Human Part

Makes the world become one.

These days life is changing
Towards what you want,
When what you want is to become,
Exist, be present, in present form.

In present form you must exists:
In brain, in mind, in feeling heart.
You must drive your existence towards it.
It might make you feel alive.

Alive for fighting, hard, towards what you feel.
Alive to give and act, feel the passion, last.
Alive to last alive for as long as you can …
To keep the fighting spirit up.

Fighting up, against egos, in you.
Fighting up against procrastination induce.
Induced by egos of yours and theirs.
Induced to be taken away.

Away into energies of positive life.
Positive facts around your life.
Positive in recognising the spirit stays up.
Stays in, for you, in your own touch.

Touching stars drawn for … by you.
Brightening around egos of thick layers.
Brightening around goods of plain players.
That are becoming now visible, clear, naked.

Naked to your egos, naked to your eyes.
Making you become as naked as they shine.
Getting their energy into your inner sights.
Inside and inside, for one ego to form bright.

Bright for sharing power hearty arms.
Into giving to yourself, pushing other egos far.
Into being your powerful way to act,
As a giver to others, as a taker of clean facts.

Clean and clean you become
When your ego starts to shine
To make others’ life advance
Out of your personal joy act.

Becoming You, as you are,
Becoming who you always wanted to end up:
A human being living life
In happiness, self-caring, helping arm.

Helping the world around become
The place for every human to become
Happy sharing caring souls, at last.
You find your human part.

And we change the world.


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