SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Build the future Now.

Build Communities of “Togetherness in Caring Souls.”

Build the future!
Build the future!
Why not
To build a new future

Build the future,
Build Your future!
Your future
It’s yours,
For You
In Us
We are All together in this world.

Build your future within Us All.

“Us” exists
In the future
Of individual Souls.
The future of life
Is the future of Us
As individuals
Within Communities of Caring Souls.

A word.
A feeling.
A game.
A Feel.

Feel the force
In Togetherness in All.
Form your future
Into Us All.

What’s your future
In togetherness-less?
What’s the future
Of together-less?
It is individual,
An individual future
Of togetherness in just
This is a future
To build away
From Us All…
And You.

Can be plural.
Starting in your Soul,
And then,
The togetherness
Of your own
Survives in the
Togethernes of a world:
A world of Souls
That make your togetherness
In your own world.

We are One,
And we are All.
All is Us,
And in “Us” we form
This world
Of together Souls.
That is born
Out of collective individual’s
Caring Souls.

Protect Caring Soul
Of individuals
That expand in Togetherness
For Communities of Us All:
Our desired world.

ONE world of togetherness made by Communities of Caring Souls.

Make it happen

and we change the world.


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