SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Build the future Now.

Build Communities of “Togetherness in Caring Souls.”

Build the future!
Build the future!
Why not
To build a new future

Build the future,
Build Your future!
Your future
It’s yours,
For You
In Us
We are All together in this world.

Build your future within Us All.

“Us” exists
In the future
Of individual Souls.
The future of life
Is the future of Us
As individuals
Within Communities of Caring Souls.

A word.
A feeling.
A game.
A Feel.

Feel the force
In Togetherness in All.
Form your future
Into Us All.

What’s your future
In togetherness-less?
What’s the future
Of together-less?
It is individual,
An individual future
Of togetherness in just
This is a future
To build away
From Us All…
And You.

Can be plural.
Starting in your Soul,
And then,
The togetherness
Of your own
Survives in the
Togethernes of a world:
A world of Souls
That make your togetherness
In your own world.

We are One,
And we are All.
All is Us,
And in “Us” we form
This world
Of together Souls.
That is born
Out of collective individual’s
Caring Souls.

Protect Caring Soul
Of individuals
That expand in Togetherness
For Communities of Us All:
Our desired world.

ONE world of togetherness made by Communities of Caring Souls.

Make it happen

and we change the world.


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Fakes. Unfake the World.

Fake smiles
Fake comments
Fake laughs
Fake promises

Fake human… behaviour.
Behaviour is not fake,
Feelings are not fake,
Curtain that obscures
true feelings and behaviours,
real curtains in everyday life
drive culture of fakeness.

Fakeness reigns
For humans with values
That behave away
from them, with others
who are submitted to fake.

Fake is good for some.
Fake is good for some.

Fake is fake, it exist.
It is a word, adjective word.
It describes what it is.
That we should beware of.

It’s just Fake.

It’s just human

To be aware of
To ignore
When fake
Is harm.

Fake is harmful
in some human’s core.
Core with fake.
Fatal core.
Face on Fake…
Face on Fake,
And beware.

Of reality,
Helps you survive,
With the help
of “unfake”… new word,
Unfake Friends. Help.

We invent…. Unfake,
for Fake is too strong,
not to have a rival fate.

Unfake the world.
Show your guts.
Show your value.
Stop using
other’s value
for unfair strong fake.
Be a Fake, if you want, with Yourself.

Be a fake with yourself.
And leave other humans alone,
In their trust of Friends,
Who show up what they are,
Fair, Friends, LoveLife.

Unfake my life,
From toxic fakes.
Unfake the world.

And give our world another chance.
Another world, another chance.
Human time, bring it back.

My World.

And we change the world


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: NHS UK: Care goes Naked, Felt.

Photograph: Diana Berdún Mingo

When Humanity takes the fore front, the intense care is Felt.

Thank You National Health Service (NHS) UK. We Felt Your Care.

Care has reached a new height. COVID-19 has created some harm, to many, to too many; and it brought desease, mental, physical,… and death, and grieve, and pain, and solitude,… and transformation for the many that could cope with the pain, embrace it, and convert it into strength, new joy. Transformation, a force of nature, of human nature creating positive progress, out of pain.

The greater the suffering, the greater the progress for those who care.

NHS England showed me how much they care at their Vaccination Centre at Southampton.

Care extremed, perhaps triggered by COVID-19,… because care is in them all the time, just hidden behind professionals who could not dare to show it in the open, out of being humble and very professional,… too humble.

NHS great professionals have now brought their humanity to the front and shown how they care, much more to the open, liberated!; and we felt it, at the receiving end. I personally felt your care, NHS Southampton, and I felt special for ten minutes,… thank you!

I spend ten minutes with you, and enjoyed every second. You made me feel valued, you created an aura so great that my time with you became a highlight I will never forget, for how much you showed who you are; you showed up your core, at last naked!, and I felt it, strongly,…. Core full of Care I could touch, deeply felt, naked core, felt. Thank you.

Keep going. No shyness. We are humans. We can show out genuine care to each other. We should.

We love to feel your care. Naked.

NHS. Keep going. Thank You.



Less is More when Less is Deep

It’s about clutter that obscures you
and takes your energy
And the clutter is sometimes not even yours….
Man-made by others,…
.. and not for you.
No good for You.

Feel the feeling when de-cluttering
What is that giving you?
Less is More….
not just a popular cliché saying…
it is reality.

Less is More when Less is Deep.

You go deep inside yourself
Deep into the emotions
That drive
That is yours.
You Belong.

Going minimalist
helps you cope with this world
Clears your brain
And declutter influences of misaligned value
that is not yours.

Stay away from values that are not yours.

What is your human value?
What is the value
that you can be proud of
In front of humanity?

Going minimalist
OPENS space for your choices
What energises you now
The space is there
Not just physical
But in your brain
In your Soul.

Brainwashed… this time for Good!
For Life. Your life.

Your Truth.

Find it,… going minimalist.

And we save the world.


Transients#21 – Reflections from travelling new, now

TRANSIENTS#21 – A hUmAn21 SLOG Series

Reflections from travelling new, now.

Road to 2022

@IncheonSeoul International Airport Terminal 2, June 2021

Not Empty; Emptiness,… enough to feel it empty.

Quietness, a great feeling; especially when travelling long distance, long hours, over several time zones. Some quiet is good, feels good to me, when at airports, that are normally bustling, like Incheon Seoul Terminal 2, at Korea.

Not this quiet. Emptiness is present. Empty seats, empty benches, empty shops, for they are closed, and empty shops, the open ones, waiting for noise that does not really arrive. With plenty of masks, in your face. No talks, no noise, people have gone too quiet,…. for the spread prevention,… for the spread. People don’t talk,… that much. Children play in silence, for they are the best disciplined when it comes to keeping a face mask for… forever,… it feels.

Covid tests, and covid testing boozes, the new kid in town at airport terminals, where the virus feels more present. For some, test might be positive. Being negative, this time, means good,…. we want to stay negative,…. COVID-19 world,… stay negative!,…. while keeping as positive in mind as possible.

Full parking lots, long queues of unemployed planes, brand new some, brand fit most, all fit perhaps, just unemployed, waiting for noise to return,… looking clean from the outside.

Semi full, semi empty planes, full of face masks in people, googles and protective suits on crew members, more packaged food, more than before, and for some less food, less than before, less offer, less fun. For same journey length, same turbulence, same inflight entertainment plasmas, similar air, only this time fresher,… so they say, more protecting, so they tell us.

Travelling new, feeling light, feeling quiet, and not relaxed. I want this to end, soonest possible.

It is hard to relax when you know how things could be otherwise, and that with the “busyness”, and noise, and some queues, and full planes, and full restaurants, and,… and smiley people, showing off their mood to others, spontaneously,…. we felt better, travelling like before, felt better; when the world was all negative at once, virus negative,… all at once. That was the norm…. all negative, all at once, it was possible, positive.

Travelling new is not fun. I want the world to return to positivism, smiles, noise,…. the world must be social among humans.

The world is always temporary, and this world, as always, never stands still.

This is our hope,… a transient world, from one time, era, phase, interval, century, season,… to another.

Travelling new again, the new new to come quick: that is the new that we would have got nevertheless, before covid 19, with a change for better, cause we have learn lots.

Because the world is always about to turn to the next norm, only that the next norm that came to us in 2020 was unexpected by the majority,…. not by all though, perhaps,…

So, we must achieve; the new norm will be what we were making it to be prior to covid, plus positively different, because of our covid 19 society experience and learning. The difference that we will introduce in our world moving forward would be about a more positive and social world, more understanding among humans, more prone to avoid the mistakes that we did, some did, all did,…. the mistakes that brought us the norm we live today.

With this experience, we could create a several times better norm now for 2022,… so we prove to ourselves that the price each one of us, every single one of us has paid was worth it.

We make the transient. The 2022 world to come. Let’s pay attention. We make it just now. We act now.

Digital Art by Luis Benito: “Strings Of Hope 2022”