– Life 2.0: Revived

Our second chance to 21st Century Hope. We now emerge form the pandemic into living life again, in a 2.0 chance and form; we embrace who we have been, only better than before; we take the learning from the suffering, joy, difficulties, discoveries, experiences, adventures, lock-downs and separations; from friends, family, volunteer helpers, and from [...]

“World Away” the “Worlds Apart”

No more wars for personal ego-lust. World feels happyWhen World moves.People make the WorldHappy.People on the moveBring happiness to this World. On “masks on” modeOn “masks off” modePeople come, and go.The World movesAroundAs people move aroundin the World. In energyTransferringMoves.Experiences of the pastMake the present again.Making present last. The World is happyWhen the World movesAround [...]


Feel Now. Time to Start Life from Fresh. It is the time. Is it the time?To liveTo sufferTo takeDecisions…Into theseActions? Into actionsOf pain? Is this the time?To doTo takeAwayThe time to beYou? It is this season of pain and harsh around.Around, it is.That is life.Happening,Around. The timeTo mergeTo goNakedFreshAnd mergeWith oneSelf…Merge.The timeTo mergeEmerged. TimeFlowsTrueTruthLifeBeingGone. DoneFeltFeltDoneDone. [...]

Tech Makes It Fair

Let’s tech-progress our life Those who like tennis may have watched some of the 2022 Australian Open matches over last month. And I am sure most would have noticed a novelty: the absence of Line Judges at the court. The absence of people using their eyes and professionally trained capability to spot if a tennis [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Build the future Now.

Build Communities of “Togetherness in Caring Souls.” Build the future!Build the future!Why notTo build a new futureNow! Build the future,Build Your future!Your futureIt’s yours,For YouIn UsAll.We are All together in this world. Build your future within Us All. “Us” existsIn the futureOf individual Souls.The future of lifeIs the future of UsAs individualsWithin Communities of Caring [...]


Time. What if Time Travels?What happens…?When Time Travels,Away?. If Time Travels… If Time goes away.Leave us.Leave us with,… our Life?,A Life with no Time?.With our,… Love?,Timeless Love?.Leave us,… alone?,…With ourselves,… forever,… Forever? Forever for the moment,Until Time returns.A moment of “foreverness”,Moments redefined. Time. Time leaves us,… will it ever?“Everness”. On Time.All happens “on” Time,Happens Over [...]