– Chain of Life

Made up of our individual inner gold.

For all;
It turns
And turns.
It goes. Fast.
It goes.

It comes
For all.
It reaches highs
And some lows,
In tempo
To last
The little time
You look inside
And find,
Of love
In you
And the world around.

A chain
Of swinging
And towards.
A chain of hearts
In loving arms.

Chains of revolving love
That comes
And goes,
Changing humans into caring souls;
Or not.
Only if they can leave
All that is not
for good… away.

Unchained chains…

World of “made-up”
Is here, not gone.
It turns around. Us.
It takes our place by storm.

We can protect against storms,
If we want.

If we want to live a life of gold
Inside our hearts.
The true gold that moves the will
To positive outcomes for the world we live
Inside of us;
Inside the jungle
Of stranded humans
Weathering storms of “made-up” worlds.
Not ours, not yours.
Not human valued

Make the world a better place
By living life in joy… that’s yours
And not made-up
Away from hearts of gold.

Your inner gold rules.

and we change the world.


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