi Everyone, i am Luis

I am originally from Spain, married to my very lovely wife, my source of positive balanced energy, She is Korean.

I have lived and worked at Spain, Korea, Singapore and England. I currently live in England.

I am very curious, fascinated by the strength in individuality, one person at a time. I love freedom and I create to express mine.

I love to create the future, one trend at a time. Personally, I express my creativity through ideas, photographs, conversations, blogs, slogs, book-writing, trend debating, and by digital art.

I believe digital technologies and digital ways of living can become the best catalyst and enabler we have now at our disposal for humanity to become more human, social, owner of its destiny,… and survive as the dominant species we seem to be, making our Planet survive with us at the same time. Health for the Planet and Health for Humans, in harmony.

This type of humanity I would like to call the hUmAn21; these humans will create social networks to propel our Planet towards the greatest place to live for us all. You are, can be a hUmAn21.

I welcome you all to join the hUmAn21 Movement here.

We transform humanity in a sustainable planet together, leveraging the power of digital technologies, one human at a time, everyone of us. It is meaningful, exciting,… it is possible.

Follow Us, Take your step!

I create the future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Abraham Lincoln

United Kingdom
(2014 – 2022)
Creating the future. Entrepreneurial Ventures incubation and acceleration. Architectural/Disruptive/Radical Innovation. Digital Network Economy. Digital Native Culture. Executive Direction. Board Direction. Strengths. Mentorship. Adventure.

(2012 – 2014)
Creating the future. Strategic Marketing Direction. New Product and Services Creation. Strengths. Mentorship. Adventure.

(1993-95 & 1998 – 2012)
Blue Ocean Strategy. Operations Business Management. Business Development Management. Project Management. Mentorship. Strengths. Ship Surveys. Adventure.

(1992-3 & 1996-98)
Ships Surveys. Project Management. Adventure.

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