CITIZENS#21 SLOG: NHS UK: Care goes Naked, Felt.

Photograph: Diana Berdún Mingo

When Humanity takes the fore front, the intense care is Felt.

Thank You National Health Service (NHS) UK. We Felt Your Care.

Care has reached a new height. COVID-19 has created some harm, to many, to too many; and it brought desease, mental, physical,… and death, and grieve, and pain, and solitude,… and transformation for the many that could cope with the pain, embrace it, and convert it into strength, new joy. Transformation, a force of nature, of human nature creating positive progress, out of pain.

The greater the suffering, the greater the progress for those who care.

NHS England showed me how much they care at their Vaccination Centre at Southampton.

Care extremed, perhaps triggered by COVID-19,… because care is in them all the time, just hidden behind professionals who could not dare to show it in the open, out of being humble and very professional,… too humble.

NHS great professionals have now brought their humanity to the front and shown how they care, much more to the open, liberated!; and we felt it, at the receiving end. I personally felt your care, NHS Southampton, and I felt special for ten minutes,… thank you!

I spend ten minutes with you, and enjoyed every second. You made me feel valued, you created an aura so great that my time with you became a highlight I will never forget, for how much you showed who you are; you showed up your core, at last naked!, and I felt it, strongly,…. Core full of Care I could touch, deeply felt, naked core, felt. Thank you.

Keep going. No shyness. We are humans. We can show out genuine care to each other. We should.

We love to feel your care. Naked.

NHS. Keep going. Thank You.


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