Destiny Shapes

The strongest part of your soul.

Never ceases to amaze
And it is a world of grace
And it is something we have to embrace
And it’s energy and it’s peace
And it’s fame
It’s fame.

It is something we have
By many more aims
Who aimed to face moments
Of truth,
Of age,
With guts that are made
Of what we are all … made
Human guts make
The world turn in circles
In destiny,
It’s fate.

No one can decipher
What we know and realise,
The forces at play, ‘in crave’
Where world’s energy descends
Upon us, our place
No one can ever turn that knob
From this destined energy we take.

Our destiny drawn by flows
Of energy indecipherable, strong
Unpredicted, unpredictable, undesired to control
Our fate in physical form.

No control for the energy
That will rule our future forms.
No control for the destiny
Just managing its forms
As they descend upon our souls.
Making it ours, yours.

Just let it in
And feel it as the strong
Part of life
That we shape, to channel
Our destined path
Our ruled thrones
Our fate, our fast
Way of living in full

Feel it as strong
Part of your soul.
Embracing your destiny
Is embracing the world.
In strength of confident management
Of your best you, of the best for all.

Embrace the force of destiny
Shaping it in the soul.

And we change the world.


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