This World’s Plot.

We build what we want to pass on.

Swinging and moving
And swinging and moving
And making movement
And keeping the energy
And feeling and swinging

Being and feeling
And feeling and seeing
The things that surround us
The life we are living
And thinking that feeling
Is being,
In treating
Each moment
Each feeling
Each touch as this part
Of our heartfelt life.

Being of beings in parts of the being.
Being a part of the touched felt being.
Being this side of the felt dimension
Of the touchable world we are living

Feeling a part of a bigger plot
Where all we are is a piece of significant blow;
Blown into spaces filled up with millions
Of individual souls;
Filled up with billions of different sameness souls.
Filled up with humans at their best form.

Living in feeling and living in forms;
Feeling in shapes of individualism plots;
Experiencing in dimensions of deep and surfaced softs;
Being ourselves in worlds of intricate plots.

We negotiate the world, while we live our shot.
We make the most while driving through the plot.
We do our best to stay sane in humanly spots.
We behave and be what we want to become
At best, in short.
Keeping it short help us to focus on what is the most
Important bit we must care for.

Our reason to being, our purpose to build
A great world, to pass on.
We have just one shot.

We take the chance to live in such purpose plot …

And we change the world.



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