The hUmAn21 Story

The post details the author's academic achievements in school, which were celebrated by their supportive family. Besides academic awards, the author deeply cherished a "Human Values" award, reflecting his distinct recognition for embodying and practicing human values. Years later, under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this realization resurfaced, spurring the creation of hUmAn21, a global initiative intended to transform society through the appreciation and practice of shared human values. The author believes digital connections can expedite this transformation.

Retain Time to Love

The text emphasizes the importance of consciously retaining and expressing love for those dear to us. By reserving time and mental space for this love, we become more present, strengthening the bond over time. This subconscious attention to affection becomes a transformative force, changing us and the world around.


The user emphasizes the importance of joy and positive energy in daily life, advocating for an approach where every day is celebrated as if it's your birthday. They believe everyone holds the potential to bring happiness to others and themselves in their hearts, creating a world that thrives on positivity and lively energy.


"Moments of your Heart" encourages personal expression through various forms. The piece suggests that by showcasing our emotions and personal essence, we leave a significant mark on the world. The author believes such expressions will shape the future and positively affect our collective environment, forming a world residing in kindness and free will.

This World’s Plot.

The poem emphasizes the individual's role in shaping their world and life. Iterating the process of living, feeling, believing, and moving, the author implies the importance of interactions and personal experiences. Individuals are described as part of a greater existence, shaped by their purpose and expressed through their actions, ultimately impacting the world.

Destiny Shapes

The content emphasizes embracing the energy and power of destiny, an unpredictable and indecipherable force driving our lives. It underscores the importance of accepting this force to influence our path and future. While we have no control over our destiny, we can adapt and manage its manifest forms, ultimately contributing to change in the world.

Awaken Hearts

This poem, 'hUmAn21', emphasizes the role of dreams in influencing reality. It asserts that our desires, reflected in dreams, have the power to shape our surroundings, fostering joy and balance in society. The constant reference to an 'awaken Heart' suggests the necessity of mindful living in making our dreams a reality.

People are Strong

The poet expresses the inherent strength of people, bestowed by love and family generations, which can be harnessed to form a free, strong society. Today's societies often destruct this intrinsic force. However, the poet believes that when humans exercise their internal strength, casting off weaknesses, societies can progress towards peace, value and wealth.

Japan Presents

The author uses poetic language to express admiration for Japan, portraying it as a model for the world. The text emphasizes Japan's cultural values and its role in shaping a positive future. The author perceives Japan as a leader that embraces the present to construct a future beneficial for individuals and communities. Furthermore, the text suggests that maintaining this Earth is a shared responsibility, where societies strive for advancement and peace.

World of Worlds

"Athens, 6th October 2023, human culture and environments are interlinked in a cycle where each shapes the other, forming our geo-world in a phenomenon likened to 'Shells.' This formation integrates traits, weather, geographies and human experiences. These Shells represent the human capacity to shape the planet, fostering shared societal experiences and peace on a global scale."


"ODE TO Humans in Peace" portrays the omnipresence and significance of energy in human life. It describes energy as a choice, guiding force, and inspiration that fuels people's existence. Shaped by various forms, colors, and feelings, it unites people and empowers them to live a fulfilling life, ultimately aiming for human unity and peace.

Human Part

Makes the world become one. These days life is changingTowards what you want,When what you want is to become,Exist, be present, in present form. In present form you must exists:In brain, in mind, in feeling heart.You must drive your existence towards it.It might make you feel alive. Alive for fighting, hard, towards what you feel.Alive [...]

Tokyo innovates the World.

Feel life in lightsFeel good on brightFeel energy in sightFeel Tokyo Feel LifeIn motionTrendingOf duties to reachSocieties of a best fateFor all of us Citizens of citiesAnd citizens of worldsCitizens convertingIn fashions of godsNon-existent in courtsOf Japanese progressingSociety, Civilization, World.Citizens of living the futureTo experience for mostTo grab it in grabbing formOf trends of Tokyo-future-proofing-wards. [...]

– Spaces in our Mind-Brain-Heart

Humanise Humanity with our owned AI. Space.Spaces appear in front of meFor me to think on how to feel.Fill,Them,Up. Spaces of testsFor my deep sideIn heartFeelingsOf humanHumanity,People, Persons, CrowdsPast. Spaces to share my feelingsAnd laughLove, Like, Love, Judge.Spaces provided in all of usTo fill them up with personal facts And thoughts,And flair, fuss, flush … [...]

– Tokyo Style of Life.

Shows the path to making our world last. Tokyo in lifeOf bars, stars;In levels of funAnd fuss and fun;In layers of castsAnd pathsAnd life. In layers of levels,We live life in Tokyo Style. In physical layers,Nature ones,That merge with sitesOf city life.Together with souls,Plenty to count,And serveAnd pleaseAnd keepUpbeatAt times.All times.Tokyo StyleLayered Life. In layers [...]