Japan Presents

Generating models of desired Earth.

Is here to stay
On culture
On track with constraints
Over imposed by nature
Of spirits in heads
Of Japan people
Of Japan history trails.

Japan is here
For the world to embrace
Like any other nations
Like any other place
In Earth
That deserves attention
As we are all here
To stay.

Japan is here to lead
In ways
That are specially suited
To cultures of inner respect
To values in what’s held
In multi spirit gambles of brains
That juggle the choices offered
By time, present, as they embrace
The what of the now
The here-to-be,
To stay.

Japan embraces present
While the present is used to create
The future that when turned into present
Will make the present to hold
The options that make their world
The best art functioning act of human brain
A world of Japan
To stay.

Worlds of This Japan become
Norms to advance our chance
To experience the options that make
Our life work for us, and them.

Worlds that Japan creates
For people, in politics-less
For people, in self-interest-less
For people as individual-ness
That work for humans, one at a time
To create communities of progress.
This Earth
We want to preserve.

When Japan creates models
Of societies at their best
Of progressing peace in modernity care
We embrace Japan in their present
And fight to generate the next generation of bless

And we change the world.


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