We Can All Give More

Todos Podemos Dar Más.

Need to leave
This place, it’s
The nice time
To change-gear my life.

This is the place, this is myself.

We conquer our own world.
We make our own place-Earth.
I feel, I feel, I love my 승희 씨.

Leave the place I build for me,
For us, for us, for us to live,
For love of us, for family and friends,
And friends and the love
Of my life 승희 씨, Love.

I Feel, I Feel, I Live, I Live
Peace, Peace, and Paz Paz.

Todos podemos ser más.
Todos podemos dar más.
Todos podemos construir más, el más allá.
Allá, Aquí, todos podemos Amar.
De verdad.

Y cambiamos el mundo,
De verdad.

And we change the world.


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