– Spaces in our Mind-Brain-Heart

Humanise Humanity with our owned AI. Space.Spaces appear in front of meFor me to think on how to feel.Fill,Them,Up. Spaces of testsFor my deep sideIn heartFeelingsOf humanHumanity,People, Persons, CrowdsPast. Spaces to share my feelingsAnd laughLove, Like, Love, Judge.Spaces provided in all of usTo fill them up with personal facts And thoughts,And flair, fuss, flush … [...]

Transparent Time

In Transparent Minds. Living in placesOf people and facesAnd places of facesOf people in phasesOf time. For time isthe momentsOf phases in terms;In terms of spacesFor faces to coverIn transparencyVails.The transparentIntakesOf time. For the sakeOf transparentProgressingMind blinders;For blindnessProgressesIn minds of free takers;Minds of blindnessKind,Minds of mistakenTime. MindsOf mistakenBy blindsMade ofIntakesIn coversTransparentTo time. Time for the [...]

Star by Star

Peace. Purpose. Mind. Life. Life in thisIs good to live. State of mind. In life like thisIs goodTo feel. Alive. Life is thisFor mostOf times;Life like thisIs feltRealLife. To feel alive. Life is this. It’s peaceAnd Peace,PeaceAnd Peace,Of everything there isIn mind,Peace, in your Mind. This Peace is whatLife should be:Peace with PurposeIn Mind. Peace, [...]

– Future Feels Us

transitioning to Japan. It’s emotional.It’s the past.And the present.And what’s to come.All emotions in a rush. It’s the future in life.What we see,JustIn the inner of our eyes,Your eyes…The futureIn front of us. It’s the futureWe don’t seeWhat intriguesThe mind,And makes us lastIn wonders of timeTo come by. It’s excitingWhen it comesAnd we seeThe futureAs [...]

— Subconscious Lived Life…

In the subconscious we trust, to LIVE A complete LIFE. It’s lifeLivedAt best of hearts;When the inner subconsciousBrainAdds. That’s the worthwhileLiving life.The one emergedFrom heartsOf the unconscious:Deep,Inner,InsightsFrom dreams in Us,Merged in harmonyWith outer heartfelt acts. Trusting dreamsMade of sighsOf the subconsciousInnerMind. Our minds work bestFor UsWhen left awayFrom mundane noise,And tasks…AloneTo inventThe ways we pass,Must [...]

– Create. Non-stop.

Get on command of your happiest form of life. Creating is lifeAnd breezeAnd calmAnd grace…Become!Belong!BecomeIn life! To shareWith youAnd thoseAroundWhoAppreciateThe GraceAnd Joy,The Pain,The Art,And ArtOf livingLife.. Share with them allyour art-creative style,Creative Vibes creating life. Humans are creativeAt birth, at large.Humans are creativeAt hard day’s time;When humans collect the freeInner spirit,Core,Of their natural creativity,And place [...]

– Own Your Life

You Own You, changing the world, at last. Come back.Come backTo peaceOf heart.In mindIn mindFor thisTo lastAfar,Afar awayIn worldsOf lustOf painInflicts,Of laughOf past;Pains to burn hardBurn hard that part of your heart. Burn freeBurn fullAnd fireWould cure.It curesThe painIn heartsOf pastPainInflictedBy lifeDefinedBy thoseWho careTo use your brainTo use your willTo useYouAs ifYou are a thingTo [...]

– Chain of Life

Made up of our individual inner gold. LifeFor all;It turnsAnd turns.It goes. Fast.It goes. It comesFor all.It reaches highsAnd some lows,In tempoTo lastThe little timeYou look insideAnd find,Again,LotsOf loveIn youAnd the world around. A chainOf swingingActs:Into,And towards.A chain of heartsIn loving arms. Chains of revolving loveThat comesAnd goes,Changing humans into caring souls;Or not.Only if they [...]


Feel Now. Time to Start Life from Fresh. It is the time. Is it the time?To liveTo sufferTo takeDecisions…Into theseActions? Into actionsOf pain? Is this the time?To doTo takeAwayThe time to beYou? It is this season of pain and harsh around.Around, it is.That is life.Happening,Around. The timeTo mergeTo goNakedFreshAnd mergeWith oneSelf…Merge.The timeTo mergeEmerged. TimeFlowsTrueTruthLifeBeingGone. DoneFeltFeltDoneDone. [...]


ReBorn to Yourself, away from who others need you to be Now NowThenIt is nowThenIt’s nowAnd gone TimePastHarmGoneWith timeGone TimeFastForwardPainPastGone GoPastLeave nowGone Leave me alone AloneWith the newTime NowNewTimeNow GoneIt’s goneLeave it goneForeverMemories… goneGoAwayMemories Don’t wantMemoriesAnymore Gone Leave me alone I am ReBorn ReBorn to Yourself; away from the person others need you to be. [...]