Tokyo innovates the World.

Feel life in lights
Feel good on bright
Feel energy in sight
Feel Tokyo Feel Life
In motion
Of duties to reach
Societies of a best fate
For all of us

Citizens of cities
And citizens of worlds
Citizens converting
In fashions of gods
Non-existent in courts
Of Japanese progressing
Society, Civilization, World.
Citizens of living the future
To experience for most
To grab it in grabbing form
Of trends of Tokyo-future-proofing-wards.

Wards of tradition
Creating the new
In trends that belong
To a different world.

Tradition exploits
Imaginations of most
Citizens of places
In Tokyo’s courts.
For the best future is made
Of best traditions that worked
To create the progress
We all now enjoy and guard strong.

Let Tokyo Be
The place of Traditions
Of most innovations
In the World.

And we change the world.


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