CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Get the balance right.

Givers. Takers. Givers&Takers: they all need balance.

What you Give
And what you Take.
The extend of your Giving
With the extend of your Taking
In balance.

How difficult it is for humans to get this balance right!

Unbalance happens at the individual level:
Givers who give too much; exist.
Takers who take too much; exist.
Takers who take too much, from Givers that give too much; exist.
Givers who give what Takers don’t need, to Takers.
Takers who take what they don’t need, from Givers.
They all exist.
Creating so much unknown, hidden imbalance!
Our society, our corporations, do not seem to spend quality time dealing with this imbalance.

There are so many shades of balance that we need to get right!
It is not an easy act.
To get right.

Breaks the relationship between Givers and Takers.
Between People.
In Families.
In Friendships.
In Corporations.

Because Givers need to give in order to live in balance with themselves, with the world.
And Takers need to take to find balance for themselves, and in the world.

In life and in business life, I believe that happiness is about balance.

How important is to understand what makes the balance be right for everyone at a time!

How to generate synchronised feelings between people, of being cared for, recognised, energetic… happiest… “In Life”! In balance!
Imagine a landscape of Givers and Takers in synchronicity of happiness. Balanced.

We seek synchronicity of balance:
Givers reaching balance, when Takers are in balance.
Takers reaching balance, when Givers are in balance.
Givers reaching happiness while Taking!
Takers feeling content when Giving!
Both kind of personalities feeling right, at the same time: in balance!
It takes a lifetime of practice to achieve.
Because it is a task that requires continuity over time: as people evolve, so is the nature of the synchronicity of the required balance.

A continuity of effort will get the balance right, overtime.

A lifetime task: a task that needs to belong in our “Book of Lifetime Efforts”: we make it belong when we exercise awareness of it, acceptance, and when we practice it. We make it belong with little effort when our practicing resides in our subconscious.

This is a great challenge for human beings: because everyone is unique, and getting this balance need to be a very conscious act for most of us, before it becomes subconscious.

It all starts by “Loving yourself”: understanding who you are, recognising how to feel content with yourself, and loving the resulting personality, mapping your uniqueness, while recognising that everyone is unique, just differently unique than you are.

Then, you could embark in understanding others’ uniqueness. Others, when loving themselves, will make your task very easy: when they share their uniqueness openly with you, as you do with them. Everyone becomes ready to meet in a new territory: the “Map of Uniqueness made out of a relationship of Two, or Several”.

This is the field where synchronised balance needs to form.
This is where every person finds its uniqueness represented, well within a relationship with a purpose; starting with the purpose of creating such type of field of balance between people.

This field:
Two people Giving away; volunteering their uniqueness openly.
Two people Taking away: what each one needs to take, from the shared field of uniqueness, in order to feel content, back.

And the magic happens when these fields of balance are created to meet a purpose: an outcome that is achieved out of the mix of uniqueness formed by the people relating. Getting this kind of balance right, for a shared purpose, is powerful, very truly unique.

It is difficult, and it is, in my believe, what creates the differentiation that drives high competitive advantage for corporations, and for groups of people; for people working together, in whatever they get set to accomplish together.

Corporations of success do get this balance right.

Make Givers who enjoy giving…
Make Takers who enjoy getting…
To recognise and love who they are.
Convert Givers in purpose-led sharing Takers;
Convert Takers in purpose-led sharing Givers;
In a transparent, agreed, continuously feeling rewarded way.

And we create continuous content that targets to “Get Givers & Takers’ balance right”

and we change the world


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