– Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

In Social Values, We Live; Trust; Survive. Values. We talk about “values” all the time in business life. Every company has “Company Values”. Yet, does every company share a definition of what a “company value” is?Or what are they for?And, why are they necessary? Beyond this, does any company debate whether values are truly necessary? [...]

Vision Matters. Visionaries are alone.

Embrace visionaries. make a better world. Visionaries pay a price A price of being aloneFor long;Until someone else,Until the mass itself,Realises that the visionBecomes the norm;Would become the norm. True Visionaries are alone. Alone with themselves,In games on sole-throne;Thrones of the unknown;That can get ignoredBy “visionaries of the present”,Of a ”not too far beyond”. Visionaries [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Money flows… to Earth?.

Flow universal wealth to technology that saves our Planet. Money flowsSave the planet,Sink the planet,Ruin people?Save humanity? Money flows Are importantTo our Planet’s Health. Technology is expensiveTo create, mature, adoptIn safety, security, sustainability. We need technology to mature,To save our Planet. Safety costs.Security costs.Adoption costs.LotsOf cost,Over the current costs at today’s Societies. Costs, new costs…Who [...]

CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Reinvent,… or Die,… Hard. Fast.

Go Software. Go Networks. Go Experience. Go Digital. Software. Software Integration —- to control and produce outcomes. Software Integrated,…. Integrated Software,… a System! Systems…. Integrated…. into Chains, forming Networks,… Soft Chains. Networks: a part get loose, a part wants to go loose…. no problem; a new part could come in and accommodate, so the Chain’s [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Connect the Disconnected World

Disconnected Connections addTo disconnected connections’ friendsWhile the rest of humanity watchesThe connections made and made againFar away the main.Gain. In between interest.In between people.In between traders’Friends.In between friendsOf the past, present, for the future of friends. Connected friends.Making connectionsTo disconnect from the rest.As connections matterThe most for friendsOf shared interest.Where there is a trendThat links [...]

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Fakes. Unfake the World.

Fake smilesFake commentsFake laughsFake promises Fake human… behaviour.Behaviour is not fake,Feelings are not fake,Curtain that obscurestrue feelings and behaviours,real curtains in everyday lifedrive culture of fakeness. Fakeness reignsFor humans with valuesThat behave awayfrom them, with otherswho are submitted to fake. Fake is good for some.Fake is good for some. Fake is fake, it exist.It is [...]