– Give Me Time

To recreate the future from inner best past.

Give me time
To think fast
Of lives to have;
To pass down
The line.

Give me time
To enjoy fuss
And rough times.
All there is.
All has guts
To make you strong
Creative, fun,
If you take the open chance.

Give me time to enjoy
The brought-forward past.
Layers of fun-past
Layering presents
That prepare for future acts.
Layering from past memories
Of shared-fun.
Open friendship friendliness times.
Layering with colours of energies of fun life.

Imagine such life
To be.
When the past
That built your joy
Returns to craft
The future to have;
Made of experiences
With best intentions, gifts of heart,
Donations of pieces of your own life
At free of charge.
Donations energising the future to come.

Imagine life made of donations that build up
From the best outcomes of your inner mind.
Future built to last.

Imagine if all could spend time
Building up what to give from inside;
Where taking becomes
The selective adoption
Of what’s given
Later in life,
When we have the time to create a future
Made of the best experiences of our past.

We have such time,

And we change the world.


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