ODE TO Humans in Peace.

Energy emerges
From bottoms, from dark
From light and dark.
Nest of newness
For our darts
For our darts into charts of choice.
For our chosen plots
For our chosen energy dots.

Energy is around for us to choose
What our dots are.

Energy is around
Persons and People,
In processions formed.
Looking for no-idea of
What they are looking for.
Energy is around
Offering itself
To help Persons and People
Find for themselves,
When they are clear of
What they are looking for.

Energy is plenty
Energy is light
Inspiring, penetrating, inundating,
Giving “dark”
A genuine shape
A heart.

Energy shows the path!
In shapes, colours, feelings
Dancing in lit lights
Playing with lit souls, lit arms
Telling the world that we are
Energy, energy in all paths.

Paths emerge and merge
In merging paths of life.
Getting strength in convergence
Only when converging is giving fast
What Persons and People desire to have:
Energy to live life in plenty of act.
Energy to be
Energy to stay
In Peace
Of hearts.

In Peace
Of one energy,
For Persons to become People
And People to become One

One Energy in Path.
One Path to be
Humans, Together
Humans, in peace of heart.

And we change the world.


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