World of Worlds

Is Made of Humans’ Shells.

Athens, 6th October 2023.

People create culture,
People create worlds.
Worlds create people’s culture,
Culture creates geo-worlds.

We live In circles of Geo-World.

People make worlds
Out of merging
Personality traits
In families, in shelters, in inner, in outer
Of friends, of minds,
Of souls, of friends believed;
In Shells
Where humans make culture
For themselves.

Environment Earth
Shaped by cultures
Of Shells.

Makes humans
Make culture,
Make Worlds.

Human-made environments,
Turn into Shelled-Worlds.

Worlds in World
Worlds in Planet.
Worlds of humanly shaped
Shaped in weather, in geographies,
In ways of being
Nature ‘selfs’.
Shaped in family, in traditions,
In People’s Golds
In Gods of care.

Worlds in World
Worlds in Planet.
Worlds of Humans
Shaping World of Earth.

Earth as Shell-place
For worlds of humans
To shape one planet
To make one place
For societies of people
To experience Earth,
As one human race

Earth, World, Planet, Worlds.
Worlds, Humans, Shaped, Earth.

Humans live in lots of Shells.

When Shells converge
In one inner shared place of race,
We turn environments
Into one rich planet
Into one shared, complete, peaceful Earth

And we change the world.


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