Vision Matters. Visionaries are alone.

Embrace visionaries. make a better world. Visionaries pay a price A price of being aloneFor long;Until someone else,Until the mass itself,Realises that the visionBecomes the norm;Would become the norm. True Visionaries are alone. Alone with themselves,In games on sole-throne;Thrones of the unknown;That can get ignoredBy “visionaries of the present”,Of a ”not too far beyond”. Visionaries [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Being in love with Earth.

When we heal the Earth, we heal our world for universal health. Countries?,No countries. Map borders?Imaginary,As they have always been;Invented by map makers.World order makers. Boundaries?,New boundaries. Visible?,Visible. For those who want to see them.For the ones that are exposed to get spotted.For the boundaries that are set to keep the world goingIn the way [...]

CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Reinvent,… or Die,… Hard. Fast.

Go Software. Go Networks. Go Experience. Go Digital. Software. Software Integration —- to control and produce outcomes. Software Integrated,…. Integrated Software,… a System! Systems…. Integrated…. into Chains, forming Networks,… Soft Chains. Networks: a part get loose, a part wants to go loose…. no problem; a new part could come in and accommodate, so the Chain’s [...]