– Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

In Social Values, We Live; Trust; Survive. Values. We talk about “values” all the time in business life. Every company has “Company Values”. Yet, does every company share a definition of what a “company value” is?Or what are they for?And, why are they necessary? Beyond this, does any company debate whether values are truly necessary? [...]

hUmAn21 SLOG: We are born, to “ONE” the World.

We change the World when we are born to care as ONE. And we are bornInto this world. What is this world about? Not our choice… Still, we are conceivedAnd it is not our choice. And we existOut of someone else’s choice,Act,Happening,Love,Act,Choice……Act. And we begin, life:We form,Shape,Live…ShapingLifeIn.InsideMum,And then… we areOne moreFor this world. We are [...]