Moments of your Heart.

For the masses
Of flowing glasses
Of veins inside
Your side.

Express in ways
That are your heart,
In art
In style
Of your expressive-felt part.

Express in shows
And traits of ways
Of being a person,
Of being a part
Of expressive visions,
Of the just past
Moment of heart.

Express your heart
The one just passed.
Express it in ways of art
That can last.

Express, if you want
To showcase that
You feel important,
Of each moment,
In each plot of life,
If you wish to leave
Some mark.

If you mark as you pass
As a choice of ways to live life,
You multiply the way
The world creates what comes
Next up,
By expressing your heart.

Next worlds will be made
Of data left behind
Plus data that emanates
From mixes of realities
Invisible in our human kind;
Expressions from many expressed
Forms, creating
Expressed new ways to reflect
The world.

Express in any way
That makes you feel content,
Including expressing in
Expressions deepen in the end of yourself.

For our Mother Nature can
And will,
Find the best of all expressions
The hidden, the shouted, the bang and the felt,
And will form the intelligence that makes
The world to stay for us
The place we want it to become,
In clear sight for everyone
Of what we express freely, without harm.

And we change the world.


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