Stay Ahead of Time

To create the future to come.

Turmoils of time
Ahead in life.
Future for us
Remains at reach
Remains in hand.

In hand of these
Turbulent mind
Of mine.

I want to live
My time in peace,
In peace of mind
For what I do
Is what it takes
To find the sights
That give me joy
That set me calm.

Setting calmness time of mind.

I want to live to give away my best creations to those who care to take a look, and share their time engaging with the art that comes from inside my heart, my brain, my mind, my soul, myself, mine.

I want to stay ahead of time,
To create the future ahead of us.
To create the feelings we must embrace
To bring and nurture happiness games
In search of happiness of soul I am
In search of what to do with my life
In search to find the sweet spot
That takes my heart to calm spots
Of life.

I want to move to state of mind
Where I create, create and craft
The feelings of the future to come.
To share, be heard, to share, to live life
The way I am.

To give and share, and hear the feel
Of souls around the experience of me.

And I change my world.


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