SOCIETY#21 SLOG: The World turns Multicolour… We save the World.

“Greenness” to save Planet’s Health.

The planet is green; and blue, and yellow, and brown, and white and black… and all colours combined. The World is multicolor, to the human eye.

“Save the Planet” is multicolour. Save the Planet is just. Care for the Planet is just; and it is the way we turn the World into “Green”, with just.

This is a time when political systems, society models, geopolitical power games, financial models, race to conquer a slice of Space, are all matters at play at the very same time our Planet goes for a health check.

How much attention do we pay to our Planet’s health check?

Does the Planet need a health check?
Who decides that?
Who undertakes the Planet’s health check?
Who is the doctor we can trust?
Who appoints a doctor the Planet can trust?
And where is that doctor?… in the open?; in a box?… in Antarctica with a friendly satellite to connect her or him to the green game’s decision makers?, or at the COP-appointment?

We seem to have a doctor…
Who decides what the prescription is for our Planet’s health.

We all feel the Planet needs help. We all take this seriously.

Where is the evidence that justifies the prescription chosen by the appointed doctor is right or complete for the Planet?

Do we have a precedence? We may, we just don’t have the data to uncover such past in sufficient detail for our science to declare what the exact right antidote to potential Earth’s health degradation is. Are we now collecting all the data required to diagnose the Planet’s Health? Is that data made available to the doctor?

Everything is going to be all right: we unite the world, the doctors, for hundreds of minutes… not hours, or days, or years… just lots of minutes. We unite a bunch of people with high interest in… the Earth’s health, of course!. And we even listen to what they say before and after their unity is physically disolved, and until the next time they decide to unite their physical forms. For they tell us what the prescription is, to turn the Planet green… and we interpret this as the way to save the Planet’s health. Green is Health. And we believe.

So we all get an answer to solve the issue we all care about and take seriously.

So we decide to align as individuals, as we are no expert, no doctor in Earth’s health, no relevant historic data holders, no geopolitical gamers, no social model imposers, no Antarctica gurus… we align and we get determined to contribute to implement the prescription. Only that the prescription seems to be imposed on us directly.

Nevertheless, we, as citizens of the world, will do our best for it… in between COP-appointments.

And when we see the doctor, and the majority who appointed her or him, and the majority who supported her or him, when we see them deviating from the prescription’s course in between appointments… we stop and think:

‘did we understand what the doctor said?’,
‘did we get the prescription wrong?’,
‘did the doctor prescribed something for the Planet, or for us?’,
‘and if just for us, is “us” everyone?’.

And we think it must be for everyone, a prescription imposed on everyone, for the Earth’s health sake. So we believe.

The moment every human being on the Planet believes and abides to a just prescription, and to the journey of just prescriptions in between COP-appointments, when everyone abides we start our trial to try save our Planet’s health, appointment by appointment, COP by COP, prescription by prescription.

COPbyCOP, we will check how the just prescription worked, how our patient’s condition evolved; we will modify it as necessary, so that few COP-appointments later, we would have got it right.

And only then, we would start acting on what would matter to return “Greenness” to the world, Health to the Planet, and Wellness to all its inhabitants, humans included.

We then set all, Planet and People, on a great health track.
We take the appointments seriously for just one purpose, that is multicolour, that saves our Planet’s health. The just prescription that turns green into multicolour health for the Planet.

and we change the world


CITIZEN#21 SLOG: Heal Nature. Let’s Be part of Nature.

When we heal Nature, we heal the world of humans; we heal Human Nature.

Live Nature.
Love Nature.
Be Nature.

We live with Nature
Nature is around us.
We respect Nature
As Nature is us.

We forget that Nature is us.

Respecting Nature:
Why is it so difficult
For humans
To respect Nature

Humans of Now
Need to respect Nature,
More that humans of Then
When Nature was stronger
Than all humans and hell,
A hell made by humans
For Nature, on Earth.

When we are Nature,
We respect,
And protect.
And create
The necessary convenience
For Nature to preserve
The strength that Nature does
Give back, free, to Earth;
For humans to preserve
The planet in health.

Health for Planet
Health for Earth.
Heal the Planet
Heal the World.
The world of humans
The world in hell
ill health.

Heal the health
Of human-created world
For healing Earth,
To Heal our shared Gem.
Forever, humans to become
Forever, part of Mother Earth.

For Mother Earth’s sake
Let’s be Humans,
Let’s Be Nature.

and we change the world


hUmAn21 SLOG: Covid Scar.

Let’s be in love with life, again. Let’s make everyone count.

Covid Scar.

This is covid,
This is life,
Covid life,
On every one
Of us.

What’s the story
Of Your covid life scar?

There is one on everyone
And everyone has one.
To tell,
To suffer from?.
To experience,
The learn from.

New Life.
New places.
Given again.
New life for everyone,
For every life is new,
After covid scar.

New learning
For our lives
It’s good,
When we used it
To understand
What to value most
And less;
What to value in All
And in Yourself.

What to ask for
Next time you are with loved ones.
What to ask for
Next time we miss loved ones,
Next time we miss love in life.

Now, we want more life
And take more life
To give life back.

We put covid behind,
By taking all there is
To gain,
From covid scar.
Our top lesson in life.

We place new hope ahead,
By being in love
With after-scar life,
With life.
Let’s be in love
With life

Everyone has a story to tell,
Every story counts,
Everyone counts

Let’s be in love with our life, again

and we change the world… after covid scar.


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: F3… Find Friendship First

Friends come second.

Friends help.
Friends here.
Friends there.

Friends, Your Friends,
they help, they know,…
Know when,…
When help
Is first.

Friend your Friends.
Find your Friends.

Care givers.
Givers and Takers.
Balanced acts,
In “asynchronicity”,
As there is time
To give more
And to only give
When give is cure…
And times to take
When offered
A friend in need
To give and,… well,
Up your Friend.

For Friends
We watch
And give
And take
To Friends
We give
The best
Of gifts:
Time… with love and true care;
Open, honest, time,
for Friends. We give.

This life
Is our chance
To practice
Cure and Care
For Friends,
For Us,
For Friends.

The Book of Faces,…
…No Book of Friends.
Facebooks hiding
Friendship away.
Unfriend your face-friends!

Find Friends, through Friendship.

Find Friendship,
And Friends emerge
From searching well
In depth, In care.

When you look for company, You may find company,
When you look for support, You may find support,
When you look for fun, You may find fun
When you want convenience, convenience may come
And none of that may turn as friendship.

In my dictionary

Friendship, is where unconditional love and care
Is felt.

That is available, willing, listening, giving, and giving up, some, and more,
Over time, any time, all the time, when it is the time,…
Masters of being
With You
Only when it’s that right time
When You need them the most.
Those are
Your Friends
Where Friendship lives
In real life,
In them.

Your Friend, Your Treasure
So True!

We get rich, by these Treasure
Friendship,… And Friends.

Find Friendship First.

And Your Friends emerge. For You.

And we change the world


Cropped from Luis Benito’s Digital Art: “Bubbles IN Layers 21”, April 2021.

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Fakes. Unfake the World.

Fake smiles
Fake comments
Fake laughs
Fake promises

Fake human… behaviour.
Behaviour is not fake,
Feelings are not fake,
Curtain that obscures
true feelings and behaviours,
real curtains in everyday life
drive culture of fakeness.

Fakeness reigns
For humans with values
That behave away
from them, with others
who are submitted to fake.

Fake is good for some.
Fake is good for some.

Fake is fake, it exist.
It is a word, adjective word.
It describes what it is.
That we should beware of.

It’s just Fake.

It’s just human

To be aware of
To ignore
When fake
Is harm.

Fake is harmful
in some human’s core.
Core with fake.
Fatal core.
Face on Fake…
Face on Fake,
And beware.

Of reality,
Helps you survive,
With the help
of “unfake”… new word,
Unfake Friends. Help.

We invent…. Unfake,
for Fake is too strong,
not to have a rival fate.

Unfake the world.
Show your guts.
Show your value.
Stop using
other’s value
for unfair strong fake.
Be a Fake, if you want, with Yourself.

Be a fake with yourself.
And leave other humans alone,
In their trust of Friends,
Who show up what they are,
Fair, Friends, LoveLife.

Unfake my life,
From toxic fakes.
Unfake the world.

And give our world another chance.
Another world, another chance.
Human time, bring it back.

My World.

And we change the world


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: NHS UK: Care goes Naked, Felt.

Photograph: Diana Berdún Mingo

When Humanity takes the fore front, the intense care is Felt.

Thank You National Health Service (NHS) UK. We Felt Your Care.

Care has reached a new height. COVID-19 has created some harm, to many, to too many; and it brought desease, mental, physical,… and death, and grieve, and pain, and solitude,… and transformation for the many that could cope with the pain, embrace it, and convert it into strength, new joy. Transformation, a force of nature, of human nature creating positive progress, out of pain.

The greater the suffering, the greater the progress for those who care.

NHS England showed me how much they care at their Vaccination Centre at Southampton.

Care extremed, perhaps triggered by COVID-19,… because care is in them all the time, just hidden behind professionals who could not dare to show it in the open, out of being humble and very professional,… too humble.

NHS great professionals have now brought their humanity to the front and shown how they care, much more to the open, liberated!; and we felt it, at the receiving end. I personally felt your care, NHS Southampton, and I felt special for ten minutes,… thank you!

I spend ten minutes with you, and enjoyed every second. You made me feel valued, you created an aura so great that my time with you became a highlight I will never forget, for how much you showed who you are; you showed up your core, at last naked!, and I felt it, strongly,…. Core full of Care I could touch, deeply felt, naked core, felt. Thank you.

Keep going. No shyness. We are humans. We can show out genuine care to each other. We should.

We love to feel your care. Naked.

NHS. Keep going. Thank You.



Less is More when Less is Deep

It’s about clutter that obscures you
and takes your energy
And the clutter is sometimes not even yours….
Man-made by others,…
.. and not for you.
No good for You.

Feel the feeling when de-cluttering
What is that giving you?
Less is More….
not just a popular cliché saying…
it is reality.

Less is More when Less is Deep.

You go deep inside yourself
Deep into the emotions
That drive
That is yours.
You Belong.

Going minimalist
helps you cope with this world
Clears your brain
And declutter influences of misaligned value
that is not yours.

Stay away from values that are not yours.

What is your human value?
What is the value
that you can be proud of
In front of humanity?

Going minimalist
OPENS space for your choices
What energises you now
The space is there
Not just physical
But in your brain
In your Soul.

Brainwashed… this time for Good!
For Life. Your life.

Your Truth.

Find it,… going minimalist.

And we save the world.


TRANSIENTS#21 SLOG: Create the future: Trust Digital.

Digital can create our future.

Digital is creating our future already, silently,…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built in,… everywhere…. well, perhaps not quite yet, just “most-where”. That is a new word I just invented, it might exists in the future.

By enabling our systems and processes to be run by AI, we humans gain Time, back, for us to exploit it as we wish. A new “Time-making” machine, thanks to applied digital and AI technologies.

And Time,… you know…. Time is our most precious asset, for each and everyone of us,… for Time does not last forever for anyone of us. Precious!.

Even for those who believe in eternity, life beyond this physical human life phase on Earth,… even for them, Time is the most precious asset at this Earth moment in time.

Digitalisation of systems and processes, automation of tasks through digital technologies, further improved automation through AI,… is our future.

Because it frees up humans from wasting time; it creates possibilities for humans who,… mostly for those humans who recognise Time as their most valuable asset, and who want to make use of Time to create more value for them, as takers, and for others, as givers. Extra Time for free, to create joy for everyone. If we could build full Trust in AI. Precious.

I wish humanity reaches the point when AI is truly trusted to operate on its own, a point when we can Trust AI even beyond our trust in the people we trust.

Let’s build Trust in Digital and AI.

We Create The Future.


Transients#21 – Reflections from travelling new, now

TRANSIENTS#21 – A hUmAn21 SLOG Series

Reflections from travelling new, now.

Road to 2022

@IncheonSeoul International Airport Terminal 2, June 2021

Not Empty; Emptiness,… enough to feel it empty.

Quietness, a great feeling; especially when travelling long distance, long hours, over several time zones. Some quiet is good, feels good to me, when at airports, that are normally bustling, like Incheon Seoul Terminal 2, at Korea.

Not this quiet. Emptiness is present. Empty seats, empty benches, empty shops, for they are closed, and empty shops, the open ones, waiting for noise that does not really arrive. With plenty of masks, in your face. No talks, no noise, people have gone too quiet,…. for the spread prevention,… for the spread. People don’t talk,… that much. Children play in silence, for they are the best disciplined when it comes to keeping a face mask for… forever,… it feels.

Covid tests, and covid testing boozes, the new kid in town at airport terminals, where the virus feels more present. For some, test might be positive. Being negative, this time, means good,…. we want to stay negative,…. COVID-19 world,… stay negative!,…. while keeping as positive in mind as possible.

Full parking lots, long queues of unemployed planes, brand new some, brand fit most, all fit perhaps, just unemployed, waiting for noise to return,… looking clean from the outside.

Semi full, semi empty planes, full of face masks in people, googles and protective suits on crew members, more packaged food, more than before, and for some less food, less than before, less offer, less fun. For same journey length, same turbulence, same inflight entertainment plasmas, similar air, only this time fresher,… so they say, more protecting, so they tell us.

Travelling new, feeling light, feeling quiet, and not relaxed. I want this to end, soonest possible.

It is hard to relax when you know how things could be otherwise, and that with the “busyness”, and noise, and some queues, and full planes, and full restaurants, and,… and smiley people, showing off their mood to others, spontaneously,…. we felt better, travelling like before, felt better; when the world was all negative at once, virus negative,… all at once. That was the norm…. all negative, all at once, it was possible, positive.

Travelling new is not fun. I want the world to return to positivism, smiles, noise,…. the world must be social among humans.

The world is always temporary, and this world, as always, never stands still.

This is our hope,… a transient world, from one time, era, phase, interval, century, season,… to another.

Travelling new again, the new new to come quick: that is the new that we would have got nevertheless, before covid 19, with a change for better, cause we have learn lots.

Because the world is always about to turn to the next norm, only that the next norm that came to us in 2020 was unexpected by the majority,…. not by all though, perhaps,…

So, we must achieve; the new norm will be what we were making it to be prior to covid, plus positively different, because of our covid 19 society experience and learning. The difference that we will introduce in our world moving forward would be about a more positive and social world, more understanding among humans, more prone to avoid the mistakes that we did, some did, all did,…. the mistakes that brought us the norm we live today.

With this experience, we could create a several times better norm now for 2022,… so we prove to ourselves that the price each one of us, every single one of us has paid was worth it.

We make the transient. The 2022 world to come. Let’s pay attention. We make it just now. We act now.

Digital Art by Luis Benito: “Strings Of Hope 2022”

Communities In Boundaries: Post-covid19

Living a happy and fulfilling next chapter in a life in state of readiness for next pandemia.

Boundaries, we set

A world without boundaries, does it exist?, would it be real?, would it be liked?

And what boundaries do we live with? One would say that communities tend to set their own imaginary boundaries, penetrable for many, specially for those willing to belong to the community; sometimes this is defined as culture. Everyone enjoys within their culture. Yet, our world is creating new ways of behaving, new cultures within established ones, setting boundaries between communities that become restricted socially, yet very social within their boundaries, more social than before,… weird times.

New Homes for New Times

Busan Architecture Festival 2020 is now on at the metropolis of Busan, Korea, a very dynamic city where there is always something going on, the City Hall has a slogan for it since decades: “Dynamic Busan”,…. still valid today.

This year’s festival is examining the new homes, post-covid19, and they have attracted ideas and concept designs from countries like Austria, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Italy, and few others, and from The Republic of Korea, better known outside Korea as “South Korea”.

I recommend to stroll around the exhibition at the Shinsegae Department Store at Centum City Busan if you happen to be around, your body temperature is below 37degrees and you wear a mask at all times,… then you are happily accepted in.

You will enjoy reading the concept vision of many universities suggesting not just how the new homes of the right next future could be, but also why, which is the most interesting bit to read and reflect on.

Having so many countries involved in winning the Busan contest makes strolling around thickly informed posters even a richer experience; for what you can learn about what many different cultures around the world think about our post-covid19 cities and citizens,…. they are all setting very common trends!

To me, the most surprising fact is to see how Korean people are so well tuned to what the pandemic represents, even when they have not experienced what their counterparts at Europe, India, America,… have, that is the result of strong strict confinement and near total loss of social life as we know it. Koreans have made an effort to empathise and think deep, a great effort! Korean people are here to create a better future for their society too, learning from experiences elsewhere.

New Trends Have Emerged, Here To Stay

“Communities In Boundaries 2020”, digital art by Luis Benito

And in no particular order, this is what I have observed with regards to what all the participant universities conclude in common:

Nature and Humans need to merge more.

Humans need to become more merged with nature, more friendly to nature, for nature is here to come to the rescue, when humans and nature find balance and care for each other. Homes will have more nature inside, and cities will create natural spaces for nature to be more protagonist, at every corner possible. Connecting humans and nature,… no boundaries.

Homes need to be pandemic-ready, designed to adapt.

Extract from Pukyong National University Korea, Concept Design @biacf 2020,
Saeeun Kim, Yeeun Seo, Byeongjae Kim.

Homes are flexibly designed, for a range of pandemic situations: on a zero pandemic risk, houses are openly shared by everyone. On a pandemic alert of some seriousness, houses partition its interior into spaces for groups to live in a controlled connection with others. When a pandemic is declared and the situation is dire, houses become individually lived, partitioned to give safety to each occupant, while there are ways to connect through boundaries. Boundaries are existent, flexible and protecting,…. boundaries are liked for being functional, friendly, protecting.

Social nets are different and some are new in post-covid19 society.

Humans will find more imaginary boundaries, as cities and homes declare them without having to feel or see them physically. And this is when social habits will adapt to live life of social choices more than ever before: choosing to connect physically or psychologically through technology, or in both ways, with or without boundaries in between.

Humans will enjoy from having choices, while pandemics are out of the way, and will be able to retreat to their safe choice when the opposite becomes the norm. Humans will redefine social life and societies at large. The cities and homes they live will reflect their choice.

More space, more time, new ways of living together.

Extract from Pusan National University Korea, Concept Design @biacf2020,
Dakyeong Lee, Haeun Park, Eunhee Joo.

Some are proposing to design apartment blocks and communities of houses with paths around them that will create spaces of physical connectivity and interaction with neighbours and other “passing-byers”, so that people can exercise a choice to connect; some buildings will generate connecting pathways for meeting and greeting others in spaces filled with nature, so that the choice to be social always exists, safely social even under strict lockdown circumstances. Mental health issues could become less often and more manageable.

And homes will become flexible inside: whether homes are large enough or not, their design will allow for partitions that will generate spaces for each individual or set of individuals to enjoy pandemic life, while the home becomes a larger community without boundaries for when all is good and safe again.

And since post-covid19 season might not return societies to a complete sense of personal safety for some time, these flexible homes will generate imaginary boundaries, as people inside them will have the choice to utilise the space at different degrees of imaginary isolation, mentally ready to be next pandemic free!, always in health.

Such flexible houses will redefine new social norms in families and with outside society. Busan Architecture Festival shows great example of how flexible homes could be designed and look like. It could represent the end of the living room as we know it,…

Extract from Chosun University Korea, Design Concept @biacf2020,
Deul Lee, Gyujin Kim, Jihye Min.

Outdoor is life, outdoor life comes home.

Nature and humans will coexist at homes where open balconies become more the norm than ever before; and the balcony garden might become a must, where inhabitants will be advised about what type of plants are most suitable for each season and mood purpose, something that would be purchased as a pre-designed pack of happiness, to fit each person’s home style.

Cities as prolongation of flexible homes.

And when most people are able to enjoy life in flexible homes, they will expect their cities to become a mirror image of the experience.

When being outside, flexibility is always more of a given than in between wall boundaries. However, outside design of cities will change to create places that mirror the experience at the flexible homes and neighbourhood, with nature and humans sharing space more intimately, with corridors to meet and greet passing-byers, and paths to move from A to B without the need to meet anyone; with corridors for cars to travel to fixed destination points without entertaining the eye looking around, just mission-focused journeys; with lots of places to isolate and enjoy 6,7,…who knows which G internet,… and with communal places to remember that communities bring joy too. Busan Metrolopolitan City is already planning for some of this future to become a reality, through their so-called “Busan Grand Plan”.

Extract of “Busan Grand Plan” shown @biacf2020

Connecting people by design, when purpose is lacking.

All in all, cities will be planned for people to connect in a variety of new ways, adaptable to the degree of pandemic risk. Cities will create boundaries between people when there is a need to protect their health, and will remove them when there is a need to boost their health. Cities will still be designed to attract people to live in communities, communities in boundaries, boundaries set by societal new habits, boundaries that will be liked as they are for fulfilling new human‘s purpose.

Communities In Boundaries beyond 2020

In conclusion, what the Busan Architecture Festival 2020 shows are trends that we can easily be absorbed as possible; some seem closer in time than others, some are here to stay for communities most hit by the covid19 pandemic; all of them are possible, perhaps most of them desirable,…. citizens of the post-covid19 world will play a part at deciding which ones they like to make real for them as user-consumers, for good for now.

New generations, always active to shape the future, will now drive faster pace for the future of cities to adapt to new desired social life, and rule makers seem to be listening, at least at Busan!

Welcome to the next society 2021 and beyond.

Communities In Boundaries 2020:

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