Awaken Hearts

Dreams exist to come true

To create spaces of joy
Full of facts we want
To see realised in life:
In reality of the awaken

To draw situations that are
The reflection of models to have
Embed in societies we choose
To live in:
In reality of the awaken

To create stories
That turn our glory towards
Building up traces
To follow up
As they take us into worlds
Where we are all equal-balanced
When balance feels real:
In reality of the awaken

To realise reality can be made
Out of imagined scenes
Of dreams of the wild free mind
Left alone to ideate the ground
We want our joy to play, be:
In reality of the awaken

Awaken Hearts collecting
The dreamed world of joy and fun
And balance and peace and grasp
Sufficient details to transpose
Into the reality we live
In the dimension of the awaken
In dimension of reality, awake,
When we live with the awaken Heart
In mind.

We make our world
From the dreaming of realities
That become balanced
In awaken Hearts.

And we change the world.


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