Vision Matters. Visionaries are alone.

Embrace visionaries. make a better world.

Visionaries pay a price

A price of being alone
For long;
Until someone else,
Until the mass itself,
Realises that the vision
Becomes the norm;
Would become the norm.

True Visionaries are alone.

Alone with themselves,
In games on sole-throne;
Thrones of the unknown;
That can get ignored
By “visionaries of the present”,
Of a ”not too far beyond”.

Visionaries are alone.

Visionaries feel alone
With themselves.
They take the time,
And patience,
And companionship
To endure,
Over visions
That remain
Not of the interest
Of masses of today’s game.

Visionaries are alone
With their visions of a distant world.

Game of masses
Of instant reward;
Even if
There is
No vision or hope.
Thrones rewarding
Wisdom of short-sightness success;
Of hopeless hope,
For short.

Visionaries live in peace
With their visions, with the world
They know it is to come.
Because over the years,
Over decades perhaps,
The world turns into some
Of their visionary dreamt

Visionaries: funny characters!.
As the world turns into them,
They are caught dreaming
On a world that is not here, yet.


On the world of today!
With the joy
Of having found
Proof of your dreams,
Advancing what it’s to come,
Time and time again,
So others can prepare
Best, on time, again. Today.


Take your time to reflect.
The present is your past.
So take joy in seeing the future to come…
On the certainty, on the knowledge
That it will turn into present, one day, at last!

Visionaries of this era!:
Exist! Strong!
Beyond barriers…

You are so needed.
Yet not told so;
Just last,

and we change the world.



2022 Random Reflection: time to enter the Multi-Universe-Wide-World.

Turning the “world-wide-web” into our creative webspace to experiment the future.

More people will start creating economic value out of their creativity, within or away from corporations and its shareholders’ demands.

The “web” is becoming an imaginary world wide space. The www “world wide web” is turning towards a space that empowers people to explore and experiment the output from raw creativity; to generate wealth they all can take a token share of.

The so-called Web3 and the tokenisation of value; and the so-called Web3.0 and the tokenisation of digital assets; these are trending topics. These webs offer a space for creating the future, freely, out of experimentation of an imagined reality: the “Lab of Future”.

In that “Lab”, there are as many future “universes” as creators enter to experiment. Experimenting with new ways to create economic value, social business models, shifting from shareholders to stakeholders; creating new ways to experience life; to experience happiness in a physical and emotional form. A Lab for experimenting with crowd governance: giving voting rights to each token owner; giving rights to software protocols that automatically apply agreed rules; rights agreed and created by the “Lab’s members”.

It might be early days. This trend may not settled into mass adoption, yet; this activity might become another one of those that are ultra controlled by controllers of the past and present, as they will also become members of Web3 and Web3.0. Similar type of controls already exist in our present universe.

The difference now is that just one of the many trends set within this “Lab” could stick within a community of individuals and stay. One of them could become transformative for society, and stick. Perhaps, one out of a bunch of successful personal universes – emerged out of a multi-universe creation act – would jump to reality; one of them could stick for the masses, beyond its creator. We just don’t know, now.

Some people will call this as “modelling”. This “Lab” seems actually to be the workshop space where we model the future, to come. However, we believe this is beyond the current notion of “modelling” as we know it. The nuance resides in the inability of the current models to mimic the reality that becomes our future, for certain.

The feeling is that a transformative scenario could come up, all of the sudden, out of one such “Lab”. Strongly scaling, this would become a scenario with the potential to move masses into embracing the world experienced in the metaverse; a scenario that could transform masses fast. We just don’t know which metaverse-generated reality would become mass-adopted. One will.

The traditional way for movements to emerge, out of well orchestrated physical mass demonstrations, might fall obsolete; unable to fulfil their goal of moving societies to action, such movements will get replaced… are being replaced.

Metaverse, Web3, Web3.0 experimentation: this would be the instrument the masses will employ to creating transformative movements, one creator at a time.

Our world already functions with multi-universes that are digitally created, communicated, and believed possible. They are originally created by individuals, as opposed to organisations, corporations, forums, or governments. For some time, part of our society has turned to create reality in a digital form: communicating what their desired transformation is, just by creating it, digitally. One creator at a time.

The multi-universe of experimentation becomes the factory of social transformation projects the world could opt to adopt. The next mass transformation will emerge from this “Lab of Future”. We just don’t know it, just now.

Exciting times lie ahead. Fuelled by technology and human imagination that are ready.

Let creativity thrive at the edge!

and we change the world.


A hUmAn21 SOCIETY#21 SLOG Series.

CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Get the balance right.

Givers. Takers. Givers&Takers: they all need balance.

What you Give
And what you Take.
The extend of your Giving
With the extend of your Taking
In balance.

How difficult it is for humans to get this balance right!

Unbalance happens at the individual level:
Givers who give too much; exist.
Takers who take too much; exist.
Takers who take too much, from Givers that give too much; exist.
Givers who give what Takers don’t need, to Takers.
Takers who take what they don’t need, from Givers.
They all exist.
Creating so much unknown, hidden imbalance!
Our society, our corporations, do not seem to spend quality time dealing with this imbalance.

There are so many shades of balance that we need to get right!
It is not an easy act.
To get right.

Breaks the relationship between Givers and Takers.
Between People.
In Families.
In Friendships.
In Corporations.

Because Givers need to give in order to live in balance with themselves, with the world.
And Takers need to take to find balance for themselves, and in the world.

In life and in business life, I believe that happiness is about balance.

How important is to understand what makes the balance be right for everyone at a time!

How to generate synchronised feelings between people, of being cared for, recognised, energetic… happiest… “In Life”! In balance!
Imagine a landscape of Givers and Takers in synchronicity of happiness. Balanced.

We seek synchronicity of balance:
Givers reaching balance, when Takers are in balance.
Takers reaching balance, when Givers are in balance.
Givers reaching happiness while Taking!
Takers feeling content when Giving!
Both kind of personalities feeling right, at the same time: in balance!
It takes a lifetime of practice to achieve.
Because it is a task that requires continuity over time: as people evolve, so is the nature of the synchronicity of the required balance.

A continuity of effort will get the balance right, overtime.

A lifetime task: a task that needs to belong in our “Book of Lifetime Efforts”: we make it belong when we exercise awareness of it, acceptance, and when we practice it. We make it belong with little effort when our practicing resides in our subconscious.

This is a great challenge for human beings: because everyone is unique, and getting this balance need to be a very conscious act for most of us, before it becomes subconscious.

It all starts by “Loving yourself”: understanding who you are, recognising how to feel content with yourself, and loving the resulting personality, mapping your uniqueness, while recognising that everyone is unique, just differently unique than you are.

Then, you could embark in understanding others’ uniqueness. Others, when loving themselves, will make your task very easy: when they share their uniqueness openly with you, as you do with them. Everyone becomes ready to meet in a new territory: the “Map of Uniqueness made out of a relationship of Two, or Several”.

This is the field where synchronised balance needs to form.
This is where every person finds its uniqueness represented, well within a relationship with a purpose; starting with the purpose of creating such type of field of balance between people.

This field:
Two people Giving away; volunteering their uniqueness openly.
Two people Taking away: what each one needs to take, from the shared field of uniqueness, in order to feel content, back.

And the magic happens when these fields of balance are created to meet a purpose: an outcome that is achieved out of the mix of uniqueness formed by the people relating. Getting this kind of balance right, for a shared purpose, is powerful, very truly unique.

It is difficult, and it is, in my believe, what creates the differentiation that drives high competitive advantage for corporations, and for groups of people; for people working together, in whatever they get set to accomplish together.

Corporations of success do get this balance right.

Make Givers who enjoy giving…
Make Takers who enjoy getting…
To recognise and love who they are.
Convert Givers in purpose-led sharing Takers;
Convert Takers in purpose-led sharing Givers;
In a transparent, agreed, continuously feeling rewarded way.

And we create continuous content that targets to “Get Givers & Takers’ balance right”

and we change the world


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Being in love with Earth.

When we heal the Earth, we heal our world for universal health.

No countries.

Map borders?
As they have always been;
Invented by map makers.
World order makers.

New boundaries.


For those who want to see them.
For the ones that are exposed to get spotted.
For the boundaries that are set to keep the world going
In the way the few decide
The world needs going
For the next while longer.

For a while?,
A while longer.

Long while?,
Long enough for new generations?,
For our children?,
And grandchildren too?.

Yes, a long while longer,
Of uncertain length,
As no one really knows
Our Planet Earth.
And we are still to invent
The communication wizard
That makes Earth
Sit at the helm
Of COPs and COPs
And of dinner table events
To stand a chance to get
The cure it deserves.

Give Earth the presidential table’s head.

What cure we all give
To Planet Mother Earth?,
When Mother miss the feast
Of potion of preparedness health?

New World,
All there
To listen to Earth?…
Who listens to Earth?.

To listen
To Earth!.

And get Earth a chance
To heal and heal,
And change
Our lives for best for good,
In Earth, for good in health.

Right step by right step,
We drive universal health
By being in love with Earth.

Let’s be in love with Earth.

and we change the world


CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Humanity at post-covid19 world: Tokenised and Indexed.

Tokenised and Indexed Humanity: building joy within bits you can positively influence.

Tokenised joy builds standards of new possible happiness, that we convert into an Index, so we can secure we can act on what it will keep our happiness up and up overtime.

Digital technology will help us optimise our Index and generate optimum levels of happiness for the tokenised areas of human behaviour. This Index will be designed commensurate with the happiness needs and possibilities in our particular post-covid community, one community at a time, one location at a time, one group at a time… Every community has gone through covid differently, so the post covid humans that form each community are new individuals. Everyone is a new person now.

Digitalisation will allow the managing of all that makes communities differ in the way they pursue joy and happiness, generating bespoke standards for each community to thrive as one group, their way; it will allow us to reach new heights of joy, the way we need to, as new individuals.

Indexing communities’ happiness factors will allow for the creation of Indexes for communities and across communities; with those, we will start managing the interaction of groups of people who stand to different levels of required happiness and work differently to experience their own joy.

This way, humans will expose what makes their cultures different, in a more open way. Then, humans will also visualise the way their cultures would merge, align, or even glue as one, in order to achieve a set common and desired goal.

These humans would also visualise the situations when they do not align, so what gaps to manage will become more apparent to everyone as individuals and to every group, for sure: humans do always end up relating with each other out of shared genuine transparency.

Everyone will understand that what drives a particular group to feel joyful and happy together, differs from what drives others. And that by respecting each way of being authentic, all groups will benefit when working together. The shared learning will intensify and the groups will grow, adding to their tokens, making them better, adding new factors of joy out of observed experience, re-creating tokens of humanity, shaping their Human Index.

Humans will reach their Index set levels much easier then, by aligning the attainable level with basic human needs and values, refining and minimising the amount of factors required to be mastered, focused… shortening the engagement gap between communities.

This way, humans become more and more aligned into One Human Index out of equally constructed tokens, that exhibit what everyone shares: the core values we are all born with, that we all share just when the very first light hit our skin directly.

And we all start working to the same tokens of joy, sharing our authentic values, generating a shared way to feel happiness and joy, while staying true to our differing culture.

and we change the world


CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Reinvent,… or Die,… Hard. Fast.

Go Software. Go Networks. Go Experience. Go Digital.


Software Integration —- to control and produce outcomes.

Software Integrated,…. Integrated Software,… a System!

Systems…. Integrated…. into Chains, forming Networks,… Soft Chains.

Networks: a part get loose, a part wants to go loose…. no problem; a new part could come in and accommodate, so the Chain’s strength remains same, or gets stronger. Strong Networks of Loose Flexible Chains.

User Interface, for Experience: it wins customers, to your way only; a new way of “using-working-interacting”, that attracts those new type of users, the digital natives!, through an Experience that gives them the pleasure to connect, with You.

Strong Pillars: Software. Networks. Experience.

Corporations: Reinvent of Die,…. as simple as that: Go Software, Go Networks, Go Experience.

Reinvent — follow the leader? … who is the leader? For how long?

Reinvent – follow the Customer!
Adapt to what it is an emerging industry demand, faster than others,…
Invest at risk, believe you would build the buyer’s demand, bit by bit, as you will prove the buyer that you believe you can, together, you can start in the right direction, togehter.
Start, in the right path. Start. At risk. Together with your customer. Start.

Reinvent Digital – Or Die.

Hyundai Motor Car,… they don’t die: they transform into IONIQ.

Hyundai Becomes IONIQ… for IONIQ to become Hyundai. Hyundai’s Present Future.

Reinvent…. or Die… Hard. Fast.

Surge in your Revival plan!

Surge. Digital. Native.

And we change the world.


CORPORATIONS#21 BLOG: Make Your Mind – Make It Happen.

Transformations move us all to the better world we want.

Corporation!… Hey Corp!

What would happen if the Corporation was a “SIRI”…
and we just call it,
Hey Corp!

What would the Corporation’s reply be?

Would there be any reply? Should there be a reply? Should the Corporation be a “SIRI”?

Photograph by Luis Benito, Busan, Korea, May 2021

“An Empty Bench”

I guess it will depend on the Corporation.

Corporations of the new 21st Century will,… reply back.

What would happen when the Corporation is represented and governed and owned by a compilation of shareholders and a board that is formed by humans that share a “just survive” type of trait?

Corporations probably centred around selfishness, personal interests multiply by as many board members they have,… do they have a future?,… let’s think about it,…

Corporations with narrow perspectives, personal-centred perspectives, with egocentric attributes, directly cascaded from their egocentric members?,… so genuinely human, nevertheless,… abundant these days.

Would they survive the new nearing post-covid societal demands?

What is it destined to happen? With this type of corporations inundating our lives,…?

EcCs out there

Photograph by Luis Benito, Busan, Korea, May 2021

The “We” picture

I guess such Corporation will disconnect their SIRI-like function,… “who cares about who is out there calling us, just out of the blue!”, the Eg-Corporation, for Egocentric, would say. ECs of this world… still so real.

“We talk to our customers, who know who we are and love us!”… the EC would go on,… “our extreme focus on generating value for our customers cannot be diverted by Hey-Byers out there,…. there are so many,… no time to focus on those,…. back to our beloved customers”, the EC would go on… the true EcC Egos-Centric Corporation will insist on. ECs into EcCs,… and the world keeps turning,…

Corporations created to make money,… forgetting that all successful profit-making corporations were created to serve a Purpose, to reach a Purpose-led Vision, that centred on others to obtain a value,… others,…. Other egos, many egos, outside the Corporation. How many of these Corporations are there? How many of the EcCs will survive?… out there, in the new 21st Century, post-covid,…? … I think many will, and not many will thrive and sustain a great life for their people, the people who make them successful.

Curiosity is also a human trait, perhaps even trans-human, as it is possibly shared by many species out there, if only we could hear them,… plants, trees, bacteria, viruses, fish,… you name it,…. nature, all out there. There is so much out there… how do corporations end up thriving and creating best environment for their customers and their employees?…. Curiosity is a great attribute for it, for transforming EcCs. Curiosity rules our new world. Embrace Curiosity, it’s Culture.

Hey Corporation!

“hearT” Digital Art by Luis Benito, August 2020

“In Our Heart”

With Curiosity at the helm, this time the knocking gets answered, even timely answered, by 21st Century progressive corporations, Curious Corporations. Just curious.

Within those, Curiosity is bursting through and through, and their love for their customers is so great that is genuine, that they are always in search of experiencing more and more about it,…. love sharing corporations, Curiosity embedded in the brand, and practiced for real in the day to day with customers and employees.

Because these corporations see customers as part of life, not transactions. Customers are seeing as a community for a better life, in life, part of a togetherness that is here to create a better future for everyone, for them, for the corporation, for us, with our value.

Customers make Society, and You make Society, with your value. And together, we make the better Society, we make Society better!,… in Corporations#21.

Hey Corporation#21!

Photograph by Luis Benito, Busan, Korea, June 2021.

“People Make It Happen”

And the 21st Century Corporation returns back to connect to people constantly,…

“Hi there! how are you doing? Wish to connect?…. I am all ready for it, connect!”, so the Corporation#21 goes.

What else is greater for corporations than being opened for business, hearing, then listening, and engaging from second one?.

Customers, the customers of today demand more attention as they feel they already have answers they would like to share with their providers; and they believe they have meaningful demands,… demands they believe very meaningful. The more human the connection is made to feel, the better the customer and corporation’s experience will be.

Customers want human attention because behind a question, even behind an assertive affirmation, there is an unanswered need, at least one, an unanswered curiosity, an unanswered desire, a wish, a thought, an idea, a hidden struggle,… that will best be addressed with connectivity made by humans, or as human-like made connectivity as possible. Nowadays there is a myriad of technology that can humanise connections when your chosen physical human cannot engage live. And humanising each and every connection to the upper limit is not only possible, but desirable, for it is so needed, more so after COVID-19 season…. so needed!, by humans.

“Hey Corp” calls for two types of connections: 3D human connections and as humanised connections as possible, through technology that is designed to deliver human values experience, on purpose, besides solving a query.

Humans matter the most, still, and technology can be humanised, if the Corporation cares for it.

It is possible if we make our mind.

Humans Connect

Photograph by Luis Benito, Seoul, Korea, May 2021.

“Because humans connect”

Humans need to share, to learn, to progress,… to progress again, faster benefiting from other humans as we all have issues to resolve in order to live better lives, that get resolved, into resolutions that can be shared, if humans connect in such way,… in ways to resolve.

The benefit can become mutual, a win win between business and humans, provided the connection created between them is made, by humans or by technology, to be friendly, genuine; when such connection is created and delivered at the time there is a real human emotional need for it; at the first “Hey Corp” call, just at that time, addressing human curiosity as close to its source as possible. It is possible if we make our mind.

Real need, real connection, real time: the new economy.

Photograph by Luis Benito, Busan, Korea, May 2021.

“It’s about people”

For it is at that very time that the need is fresh in the mind of the asking human, when the idea is fresh, when the search for beneficial help is active and meaningful…. that the connection creates the most value back to humans, when the connection is right.

The moment the ask is born is a very powerful moment, and Corporations#21 that are alert to listening and able to capture and address that moment will start defining the new economy that meets society’s real social needs, addressing the emotional need at real time, by humans, and mostly by humanised technology that shows no human undesirable biases.

Technology helps. The right technology critically helps humans to connect in real time with ways that start addressing their needs in a very efficient way, partly replacing human connections that become unnecessary in a new digital economy.

This represents the beginning of a value delivery journey that although promised to become super efficient, it will remove the social nature of human business transactions, still activating the human brain while deactivating social habits. Humans connecting through technology in asynchronous timing. Humans will connect very differently than now. Still, humans connect.

Just differently.

Humans connect through creativity and innovation

Photograph by Luis Benito, Busan, Korea, May 2021.

“Possibilities, welcomed”

Innovation Connects the World.
New business is about connecting People and Planet and working towards alignment of goals, people’s goals with planet’s goals,… where planet’s goals are designed by people… just the only way there is known to humans,… nature’s voice.

People and Planet share the same goal: Health. And the new corporation is asked to meet this goal, for people and for planet, more so in post-covid society. Planet continues to be a priority. Innovation that is born out of extreme curiosity will find ways to address this shared goals, for both, People and Planet.

Innovation makes businesses, corporations to connect. Like-minded corporations join forces to change the world for better. For Society#21. Because the acceleration of solution creation is demanded by all humans,… employees, customers, families, communities,… everyone is connected through this one new shared need, health for all, Planet and People, and corporations are mandated to play their key role. Mandated. Socially.

And corporations can innovate solutions. They all can.

Visions are scary

Photograph by Luis Benito, Tongdosa Temple, Korea, April 2021.

“Relax, there is a path; everything is going to be alright”

And when the Vision turns too demanding, or far, or felt impossible, or too dreamy…. and the realisation of it turns too scary to a majority,… we pathway the act of implementing it.

Pathways ease the fear to starting and engaging towards a great Vision.

Pathways de-scare the Vision’s accomplishment required acts, for the ones who are scared, and clarify further for the ones convinced, and for the ones just truly willing, self-convinced by nature.

No one likes to be told how the future will transform their lives, for better even!…. scare of uncertainty, humans generally are…. so little thriving in the “not-knowing land”,… Visions that transform are scary for the majority. Yet, Transformation Visions are our norm… now.

Smart pathways reach those Visions, make us move towards new Visions, step by step, de-scaring the experience, the moment, the journey. Pathways give Hope.

Hope create Calm.

Calmless leads to Action.

Action leads to Transformation.

Transformation moves us all to the better world we want. To Hope.

Visions are scary. Let them be. And create the pathways towards reaching them in parts, in steps, of felt betterness.

Because we need new Visions to make our world improve for everyone. Let them be.

Make Your Mind.
Yes Corp#21, You Can…. Make It Happen.

Don’t be scared.

Make Your Mind. Make It Happen.

And we change the world