WAVELESS CHARMS THE BRAIN. We take Gold time, at Waveless time. Waveless,what’s waveless?In heart.In mind.Brave hearts’ waves. Does it matter?.It matters to few.Does it matter?,When it mattersTo just few?.It matters,To few. Few are like you.Few are like you.Like you are, there are few.Any few, is like you…Human. Waveless is greatFor a break,In the mind. Waves, [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: #NoPlasticPollution #OceanHealthMatters.

environmental protection matters: protect Oceans’ Health. The accumulation of plastics at sea is a concern that Korean Administration is voicing over the years. The “Beachcombing Festival to Tackle Ocean Waste” is organised every year at Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea. “The Seventh Continent” The caption below, pictured from this year’s exhibition, reports the impact of human’s [...]

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: EMERGE. To Spread. Peace. Around.


SPREAD JUST PEACE EMERGED FROM YOU. Emerge Emerge!Emerge to Fly!Emerge and Fly!Emerge In-Out!Emerge to Life!…In YouIn thisIn thisIn You. This is our place. Emerge from hereAnd there we wereAnd there we fear.Emerge from fear! Emerge from fearOf past,Of past,Of gonePastTime…ForeverGone.Emerge foreverAway from pastFear. Past is Past. Emerge to this,This world of Now. Emerge to Now,To [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Build the future Now.

Build Communities of “Togetherness in Caring Souls.” Build the future!Build the future!Why notTo build a new futureNow! Build the future,Build Your future!Your futureIt’s yours,For YouIn UsAll.We are All together in this world. Build your future within Us All. “Us” existsIn the futureOf individual Souls.The future of lifeIs the future of UsAs individualsWithin Communities of Caring [...]

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Utopia dream. Let us be in.

Everyone has the right to heal, in their goodwill utopia dream. Oh this world…How I want itTo be for good,For all,For good,ForeverFair. Utopia… is it?Utopia, it is. Utopia,I know.Utopia,It is.Utopia,Let meBeFor a second.Utopia in,To let me be. Cause utopia healsWhen the world is ill,And utopia idealsAre lived withinHuman beingsWho love to dreamOf being in peaceWith [...]

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Which World You Keep?

Which World is worth it, for You? Two Worlds,Few WorldsExist. To choose from. Which WorldIs RightFor YouTo keep? We start. This World,Is great, is green, is gross,Is bigIn whatyou want itTo be…Is it?. What do you wantYour WorldTo be bigAt? World of… YouWorld of… RestThe Rest… exist;Which one is right, for You? World of Dreams,Your [...]

SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: Enamorado de La Tierra.

Cuando curamos a la Tierra curamos el mundo y generamos la salud universal. ¿Países?.No hay Países. ¿Fronteras?.Imaginarias,Como siempre lo han sido.Inventadas por cartógrafos,Y por los dueños del Mundo. ¿Barreras?.Nuevas barreras. ¿Visibles?.Visibles. Para aquellos que las quieren ver.Y las que se han expuesto para que sean vistas.Y las que se han creado para que el mundo [...]