People are Strong

Joy to live as a just free born.

People are Strong.
And are made stronger
Through the inherited love
Of mothers, fathers, families, and the history
That they all give
To all new born;
Free from world.
Growing Strong.

Everyone is strong to become
Whatever strong force they can be.
Everyone is strong
When in naked free just born form.

Today’s society …
Structured to destruct
The strength of most;
Of most who have
The strength that can
Create the empowering freedom
Out of effort, determination, clean force …
Effort bound positives
Positives to drive prosperity
For all.

Today’s societies destroying this force
Exist in too frequent fronts.

People are Strong to produce
That naked free society we all got
When we were born;
Inside our will,
Inside our inner family circles
Of love.

People are Strong by nature.
Society will be strong when nature
Is left alone to build value
Out of efforts let free …
Left free to be
The source of society’s progress,
When we let our naked free soul
Act strong.
Only Strong.

When every human being
Stands to exercise the strength
Inner in their naked being
Away from weak endeavours
Of the directing bleeds …
We start to change societies
Towards peace, and values, and wealth.
We joy to live
In peaceful health.
We joy to live every second in this place.

We feel strong, we never leave,

And we change the world.


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