– Energías de almas convergentes.

Son para siempre.

En nosotros,
En vida
En vida
En vida
Con nuestros
Sensores físicos,
Sensores de realidad
Vivida en vivo,
Dimensiones físicas

En mundos
De energías

Energías compartidas.

De energías de luz
Que iluminan espíritus
Visibles en luz
De energía invisible
A lo físico;
De energías
Sólo visibles
En almas;
En almas de espíritus
Invisibles compartidos;
De espíritus invisibles
Visibles al compartir,
Visibles cuando son

Espíritus Compartidos
Trascienden nuestro mundo
Para converger en el mundo
De las personas que conectan
En alma
De espíritu.

Invisiblemente conectadas
En la dimension del espíritu,
Que aunque se muestre invisible
Por intocable,
Por insensible,
En los mundos físicos
Están, sin embargo,
Por siempre,
Presentes en humanos
De almas convergentes
En mundos no inventados,
Sino sentidos,
Por compartidos,
En espíritus unidos,

Almas Convergentes
Se llaman a estar
Por siempre,
En mundos internos
De energías compartidas
En formas diferentes
A lo físico emergente.
Energías convergentes,
Energías atrayentes,
Energías de vida
Presente, Ausente, Futura, Eterna Por Siempre;
Energías del espíritu presente por siempre.
Energías de Almas Convergentes.

Energias de gente convergente,
De nacimiento, por nacimiento,
Por siempre presentes,
Sin importar en qué presente.
Físico, sensorial, ausente,…
Presentes de personas
Juntas, Convergentes.
Nunca Ausentes.
Nunca divergentes.

Espíritus convergentes
Viven conectados,
En todas dimensiones,
Por siempre,
Sin importar el mundo envolvente,
Porque las energías así sentidas
Son energías sentidas convergentes
En cualquier mundo
En cualquier dimensión envolvente.

Las uniones con las personas que queremos,
Y en verdad convergemos,
Perduran por siempre,
En todas dimensiones
En mundos envolventes,
No importa en qué dimensión…
Uniones Convergentes
De reencuentros

Uniones multidimensionales
Que cambian nuestro mundo, a mejor, para siempre.
Propulsadas por personas que queremos querer para siempre.

Y así construímos un mundo mejor, envolvente, diferente, en el “nuestro siempre”
Formado por la gente que decidimos tener Siempre Presente.
Sin importar el tiempo.
Haciéndonos Presentes en Nuestro Siempre.
En todas dimensiones,
En todos los Siempres.

Nos hacemos de Espíritu, Juntos, Fuertes.
Por Siempre.


Un hUmAn21 SLOG.

Mimic Nature

Reborn in a renewed sameness-looking change to better this life.

As Nature has witnessed the recent suffering from humans, She has got stronger and renewed inside, and has chosen this spring time to reveal their inner-built strength into the naked eyes of humans, by showing her presence off, like never before. This way, humans got a chance to understand that Nature is, and has been there all the time; that Nature is, after all, this other part of us; that we are one. Spring 2022 Nature, She is showing off more, so humans, this time over, have a choice: can get themselves reborn in the same Nature’s way; just by taking more of their inner selves into the naked eye of others; just by choosing to openly experience a closer life to equally naked heart humans around, and to all humans around, mimicking Nature.

Spring is life
Spring is here.
It is life
For life,
It is here
For life.
Spring is part
Spring… of life.

Spring is color
Cleansing act
Of all that
As it is born again.

Nature returns
On same colors
Same trees


Never the same.

Nature is wise
Nature refreshes
Every time
In front of our eyes.

Nature tells us
That every year
We have a choice:
To follow Nature’s
And get reborn
In that sameness
When sameness is renewed,
As nothing ever
Stays the same
Ever yet
In our Planet Earth World.
Never same inside You Your World.

Cleansing, clearing, inner, pure, newness new.

A chance to learn
From Nature again;
For those who want
To listen,
To take
The learning,
The feeling
The willingness, and braveness
Of getting reborn
In sameness… inside?
In a never sameness of time.

We listen to Nature
We follow the steps of inner cleansing clearing pure act;
We mimic that sameness-looking change,

and we change the world.


A hUmAn21 SLOG.


Feel Now. Time to Start Life from Fresh.

It is the time.

Is it the time?
To live
To suffer
To take
Into these

Into actions
Of pain?

Is this the time?
To do
To take
The time to be

It is this season of pain and harsh around.
Around, it is.
That is life.

The time
To merge
To go
And merge
With one
The time
To merge



This life of time felt done… done, gone.

Gone born.
We start
Once more.

Start life again; once more.
Start. Start feeling Gone…
To Start… feeling Now… from Gone.
One start, Now.
Again. Start.


and I change the world



ReBorn to Yourself, away from who others need you to be


It is now
It’s now
And gone

With time


Leave now

Leave me alone

With the new


It’s gone
Leave it gone
Memories… gone

Don’t want


Leave me alone

I am ReBorn

ReBorn to Yourself; away from the person others need you to be.

Be for Yourself and the people who truly love you.

Get your taken-self go… Make it “gone”; and Go ReBorn in Person-You.

and we change the world





We take Gold time, at Waveless time.

what’s waveless?
In heart.
In mind.
Brave hearts’ waves.

Does it matter?.
It matters to few.
Does it matter?,
When it matters
To just few?.
It matters,
To few.

Few are like you.
Few are like you.
Like you are, there are few.
Any few, is like you…

Waveless is great
For a break,
In the mind.

Waves, I need waves!
Where are the waves
Of energy in life!
My life of joy,
Around energy that comes
From waves, at sea,
From waves, at heart!

Waves, you need.
And waveless time
Reminds you of the importance
Of wave time.

Curious, calm.
Waiting charms
The brain;
And prepares the stage of life
For the next waves to come.
Waves come,
Always do.
Waveless time.

We take Gold time
At Waveless times.

and we change the world.



Tech Makes It Fair

Let’s tech-progress our life

Those who like tennis may have watched some of the 2022 Australian Open matches over last month.

And I am sure most would have noticed a novelty: the absence of Line Judges at the court. The absence of people using their eyes and professionally trained capability to spot if a tennis ball, running somewhere in between 100 and 200 kilometres per hour, depending on the type of shot, has actually bounced within the court limits… or not.

Example of best human standard, challenged.

Tough undertaking; nonetheless one for which humans have been proficient at, so far. Or, one for which human’s level of proficiency has been accepted by the public, the fans, the players… the commercially interested actors inherent to sporting events that turn into competitive commercial business.

Line Judges have shown an impressive quality of convincing so many. They have had a proficiency level that has allowed them, especially at times of controversy, to defend their capability of getting their job done as best as it can get done, every time. A job well done, for human standards. Undisputed. They have exhibited an amazing human performance!.

Until “as best as it gets” started to get redefined, by this technology, to the naked eye of everyone watching, and of everyone commercially involved.

The “Hawk-Eye”: technology redefined, deployed.

This technology is called “Hawk-Eye”; a catchy name, perhaps attempted to relate it closer to the physical world and make it stand-out amongst communities of fans, no matter their location and culture.

The google definition of this technology reads like this:

“Hawk-Eye uses six or more computer-linked television cameras situated around the court. The computer reads in the video in real time, and tracks the path of the tennis ball on each camera. These six separate views are then combined together to produce an accurate 3D representation of the path of the ball”.

This technology probably started to deliver better results than humans achieved, from the day it got installed and operated in a tennis court. And perhaps as it has proven to continue doing so for a long time, it is that this year, at the Australian Tennis Open, it has replaced all human Line Judges on court… leaving just the Chair Empire in… so far!.

And it has done so without facing much public controversy; no problem seems to have transpired openly so far from any of the main stakeholders affected by its deployment: the players, the audience, the organisation, the sponsors… the fans.

How come this technology has taken few humans so suddenly out of their physical roles without any discontent from the main protagonists, nor from the corporations that make the event commercially successful for everyone?.

Transients matter; transformative success is not sudden.

I believe we have witnessed quite a sweet transition process of a successful disruption based on technology: it has worked, it has happened, in my view as a tennis and technology fan, as follows:

Focus: One application.

First of all, the disruption has been around just one application.

The technology has not been deployed to tackle all aspects of judging the fairness of the game for every single situation. It just looked at the bouncing of the ball against well marked and visible lines on the floor. Multiple lines, yes; and just one straightly scalable single use case. That’s it.

Co-existence: facing the challenge.

Secondly, the technology has coexisted with the traditional way of solving the problem; and it has been given time, while trialed in parallel with Line Judges physically present on court, given humans the right to challenge it, as well as the right to adapt their job to the technology’s output as part of their professional act. A friendly co-existence.

Superior experience: for everyone involved.

Thirdly, the technology has proven, during the co-existence, as being superior than humans for the main purpose of the act of judging: make the game fair.

The technology has not just proved better than humans; it has provided proof of becoming the best way seen to date to establish fairness for everyone involve.

The technology has replaced humans on an activity where human’s reliability could never be not even close to 100%, by delivering close to 100% reliability… if not just a 100%!.

The case, in this particular situation, is too well onto the technology’s side. The use case chosen is one where human capability would never deliver at the level the technology has. Full stop.

Technology meets commercial reality, and wins.

Linking technology with commercial reality! A sweet spot.

This is a case of technology, deployed for one single use case application, with proof of performance against the established practice, that delivered superior experience, based on making a competitive game fair. A successful formula, that may well increase the fans’ joy in the game.

Will this technology be implemented in all tennis major tournaments as a replacement of all the Line Judges?

Probably not… yet.

The technology requires a set up that not every single tennis court around the world might meet immediately without investment. The commercial viability for certain events may render the deployment unsustainable, and it will unlikely be globally adopted too soon.


The so called “grand-slam” tournaments, and some of the so-called Masters 1000 Series appear to have a strong enough commercial muscle to adopt the new ways of working, as many of them have already had the “Hawk-Eye” installed and operating.

For those where the installation is already proven and in working order, it may just take one single courageous decision: the one taken by the Australia Tennis Federation and Australia Open Organisation, going ahead replacing people and delivering incomparable, uncontested, fast fairness to the game: the “Hawk-Eye as a Judge”. A courageous decision for innovative and pioneering.

… over a Transient.

It is interesting to reflect on how important has been to be courageous, when you are backed by a solid human (physical) to digital transition plan: a complex technology, set to deliver value for one use case, proven globally over several years, finally use case-augmented in the one scenario where courage took over tradition, at Australian Open 2022.

What did trigger people to be this courageous? I think many of us can guess the answer to this question, looking at what the world has and is going through since late 2019 to date…

A trigger that generated the successful integration of a “digital technology” as a replacement of physical human presence in this Australian sport event, creating a superior experience for everyone involved, happened over a transition (long) path.

From 2001, through 2006… into Society 2022?

According to Wikipedia,

The Sony-owned Hawk-Eye system was developed in the United Kingdom by Paul Hawkins. The system was originally implemented in 2001 for television purposes in cricket.
And Google tells us that:
In March 2006, at the Nasdaq-100 Open, Hawk-Eye was used officially for the first time at a tennis tour event. In 2006 the US Open Tennis Championship became the first grand-slam event to use the system during play, allowing players to challenge line calls.

Would our Society now adopt disruptive technologies as a fair replacement of humans, as a trusted way to spread fairness for humans? Starting with fairness of a tennis match?

Whatever the trigger that made Australia to have the courage of replacing five or six judges by technology was; even if it was due to an unexpected and globally undesired pandemic scenario; the reality is that it has taken 16 years for a proven technology to be allowed to make the tennis game fairer for everybody.

Let’s “tech-progress” our life, without the need of undesired triggers.

Let’s ourselves be the trigger of acceptance of technology that has a consistent proof of value for aspects of life we care about.

Let’s embrace technology that show evidence, proof of delivering superior experience, commercial advantage, happiness, joy, fairness, trust… better life…

Whichever the value we are looking to augment as a Society in 2022 is, let’s embrace technology that delivers it consistently, and with transparent evidence; like the “Hawk-Eye” does!.

Let’s actively embrace this kind of “tech-progress”…

… and we change the world.



Vision Matters. Visionaries are alone.

Embrace visionaries. make a better world.

Visionaries pay a price

A price of being alone
For long;
Until someone else,
Until the mass itself,
Realises that the vision
Becomes the norm;
Would become the norm.

True Visionaries are alone.

Alone with themselves,
In games on sole-throne;
Thrones of the unknown;
That can get ignored
By “visionaries of the present”,
Of a ”not too far beyond”.

Visionaries are alone.

Visionaries feel alone
With themselves.
They take the time,
And patience,
And companionship
To endure,
Over visions
That remain
Not of the interest
Of masses of today’s game.

Visionaries are alone
With their visions of a distant world.

Game of masses
Of instant reward;
Even if
There is
No vision or hope.
Thrones rewarding
Wisdom of short-sightness success;
Of hopeless hope,
For short.

Visionaries live in peace
With their visions, with the world
They know it is to come.
Because over the years,
Over decades perhaps,
The world turns into some
Of their visionary dreamt

Visionaries: funny characters!.
As the world turns into them,
They are caught dreaming
On a world that is not here, yet.


On the world of today!
With the joy
Of having found
Proof of your dreams,
Advancing what it’s to come,
Time and time again,
So others can prepare
Best, on time, again. Today.


Take your time to reflect.
The present is your past.
So take joy in seeing the future to come…
On the certainty, on the knowledge
That it will turn into present, one day, at last!

Visionaries of this era!:
Exist! Strong!
Beyond barriers…

You are so needed.
Yet not told so;
Just last,

and we change the world.



2022 Empathy Will Make Humanity Stronger.

Let’s make Empathy become “Humanity’s sixth sense” in 2022.

No more hidden individuality behind plasma screens.

We felt one
Inside our hearts,
In our willingness to belong
We enjoyed
As individuals
Behind plasma screens
… felt forever.

Our hearts are together,
Our will, our soul.
We enjoy the freedom
Of being present
In physical form
Forever more.
That’s what
We wish for.

This war on covid and anxiety,
Physical and mental,
To be stored inside our past.
Let it be past.
These experiences
To feed into our new selves
As we overcome.
Let them become
Our new understanding
Of what, Love, Friendship, Empathy
Really are,
And signify
For us.
Let the experience reveal
What entails to overcome…
And unveil the people
Who truly turned present and caring
In 2021, for us.

In 2021,
The suffering and loving
In anxiety and isolation;
Our share of life,
Discovering ourselves;
Shared experiences,
Learning from the lack
Of joy and caressing..
Joy we, otherwise, believed
standard in life…
… it will return.

Will bring it back.
The year of true solidarity
Of two-way empathy
In a new physical world
That will emerge
Towards the beginning
Of a true new life
For us all.

The year when
Honest encounters
And true understandings
Are born back.
Discovering that we do overcome,
From great pain,
When armed with the most positive
Of the energies this world can have:
People truly in love.

With You,
In real physical presence.
In a new year for Humanity.
Our wish.

We build our wellbeing out of past scars.
Let’s take advantage of them.

Let’s make empathy a true part of our life in 2022:
for physical meaningful encounters, for humanity… at large.

and we will truly change the world in 2022.

Welcome to 2022


2022: La Empatía reforzará la Humanidad.

Hagamos del 2022 el año de la empatía, como el sexto sentido de toda la humanidad.

Sin plasmas de individualidad.

Juntos de Corazón.
Juntos en voluntad
De estar juntos,
Y disfrutar
De las personas
En plasmas
De individualidad.

Juntos de Corazón,
Voluntad, Alma.
Juntos en libertad,
De estar presentes
En forma física
Por siempre jamás.

Que esta guerra
De covids y ansiedad,
Física y mental,
Quede recogida
En nuestra antigüedad.
Por pasado,
Por experiencias vividas,
Que al sobrevivirlas
Se convierten en realidad
En enseñanzas verdaderas
De lo que en verdad es
Y significa
El Amor,
Y la Amistad,
Y la Empatía,
De verdad.
Y de lo que significa
El sobrellevar…
Con la presencia y el cariño
De la gente, que en 2021
Se convirtió en gente de verdad.

Por el sufrir y el amar
En confinamientos de ansiedad;
Compartiendo la vida,
Descubriendo la personalidad;
Compartiendo experiencias,
Aprendidas de la precariedad;
De cariños y gozos
Que creímos estándar…
Que están,
… Que volverán.

El año de la verdadera
De empatías recíprocas
Con el mundo físico real
Que emergerá
Con fuerza
En una nueva vida.
De verdad.

El año del renacer
De reuniones sinceras
De entendimiento en libertad;
Descubriendo que de las penas
Siempre se avanza en potestad
De la energía más positiva
Que el mundo puede brindar:
Las personas que te quieren de verdad.

En libertad;
En presencia,
Y Real.
En un año nuevo
Para la Humanidad.
Deseos de verdad.

Las cicatrices del pasado
Construyen nuestro bienestar.

Hagamos del 2022 el año de la empatía en presencia física normal, para la humanidad,… por toda la humanidad.

Y cambiaremos el mundo que viene en 2022, de verdad.

Bienvenidos al 2022.


CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Get the balance right.

Givers. Takers. Givers&Takers: they all need balance.

What you Give
And what you Take.
The extend of your Giving
With the extend of your Taking
In balance.

How difficult it is for humans to get this balance right!

Unbalance happens at the individual level:
Givers who give too much; exist.
Takers who take too much; exist.
Takers who take too much, from Givers that give too much; exist.
Givers who give what Takers don’t need, to Takers.
Takers who take what they don’t need, from Givers.
They all exist.
Creating so much unknown, hidden imbalance!
Our society, our corporations, do not seem to spend quality time dealing with this imbalance.

There are so many shades of balance that we need to get right!
It is not an easy act.
To get right.

Breaks the relationship between Givers and Takers.
Between People.
In Families.
In Friendships.
In Corporations.

Because Givers need to give in order to live in balance with themselves, with the world.
And Takers need to take to find balance for themselves, and in the world.

In life and in business life, I believe that happiness is about balance.

How important is to understand what makes the balance be right for everyone at a time!

How to generate synchronised feelings between people, of being cared for, recognised, energetic… happiest… “In Life”! In balance!
Imagine a landscape of Givers and Takers in synchronicity of happiness. Balanced.

We seek synchronicity of balance:
Givers reaching balance, when Takers are in balance.
Takers reaching balance, when Givers are in balance.
Givers reaching happiness while Taking!
Takers feeling content when Giving!
Both kind of personalities feeling right, at the same time: in balance!
It takes a lifetime of practice to achieve.
Because it is a task that requires continuity over time: as people evolve, so is the nature of the synchronicity of the required balance.

A continuity of effort will get the balance right, overtime.

A lifetime task: a task that needs to belong in our “Book of Lifetime Efforts”: we make it belong when we exercise awareness of it, acceptance, and when we practice it. We make it belong with little effort when our practicing resides in our subconscious.

This is a great challenge for human beings: because everyone is unique, and getting this balance need to be a very conscious act for most of us, before it becomes subconscious.

It all starts by “Loving yourself”: understanding who you are, recognising how to feel content with yourself, and loving the resulting personality, mapping your uniqueness, while recognising that everyone is unique, just differently unique than you are.

Then, you could embark in understanding others’ uniqueness. Others, when loving themselves, will make your task very easy: when they share their uniqueness openly with you, as you do with them. Everyone becomes ready to meet in a new territory: the “Map of Uniqueness made out of a relationship of Two, or Several”.

This is the field where synchronised balance needs to form.
This is where every person finds its uniqueness represented, well within a relationship with a purpose; starting with the purpose of creating such type of field of balance between people.

This field:
Two people Giving away; volunteering their uniqueness openly.
Two people Taking away: what each one needs to take, from the shared field of uniqueness, in order to feel content, back.

And the magic happens when these fields of balance are created to meet a purpose: an outcome that is achieved out of the mix of uniqueness formed by the people relating. Getting this kind of balance right, for a shared purpose, is powerful, very truly unique.

It is difficult, and it is, in my believe, what creates the differentiation that drives high competitive advantage for corporations, and for groups of people; for people working together, in whatever they get set to accomplish together.

Corporations of success do get this balance right.

Make Givers who enjoy giving…
Make Takers who enjoy getting…
To recognise and love who they are.
Convert Givers in purpose-led sharing Takers;
Convert Takers in purpose-led sharing Givers;
In a transparent, agreed, continuously feeling rewarded way.

And we create continuous content that targets to “Get Givers & Takers’ balance right”

and we change the world