Star by Star

Peace. Purpose. Mind. Life. Life in thisIs good to live. State of mind. In life like thisIs goodTo feel. Alive. Life is thisFor mostOf times;Life like thisIs feltRealLife. To feel alive. Life is this. It’s peaceAnd Peace,PeaceAnd Peace,Of everything there isIn mind,Peace, in your Mind. This Peace is whatLife should be:Peace with PurposeIn Mind. Peace, [...]

– Chain of Life

Made up of our individual inner gold. LifeFor all;It turnsAnd turns.It goes. Fast.It goes. It comesFor all.It reaches highsAnd some lows,In tempoTo lastThe little timeYou look insideAnd find,Again,LotsOf loveIn youAnd the world around. A chainOf swingingActs:Into,And towards.A chain of heartsIn loving arms. Chains of revolving loveThat comesAnd goes,Changing humans into caring souls;Or not.Only if they [...]

World in pockets, World in Mass.

Our world survives in open mass’ hands of shared trust. It is lifeIn all formsThat matterWhat mattersTo us all. Life mattersTo us All.Life isWhat mattersAfter all. All is allWe have to handleIn worlds of grieve. Unnecessarily provokedGrieve. Who is good?Who is wrong?Who is whoTo judgeWho is goodOneAfter All?AfterAllIsAll gone? Not gone. Ever gone. Never gone. [...]

Exist in role-model You!

The World Exists Inside. Do you want to be a role model for the World? EmptyAnd FullAnd Full And LifeGoes onOn Colours,On shadesOf love and pain. Of love and Life. Cause life is what we areMade of. Life. All is goneWhen all is goneAnd broke apartFrom worlds inside. Our world existsInside. Inside, it isWhere you [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Build the future Now.

Build Communities of “Togetherness in Caring Souls.” Build the future!Build the future!Why notTo build a new futureNow! Build the future,Build Your future!Your futureIt’s yours,For YouIn UsAll.We are All together in this world. Build your future within Us All. “Us” existsIn the futureOf individual Souls.The future of lifeIs the future of UsAs individualsWithin Communities of Caring [...]

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Fakes. Unfake the World.

Fake smilesFake commentsFake laughsFake promises Fake human… behaviour.Behaviour is not fake,Feelings are not fake,Curtain that obscurestrue feelings and behaviours,real curtains in everyday lifedrive culture of fakeness. Fakeness reignsFor humans with valuesThat behave awayfrom them, with otherswho are submitted to fake. Fake is good for some.Fake is good for some. Fake is fake, it exist.It is [...]


Less is More when Less is Deep It’s about clutter that obscures youand takes your energyUnnecessarilyAnd the clutter is sometimes not even yours….GivenPresentedSharedMan-made by others,….. and not for you.No good for You. Feel the feeling when de-clutteringWhat is that giving you?Less is More….not just a popular cliché saying…it is reality. Less is More when Less [...]