Eternity Touched

The clean neat edge of life.

Thinking of paths to somewhere neat
Where things are taught in language greet
Where all is gone for minds to explore, free
Where things are nice, are clean, are here.


Think of things we have here clear.

Things to play with source of grieve neat
Cut in clear,
Clear cuts clear.
Things we want to stay around and plead,
That’s the taught and thought of neat retreat;
Retreat of clean.

Think of clean retreats and fields of foams to please
To please the toes of eternity for neat beginnings of here
To please tribe neat ends of fear
Ending fear and neat retreats of edges clear.

Clean forfeits, forfeits are cleaned
And Up, and here, to reach the edge …
The edge of ends of fear and then,
The tip of wedge of eternity neat pleads
Eternity in touch. Eternity in edge reach,

Cut and keep, and clean and have,
A piece of this eternity, a piece …
One piece for each would be enough
To touch the clean neat edge
Of life.


And we change the world.


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