SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Money flows… to Earth?.

Flow universal wealth to technology that saves our Planet. Money flowsSave the planet,Sink the planet,Ruin people?Save humanity? Money flows Are importantTo our Planet’s Health. Technology is expensiveTo create, mature, adoptIn safety, security, sustainability. We need technology to mature,To save our Planet. Safety costs.Security costs.Adoption costs.LotsOf cost,Over the current costs at today’s Societies. Costs, new costs…Who [...]

SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: Enamorado de La Tierra.

Cuando curamos a la Tierra curamos el mundo y generamos la salud universal. ¿Países?.No hay Países. ¿Fronteras?.Imaginarias,Como siempre lo han sido.Inventadas por cartógrafos,Y por los dueños del Mundo. ¿Barreras?.Nuevas barreras. ¿Visibles?.Visibles. Para aquellos que las quieren ver.Y las que se han expuesto para que sean vistas.Y las que se han creado para que el mundo [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Being in love with Earth.

When we heal the Earth, we heal our world for universal health. Countries?,No countries. Map borders?Imaginary,As they have always been;Invented by map makers.World order makers. Boundaries?,New boundaries. Visible?,Visible. For those who want to see them.For the ones that are exposed to get spotted.For the boundaries that are set to keep the world goingIn the way [...]

New Habits Drive New World

On the future of Cruise Experience: Fun In Health. New personal norms Ask yourself, for those who experienced some or more brutal level of confinement recently,... how may of us would have changed habits, and which one of our new habits did we like after all?. How many of our new habits are we willing [...]