– Let Truth Lie Outside.

Trust the open sharing of the truth. What are you afraid of? FaceHide HidingIn insideGestures of lies.Why? GesturesInsideAre gesturesOf harm,In the long run.GesturesThat harm everyone’s heart.In the longest of runs. Run away from gesturesThat live insideFor too long. Away from gestureskept insideFor power game’s sake...In long late runs of life,They just harmYour heart. Outside is [...]

– Live. Positive. Now

Now it’s the time. This time. This time.What’s upWith life? This time.For now,It isA time… A timeTo thinkIn thingsOf life;For life.This time. This timeIs real… Real feelOf time,Of fears…Of fearsThat letTimePastIn tears. In tears…In tearsFor life. Live life! In tears…In tears?That’s notFor life! It’s notThe wayTo liveThis life. This life. This timeIs timeTo liveIn joy.In [...]

—Hay muchas ganas de que vuelva la Humanidad, de verdad.

La Vida 2.0 empieza, en prolongación de lo que nos une de verdad. Hay muchas ganas.Hay muchas ganasDe sentir quiénes somos;De saber que somosLos de antes,Los de siempre,Los seres humanosQue vivimosY sentimosLo que siempreCreímosQue sentiríamosPor siempre… Y que no fuePor siempre,De repente.De repente,No fueLo de siempre. Se truncóLo que siempreHabía sidoLa vidaQue nunca fueDiscutida.Se fuéDe [...]

– Life 2.0: Revived

Our second chance to 21st Century Hope. We now emerge form the pandemic into living life again, in a 2.0 chance and form; we embrace who we have been, only better than before; we take the learning from the suffering, joy, difficulties, discoveries, experiences, adventures, lock-downs and separations; from friends, family, volunteer helpers, and from [...]

World in pockets, World in Mass.

Our world survives in open mass’ hands of shared trust. It is lifeIn all formsThat matterWhat mattersTo us all. Life mattersTo us All.Life isWhat mattersAfter all. All is allWe have to handleIn worlds of grieve. Unnecessarily provokedGrieve. Who is good?Who is wrong?Who is whoTo judgeWho is goodOneAfter All?AfterAllIsAll gone? Not gone. Ever gone. Never gone. [...]

– Pride Out.

Societies of human pride values will change the world. Pride is not made by force.Pride is not felt under force.Pride is not won by force.Pride is not protected by hiding it.Pride is felt out of positive outcomes of your actions. Feeling proud, outcomes based.This way, Pride is felt outside you, too.By others who see positive [...]

“World Away” the “Worlds Apart”

No more wars for personal ego-lust. World feels happyWhen World moves.People make the WorldHappy.People on the moveBring happiness to this World. On “masks on” modeOn “masks off” modePeople come, and go.The World movesAroundAs people move aroundin the World. In energyTransferringMoves.Experiences of the pastMake the present again.Making present last. The World is happyWhen the World movesAround [...]


WAVELESS CHARMS THE BRAIN. We take Gold time, at Waveless time. Waveless,what’s waveless?In heart.In mind.Brave hearts’ waves. Does it matter?.It matters to few.Does it matter?,When it mattersTo just few?.It matters,To few. Few are like you.Few are like you.Like you are, there are few.Any few, is like you…Human. Waveless is greatFor a break,In the mind. Waves, [...]

Tech Makes It Fair

Let’s tech-progress our life Those who like tennis may have watched some of the 2022 Australian Open matches over last month. And I am sure most would have noticed a novelty: the absence of Line Judges at the court. The absence of people using their eyes and professionally trained capability to spot if a tennis [...]

Vision Matters. Visionaries are alone.

Embrace visionaries. make a better world. Visionaries pay a price A price of being aloneFor long;Until someone else,Until the mass itself,Realises that the visionBecomes the norm;Would become the norm. True Visionaries are alone. Alone with themselves,In games on sole-throne;Thrones of the unknown;That can get ignoredBy “visionaries of the present”,Of a ”not too far beyond”. Visionaries [...]