– Spaces in our Mind-Brain-Heart

Humanise Humanity with our owned AI. Space.Spaces appear in front of meFor me to think on how to feel.Fill,Them,Up. Spaces of testsFor my deep sideIn heartFeelingsOf humanHumanity,People, Persons, CrowdsPast. Spaces to share my feelingsAnd laughLove, Like, Love, Judge.Spaces provided in all of usTo fill them up with personal facts And thoughts,And flair, fuss, flush … [...]

– Give Me Time

To recreate the future from inner best past. Give me timeTo think fastOf lives to have;To pass downThe line. Give me timeTo enjoy fussMess,And rough times.All there is.All has gutsTo make you strongCreative, fun,AliveIf you take the open chance. Give me time to enjoyThe brought-forward past.Layers of fun-pastLayering presentsThat prepare for future acts.Layering from past [...]

Transparent Time

In Transparent Minds. Living in placesOf people and facesAnd places of facesOf people in phasesOf time. For time isthe momentsOf phases in terms;In terms of spacesFor faces to coverIn transparencyVails.The transparentIntakesOf time. For the sakeOf transparentProgressingMind blinders;For blindnessProgressesIn minds of free takers;Minds of blindnessKind,Minds of mistakenTime. MindsOf mistakenBy blindsMade ofIntakesIn coversTransparentTo time. Time for the [...]

– Bring Origin back to this show. More.

Let’s be bold to own our heart, all the time. LightLightThere is LightIn light, Inside. LightLit in spiralShapesOf life;Light years in,EnjoyingFactsOf reality:Real Life. What is reality? Do we want a realityThat we can see?Do we want realityTo be just seen?Or felt, underneath?What reality do you wishTo accompany youIn your happiness and through? What reality do [...]

– I am here.

To live my moment to life. WhyAm I here? To exercise humanityAt this time;At this world;In this lifeThat is jungleOf experiencesAnd feelings,Of natureAnd humansIn harmonies livedTo dieInto thisOther placeOf dimensionsFelt by few. The existence of clear souls. And while this all becomeTrue for few and some,We keep on paths that areAlready,Behind dimensions of life. Paths [...]

Star by Star

Peace. Purpose. Mind. Life. Life in thisIs good to live. State of mind. In life like thisIs goodTo feel. Alive. Life is thisFor mostOf times;Life like thisIs feltRealLife. To feel alive. Life is this. It’s peaceAnd Peace,PeaceAnd Peace,Of everything there isIn mind,Peace, in your Mind. This Peace is whatLife should be:Peace with PurposeIn Mind. Peace, [...]

Back to 4th of July, 2020

I am back. I flew inside.I flew awayFrom pain inside.In pain constraints,To pain awayAnxiety attacks. I flew to reachA height in lifeNot knowing,Not yetKnowing,Of joy to come. I flew insideMy heart,My soul.I found my wounds. I found my natureSplit apartFrom human touch,Split afar from love touch.Made me harm. I flew towardsA world, for knownNot clearing [...]

– Tokyo Style of Life.

Shows the path to making our world last. Tokyo in lifeOf bars, stars;In levels of funAnd fuss and fun;In layers of castsAnd pathsAnd life. In layers of levels,We live life in Tokyo Style. In physical layers,Nature ones,That merge with sitesOf city life.Together with souls,Plenty to count,And serveAnd pleaseAnd keepUpbeatAt times.All times.Tokyo StyleLayered Life. In layers [...]

I want to Fly

And build humanity up again. Want to fly.Fly Want to reach.Far Want to leave.Fast Want to flyHigh Up Want to feel.Love.Patch Want to give.Love.Blasts Want to feelHuman.Touch Want to escapeHumanEvilness.Acts So much. Want to beAnother typeOf human,Kind. Want to buildHumanity.Up, Back. Worried about … Climate?And Change?And Fiction?Wars?…… Purposed-builtFear,Loss …? SustainabilityThreatsThat paralyseFreedomOf mind? ControllingHeadsFor societiesTo dependOn? [...]

– I Care, to live.

Genuine Care Heals the World. Care is healthAnd success.Care is life. Care for hearts in duressThat recover from stressBy the actions of the coreThat the person rescues backFrom the bottom of their souls,That the person sources upTo give back to the world,In empathy and genuine searchOf how caring heals the sourceOf successful happy cores. Individuals [...]