We take Gold time, at Waveless time.

what’s waveless?
In heart.
In mind.
Brave hearts’ waves.

Does it matter?.
It matters to few.
Does it matter?,
When it matters
To just few?.
It matters,
To few.

Few are like you.
Few are like you.
Like you are, there are few.
Any few, is like you…

Waveless is great
For a break,
In the mind.

Waves, I need waves!
Where are the waves
Of energy in life!
My life of joy,
Around energy that comes
From waves, at sea,
From waves, at heart!

Waves, you need.
And waveless time
Reminds you of the importance
Of wave time.

Curious, calm.
Waiting charms
The brain;
And prepares the stage of life
For the next waves to come.
Waves come,
Always do.
Waveless time.

We take Gold time
At Waveless times.

and we change the world.



SOCIETY#21 SLOG: #NoPlasticPollution #OceanHealthMatters.

environmental protection matters: protect Oceans’ Health.

The accumulation of plastics at sea is a concern that Korean Administration is voicing over the years. The “Beachcombing Festival to Tackle Ocean Waste” is organised every year at Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea.

“The Seventh Continent”

The caption below, pictured from this year’s exhibition, reports the impact of human’s act in harming our oceans’ health:

Board shown at Haeundae Beach, 29 December 2021.

While the so-called “Seventh Continent”, and island of floating plastic 15 times the size of Korea, may have been generated by plastics polluting our oceans globally, and not just from Korea alone, I must commend the Korea Administration for their open admission of their impact in forming it. As a nation, Korea has taken action to raise awareness at local country level.

Korean Awareness Campaign

According to the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology in 2014, 210,000 pieces of plastic were contained in a ton of seawater collected from the sea near their Geoje Island territory; they stated that if a ton of sea water is divided into 500 two-litre bottled water bottles, each bottle would contain 420 micro-plastics. They ended up by stating that Korea has the highest concentration of micro-plastics in the world!

I do commend the Korea Administration for being this open; in my personal opinion, the first check to be done before any challenge can be successfully and most effectively resolved is the ”reality check”. The best way to start solving our planet’s health is to be aware of, admit and understand this reality. Bravo Korea for following this path!

I must admit I have not researched any further into data from other Administrations; I am not sure how much Korea contributes to the growth of ”The Seventh Continent”. I would just wish that every nation follows the Korea example, and measures their ocean plastics polluting impact. Knowing how strict the Korean national recycling policies and regulations are on their citizens, and the high degree of compliance I do observe by Korean society, I am alarmed at the potential size of this challenge; and at the subsequent potential lack of timely action to tackle it within societies that may not have been made as aware: we all need to act for ocean’s health.

We could be more openly intentional

We talk about the Environment a lot these days; United Nations For Climate Change COPs conferences keep succeeding one another. The ocean is part of our environment too. Yet, it appears to face a less publicly made known danger: it could be facing unnecessary pollution from human inaction by now.

I wish that the International Community do assign intentional resources to action this challenge: because ocean’s health matter.

Caring for the environment must include caring for the oceans’ health too. Oceans, like our atmosphere, make our Planet uniquely liveable for humans; we should keep the ocean healthy: ”blue”!

Let’s focus on understanding our individual impact in keeping our oceans healthy-blue. Let’s pledge for action, Beach by Beach, City Council by City Council, City by City, Province by Province, Country by Country: Forming an Ocean’s Voice; acting on Oceans’ Health together. Haeundae Beach and Busan City Council is a great leading example.

Positive impact to ocean’s health: a great initiative for humans to nurture in 2022.

and we change the world.


CORPORATIONS#21 SLOG: Get the balance right.

Givers. Takers. Givers&Takers: they all need balance.

What you Give
And what you Take.
The extend of your Giving
With the extend of your Taking
In balance.

How difficult it is for humans to get this balance right!

Unbalance happens at the individual level:
Givers who give too much; exist.
Takers who take too much; exist.
Takers who take too much, from Givers that give too much; exist.
Givers who give what Takers don’t need, to Takers.
Takers who take what they don’t need, from Givers.
They all exist.
Creating so much unknown, hidden imbalance!
Our society, our corporations, do not seem to spend quality time dealing with this imbalance.

There are so many shades of balance that we need to get right!
It is not an easy act.
To get right.

Breaks the relationship between Givers and Takers.
Between People.
In Families.
In Friendships.
In Corporations.

Because Givers need to give in order to live in balance with themselves, with the world.
And Takers need to take to find balance for themselves, and in the world.

In life and in business life, I believe that happiness is about balance.

How important is to understand what makes the balance be right for everyone at a time!

How to generate synchronised feelings between people, of being cared for, recognised, energetic… happiest… “In Life”! In balance!
Imagine a landscape of Givers and Takers in synchronicity of happiness. Balanced.

We seek synchronicity of balance:
Givers reaching balance, when Takers are in balance.
Takers reaching balance, when Givers are in balance.
Givers reaching happiness while Taking!
Takers feeling content when Giving!
Both kind of personalities feeling right, at the same time: in balance!
It takes a lifetime of practice to achieve.
Because it is a task that requires continuity over time: as people evolve, so is the nature of the synchronicity of the required balance.

A continuity of effort will get the balance right, overtime.

A lifetime task: a task that needs to belong in our “Book of Lifetime Efforts”: we make it belong when we exercise awareness of it, acceptance, and when we practice it. We make it belong with little effort when our practicing resides in our subconscious.

This is a great challenge for human beings: because everyone is unique, and getting this balance need to be a very conscious act for most of us, before it becomes subconscious.

It all starts by “Loving yourself”: understanding who you are, recognising how to feel content with yourself, and loving the resulting personality, mapping your uniqueness, while recognising that everyone is unique, just differently unique than you are.

Then, you could embark in understanding others’ uniqueness. Others, when loving themselves, will make your task very easy: when they share their uniqueness openly with you, as you do with them. Everyone becomes ready to meet in a new territory: the “Map of Uniqueness made out of a relationship of Two, or Several”.

This is the field where synchronised balance needs to form.
This is where every person finds its uniqueness represented, well within a relationship with a purpose; starting with the purpose of creating such type of field of balance between people.

This field:
Two people Giving away; volunteering their uniqueness openly.
Two people Taking away: what each one needs to take, from the shared field of uniqueness, in order to feel content, back.

And the magic happens when these fields of balance are created to meet a purpose: an outcome that is achieved out of the mix of uniqueness formed by the people relating. Getting this kind of balance right, for a shared purpose, is powerful, very truly unique.

It is difficult, and it is, in my believe, what creates the differentiation that drives high competitive advantage for corporations, and for groups of people; for people working together, in whatever they get set to accomplish together.

Corporations of success do get this balance right.

Make Givers who enjoy giving…
Make Takers who enjoy getting…
To recognise and love who they are.
Convert Givers in purpose-led sharing Takers;
Convert Takers in purpose-led sharing Givers;
In a transparent, agreed, continuously feeling rewarded way.

And we create continuous content that targets to “Get Givers & Takers’ balance right”

and we change the world


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: EMERGE. To Spread. Peace. Around.



Emerge Emerge!
Emerge to Fly!
Emerge and Fly!
Emerge In-Out!
Emerge to Life!…
In You
In this
In this
In You.

This is our place.

Emerge from here
And there we were
And there we fear.
Emerge from fear!

Emerge from fear
Of past,
Of past,
Of gone
Emerge forever
Away from past

Past is Past.

Emerge to this,
This world of Now.

Emerge to Now,
To live the moment
In peace around;
In you, for inner
Strength in Soul.
In peace with you,
For inner heal,
For balanced love,
To spread around.

As You,
In power
Of peace;
Of peace
Of power,
For peace.
Emerge in Peace.

Emerge In Peace
Spread around.

No more power games to invade your inner
Emerge out!

Spread the power emerged from peace, of mind,
Of minds in inner peace.
Emerged for Peace spreading
For All.
Emerge as Your true
Self of Love,
Or stay down in, to care.
To care just for You…

Emerge out
To spread Peace
In You,
To All

Spread just Peace emerged from You.

and we change the world.


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Build the future Now.

Build Communities of “Togetherness in Caring Souls.”

Build the future!
Build the future!
Why not
To build a new future

Build the future,
Build Your future!
Your future
It’s yours,
For You
In Us
We are All together in this world.

Build your future within Us All.

“Us” exists
In the future
Of individual Souls.
The future of life
Is the future of Us
As individuals
Within Communities of Caring Souls.

A word.
A feeling.
A game.
A Feel.

Feel the force
In Togetherness in All.
Form your future
Into Us All.

What’s your future
In togetherness-less?
What’s the future
Of together-less?
It is individual,
An individual future
Of togetherness in just
This is a future
To build away
From Us All…
And You.

Can be plural.
Starting in your Soul,
And then,
The togetherness
Of your own
Survives in the
Togethernes of a world:
A world of Souls
That make your togetherness
In your own world.

We are One,
And we are All.
All is Us,
And in “Us” we form
This world
Of together Souls.
That is born
Out of collective individual’s
Caring Souls.

Protect Caring Soul
Of individuals
That expand in Togetherness
For Communities of Us All:
Our desired world.

ONE world of togetherness made by Communities of Caring Souls.

Make it happen

and we change the world.


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Utopia dream. Let us be in.

Everyone has the right to heal, in their goodwill utopia dream.

Oh this world…
How I want it
To be for good,
For all,
For good,

Utopia… is it?
Utopia, it is.

I know.
It is.
Let me
For a second.
Utopia in,
To let me be.

Cause utopia heals
When the world is ill,
And utopia ideals
Are lived within
Human beings
Who love to dream
Of being in peace
With all and all,
And everything in between.

Heal the world in;
Our own world,
Inside our hearts, our minds, our brains;
Inside to heal.

Utopia heals
In a world of ill…
Of ill-conceived ways,
That go against what humanity will
Wish to be…

I want to be
A world made
Of utopia dreams
Laid within humans’ core,
In sync with humans’ will, of good.

Utopia worlds
Of other’s will…
Exists away!
Move out of hearts
Of human goodwill!
Leave us all
Live in peace!
In peacefull utopia
That drive our real world
to heal.

Has the right
To heal.
In their utopia dreams…

Of goodwill.

Let’s us be in our utopia dreams of goodwill.

and we change the world.


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Who protects humans from humans?

Human mind is privileged, also for doing good.

When humans find themselves in danger, they behave like any other species: they attack each other… Hang on!, do all species behave like that?.

It appears some non human being living species decide to act united in the face of adversity, especially when adversity is called “death”.

What about humans?; whenever imminent death is what it is at stake, would they unite to defend each other against it?.

Covid has presented death for human beings. Some humans have joined up in concerted actions, like wearing face coverings, even if many would not understand the reason behind it. However, death by covid is not strongly perceived as a real enough threat for humans to take concerted global actions to combat it. Because most humans live their lives sufficiently away from covid threat, such that they don’t feel the need to join up forces and fight back as one. Death by covid is fought by each individual contaminated, in isolation, as a personal fight, only assisted by strangers who accompany them… risking their lives for other strangers.

The so-called climate change could perhaps turn up as a source of some mass death, a potential risk of extinction of the human race. Yet, no one considers it as life threatening; even when the threat could appear real, it would be rather difficult to associate it to deaths caused by climate change. In the eventuality that mass deaths could be attributed to natural disasters, such deaths would still be linked more to the dire situations suffered by the victims, situations that would have never been properly addressed by… other human beings!

Such deaths would be accounted against bad policies, substandard planning, inequalities of wealth distribution in society, or due to the fact that people got ignored by the system or some biased situations… Climate change would only be mentioned when it could serve as a convenient way for some to blame others for making people suffer. People would have died out of other people’s negligence, inaction, inability to act!… human life in the hands of other humans unable to keep death away, whether covid induced or otherwise due to climate change!, or any other cause for that matter.

Is it that humans are not born to become protectors of a group?
Is it that human beings exist to protect individuals over groups?
Is it that our current society is not willing to protect the group?.

And does individual’s own protection end up becoming a source of effective protection of our planet and society at large?

We are into a season where the fittest still prevails in nature where groups act united in order to protect their weakest link, that is any member acting individually, when the individuals are not strong enough to survive on their own.

However, in the world of human beings, It seems like we are not strong enough to survive to covid-like disasters or large natural disasters, even if caused by climate change, when we act alone.

Alone, without counting on the protection from a group, animals’ survival would seem to rest on individuals’ physical strength to stand a possible death provoked by other animal species, or by a force of nature, or by the lack of proper adaptation to an environment which entails a death that is certain.

Within human beings’ world, it would appear as if the survival of the fittest is not related to a superior physical strength, a strong nature, but to mental strength.

Humans kill other humans out of mental superior strength. Humans attack other humans making use of their brain, harming weaker minded humans, or humans easy to weaken. Within humans, the group protects those with a similar comparable mental strength; this is not so much due to the group’s willingness to self protection but out of respecting others’ strength… a preventative measure… so that to avoid being expelled out into a world where your individual mental power is not strong enough to make you survive.

The law of the mentally fittest… Is this the human’s XXI century law?. In case it is, mental power and self affirmation at all costs would constitute the core of the education system for those groups destined to dominate the world, or at least to try. Is it?.

It would be great if humans could communicate with animals, plants, mountains… with nature in all its forms and shapes; so that we could start to understand how human beings like us, could start creating our planet’s common good, for all kind of livelihoods, all shapes of living life, just by putting our imagination at work. And we would learn from our Planet, the exact way of putting our mind and superior intelligence to the mission of protecting others and protecting nature, progressing as a society, in a world, in a planet and in a nature we do all belong to.

Imagine putting the true power of human brain’s intelligence to servicing this common good!

For a truly better world… in balance with nature.

and we change the world.


SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: ¿Quién protege a los humanos de los humanos?

La mente humana es privilegiada, también para el bien.

La raza humana, cuando se ve en peligro, se comporta como todas las razas, atacándose los unos a los otros… ¡Espera!, ¿son todas las razas asi?.

Parece que algunas razas de seres vivos no humanos deciden unirse ante la adversidad, cuando la adversidad se llama “muerte”.

¿Y los humanos…?. En caso de que lo que estuviera en juego fuera una muerte inminente,… ¿se unirían para defenderse entre todos?.

El covid es muerte para los humanos. Y algunos humanos se han unido en actuaciones concertadas de grupo, como el llevar una mascarilla aunque muchos no entendieran el porqué. Sin embargo, la muerte que ocasiona el covid no se presenta como una amenaza lo suficientemente real al ser humano como para que se tomen acciones concertadas a nivel mundial, en general. Primero porque esa muerte no se ve en la vida cotidiana, y segundo, porque cuando llega sólo la ve el que la sufre, y los sanitarios que están alrededor, trabajando, jugándose la vida.

Los humanos en general no tienen la suficiente proximidad al peligro que supone el covid, y por tanto no se unen para combatirlo en masa. La muerte del covid es combatida por cada cuerpo humano, solo, en una lucha de uno a uno, sin más ayuda humana que la presencia de extraños,… que se juegan su vida por otros extraños.

El llamado cambio climático quizás represente un seguro de muerte, de extinción quizás, de la raza humana. Pero nadie ve ese peligro como terminal para sus vidas, aún, e incluso cuando pudiera parecerlo, sería complicado justificar posibles muertes por culpa del cambio climático. Seguramente llegado el caso de que ciertos desastres naturales originasen muertes en masa, esas muertes se justificarían por situaciones de suficiente precariedad,… de gente viviendo en situaciones de precariedad no solucionadas por… otra gente.

Así la culpa de esas muertes serian achacadas a malas políticas, a mala planificación, a desigualdades en el reparto de la riqueza común, a gente ignorada por el sistema o por situaciones partidistas,… se referiría al cambio climático pero sólo para culpar a gente de la muerte o tragedias de otra gente,… ¡la gente moriría por culpa de la inacción de otra gente, o de la mala preparación por parte de otra gente!,… ¡humanos en manos de humanos incapaces de alejar la muerte, ya sea por covid, ya sea por supuestos cambios climáticos, de otros humanos!.

¿Será que los humanos no han nacido para proteger al grupo?.
¿Será que la raza humana existe para proteger al individuo por encima del grupo?.
¿Será que la sociedad actual no está dispuesta a proteger al grupo?.

¿Y entonces, la protección de cada individuo de manera individual resulta en la protección efectiva del planeta y la sociedad en su conjunto?

Entramos en una época donde en la naturaleza aún prevalece la ley del más fuerte, y los grupos actúan unidos para protegerse cuando los individuos no son lo suficientemente fuertes para sobrevivir solos.

Pareciera como que los humanos no son lo suficientemente fuertes para sobrevivir a desastres del tipo covid o de grandes desastres naturales (quizás causados por algún cambio climático… ) actuando en solitario.

En solitario, sin la protección del grupo, la supervivencia en el mundo animal parece que termina basándose en la fuerza física para acometer a la muerte, ya sea provocada por otra especie o por la naturaleza en sí, o a la adaptación al medio, en espera de una muerte segura.

En el mundo de los humanos, pareciera que entramos en una época donde la ley del más fuerte no tiene tanto que ver con lo físico, con el poderío físico, con la salud del cuerpo, sino con la fuerza mental.

Los humanos matan por fuerza mental contra otros. Los humanos atacan con la mente, a otras mentes débiles, o fáciles de debilitar. En la raza humana, el grupo protege a los que tienen un poder mental similar, no porque el grupo se quiera proteger, sino por respeto a la fuerza del otro,… para prevenir… para no ser echado del grupo a un mundo donde el poder mental de un individuo no sea lo suficientemente fuerte para sobrevivir.

La ley del más fuerte, mentalmente,… ¿es esta la ley del siglo XXI humano?. Si fuera así, la educación en el poder mental y en la autoafirmación a toda costa y en toda situación sería la base de la educación de los grupos destinados a dominar,… el mundo, o al menos de intentarlo.

Seria bonito que los humanos nos pudiéramos comunicar con animales, plantas, montañas… con la naturaleza en todas sus formas vivas, para empezar a entender cómo nosotros, humanos, usando nuestra inteligencia, pudiéramos empezar a generar el bien común del planeta, en todas sus formas de vida. Y aprender del planeta; aprender seguramente formas de progresar usando el poder de nuestras mentes, nuestra inteligencia, para progresar como sociedad, como mundo, como planeta, como parte de la naturaleza.

El poder de la muy inteligente mente humana puesto al servicio del bien común.

Así podríamos cambiar nuestro mundo, de verdad.


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Which World You Keep?

Which World is worth it, for You?

Two Worlds,
Few Worlds

To choose from.

Which World
Is Right
For You
To keep?

We start.

This World,
Is great, is green, is gross,
Is big
In what
you want it
To be…
Is it?.

What do you want
Your World
To be big

World of… You
World of… Rest
The Rest… exist;
Which one is right, for You?

World of Dreams,
Your Dreams,
The Rest’s…

It is.

Cause your world, gets hidden
By theirs’
When theirs is all
They want you to see.

The World, Your World, You know;
It is in your imagination,
Made out of your senses,
All your senses.
It is real,
In your imagination.

It is a made up world,
Unlike yours,
Made up of their

Which imagination do you want to spend time at?

Keep your imagination
To see your world
For yourself.
Unblind your world
From someone else’s.

The World
You see
In yourself,
For yourself,
Should not cause you harm.

Your harmless world,
For yourself,
Should not cause harm
In Theirs’.

So Theirs
Is worth
For them
To keep,
Deep in their imagination…

Imagine all worlds
Are harmless
To keep
For All.

Harmony of harmless worlds.
Such worlds
Are worth keeping
In us All,
To make it One
In All’s

Harmless In Harmony Worlds.
Making the impossible possible?
It is possible
When this is what
Powerful human minds

Humans mind harmless worlds.

and we change the world


SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: Enamorado de La Tierra.

Cuando curamos a la Tierra curamos el mundo y generamos la salud universal.

No hay Países.

Como siempre lo han sido.
Inventadas por cartógrafos,
Y por los dueños del Mundo.

Nuevas barreras.


Para aquellos que las quieren ver.
Y las que se han expuesto para que sean vistas.
Y las que se han creado para que el mundo siga el curso
Que unos pocos deciden
Que es necesario
Que el Mundo siga…
Por un rato más.

¿Por un rato?.
Por un rato más.

¿Mucho rato más?.
¿Lo suficientemente largo para las nuevas generaciones?.
¿Para nuestros hijos?.
¿Y también para nuestros nietos?.

Sí, un rato largo más,
De duración desconocida,
Pues nadie realmente
Conoce a nuestro Planeta Tierra.
Y aún nos queda por inventar
El artilugio de comunicación
Que hiciera que la Tierra
Se sentara al timón
De las COPs,
A la cabecera de las cenas
Para poder tener siquiera una oportunidad
De tener la cura que merece.

Demos a la Tierra la cabecera en la mesa de cenar.

¿Qué tipo de cura le damos
A nuestro Planeta Tierra Madre,
Cuando la Madre se pierde la fiesta
Donde se preparan las pociones para la salud?

Un Mundo Nuevo,
¿Está todo eso ahí
Para escuchar a la Tierra?…
En verdad,
¿Quién escucha a la Tierra?.

¡La Gente!:
Para escuchar
A la Tierra!.

Y para dar a la Tierra una oportunidad
De cura y de curarse,
Y para que nuestras vidas
Cambien para mejor, para bien.
En la Tierra, para bien, con salud.

Tomando las medidas correctas una y otra vez,
Podemos crear la salud universal
Si nos enamoramos de la Tierra.

¡Enamorémonos de la Tierra!

y cambiemos el mundo