For Her.

That makes us survive in strength.

Crazy Crazy
Looking High
Crazy looking
For this sight;
Crazy fooling close to you
Crazy falling, craze-loving you.

Get this feeling off your chest,
Be brave healing, be grave there.
Get your moves around your flesh,
Get your feelings play and get safe.

Safe spaces in your brain.
Safe locations for your breath.
Looking feelings to upgrade
Your soul, your moves, your grace
For Her.

For Her to live and die and live,
And give and let yourself behave
As soaking place to get the grace,
The blood, the energy, in love in faith,
In faith origined in made-care
Of those in love, in love with all
That is to be faced, the world.

For us to feel in sync with grace,
For us to feel aligned in faith,
For us to be strong in place,
For us to take this force and face
The world that fits around our fate,
The world we get, we give, we face,
The world we make in front of our being
Human made.

With love we build
A world of fate
A fate that builds
That syncing place
Where we connect
In sharing race,
We are one race.

The world, our place.
Discovered in Her
Loving, caring, signs
Discover for us
For us to face
In the knowing strength
That emanates
From Her.

For Humans, from Her.
We survive.

And we change the world.


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