– Spaces in our Mind-Brain-Heart

Humanise Humanity with our owned AI.

Spaces appear in front of me
For me to think on how to feel.

Spaces of tests
For my deep side
In heart
Of human
People, Persons, Crowds

Spaces to share my feelings
And laugh
Love, Like, Love, Judge.
Spaces provided in all of us
To fill them up with personal facts

And thoughts,
And flair, fuss, flush …

Spaces storing our life.

Stored in brains
Of tight boundaries
Seamless inside
The mind.
Deposits of feelings,
Judges, feelings,
Joyful memories,
Positive charms.
Seamless unbreakable spaces on humans’ brain, into humans’ hearts.

Spaces that stand
A small chance
To escape your tight, near perfect brain deposit glance.

Moments of judge… Staying inside.

Spaces of fun
Make the charm
Go round to hack
Spaces of dark.

Go run to form
A better phase
Of planet to charm;
For humans to have
Humanity back,
In AI’s worlds of human design.
Spaces of human mind, brain, heart,
For filling AI spaces
With charm.

Humanise humanity with our owned AI.

And we change the world.


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