– Tokyo Lights

Where humans and planet balance the future, in style. Tokyo shinesIn lightsIn shadesOf warmthOf heartsOf Tokyo lifeStyleCharms. Tokyo in Style.A search of futurePaths…The hungerTo growHumanityAs oneThat looks afarTo create waysTo live in harmonyWith the pastAnd make the planetLastIn future to comeWith planets to shareAt Universes afar,In Tokyo Style. TokyoLightsHeartsGraphsPaints of trustIn a future to come.Place [...]

– Heroínas de La Paz

La paz Interior, persona a persona: fortín de la humanidad. PazEs lo importante.Y lo importanteEs Paz.Traer PazA los espíritus que quierenRecibir lo más. Lo más preciadoDel mundo personal.La Paz construyeLas barreras de verdad.De la verdad necesariaPara vivir una vida ejemplar. Barreras que protegenDe ingerenciasY ruidosQue minan la moralDe la moralidad personal,Del respeto a la persona,En [...]

In Trust We Trust

The sense we make immortal in us. SourceTruthIn Truth.We sourceLife…For lifeIs truthConvertedTo light. To lightIn you,That getsIntense,WithFriends,And friends,That are the provenFact of facts,Of sourceOf life. Of lifeFor lastingTrust. Of trustThat doesNotExistIn life…That isAroundThis time.This life. This lifeOf trustIn dis-AppearanceFate. Fate ofThisLife. In trustWe God!The lustOf lives livedIn hopeOf GodsOf Trust,SpreadIn souls,In lust,In lost…Get lostIn fake [...]

– Let Truth Lie Outside.

Trust the open sharing of the truth. What are you afraid of? FaceHide HidingIn insideGestures of lies.Why? GesturesInsideAre gesturesOf harm,In the long run.GesturesThat harm everyone’s heart.In the longest of runs. Run away from gesturesThat live insideFor too long. Away from gestureskept insideFor power game’s sake...In long late runs of life,They just harmYour heart. Outside is [...]

Exist in role-model You!

The World Exists Inside. Do you want to be a role model for the World? EmptyAnd FullAnd Full And LifeGoes onOn Colours,On shadesOf love and pain. Of love and Life. Cause life is what we areMade of. Life. All is goneWhen all is goneAnd broke apartFrom worlds inside. Our world existsInside. Inside, it isWhere you [...]

“World Away” the “Worlds Apart”

No more wars for personal ego-lust. World feels happyWhen World moves.People make the WorldHappy.People on the moveBring happiness to this World. On “masks on” modeOn “masks off” modePeople come, and go.The World movesAroundAs people move aroundin the World. In energyTransferringMoves.Experiences of the pastMake the present again.Making present last. The World is happyWhen the World movesAround [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: #NoPlasticPollution #OceanHealthMatters.

environmental protection matters: protect Oceans’ Health. The accumulation of plastics at sea is a concern that Korean Administration is voicing over the years. The “Beachcombing Festival to Tackle Ocean Waste” is organised every year at Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea. “The Seventh Continent” The caption below, pictured from this year’s exhibition, reports the impact of human’s [...]

CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Utopia dream. Let us be in.

Everyone has the right to heal, in their goodwill utopia dream. Oh this world…How I want itTo be for good,For all,For good,ForeverFair. Utopia… is it?Utopia, it is. Utopia,I know.Utopia,It is.Utopia,Let meBeFor a second.Utopia in,To let me be. Cause utopia healsWhen the world is ill,And utopia idealsAre lived withinHuman beingsWho love to dreamOf being in peaceWith [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Money flows… to Earth?.

Flow universal wealth to technology that saves our Planet. Money flowsSave the planet,Sink the planet,Ruin people?Save humanity? Money flows Are importantTo our Planet’s Health. Technology is expensiveTo create, mature, adoptIn safety, security, sustainability. We need technology to mature,To save our Planet. Safety costs.Security costs.Adoption costs.LotsOf cost,Over the current costs at today’s Societies. Costs, new costs…Who [...]