Every day is your birthday, in your heart.

Let’s be here and happy and fun.
Let’s get here the job and task and all done.
With joy of being set apart
By you and your heart.
By you and your heart.

Being yourself to play your part
Your part as being of help and fun
For fun of others and world of fun
For you yourself and your other halves …

Your best friends in life.
Your friends for real, from families and far
From groups of people and things that are
Occupying a secret slot in your heart.

Fun for all who play that part
In making live-life a joy, a blast;
As times get tough for all of us
The slot is full, the slot is where
You grab life back.

Slots of joy must exists in all
Who live-life, all lives, all.
A right, a human-made right
That is around all shapes and forms
Of life on Earth;
We just don’t know.

We know we are of energy, all forms.
We know what lights the energy strong.
We know how strong the force it is
When energy is positive, when energy heals.

We want to have the positive vibes.
We want to live-life.
We want to live

Every day is your birthday, in this life,
Within that Slot of Fun
In your heart.

And we change the world.

Happy Birthday.


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