– Tokyo Style of Life.

Shows the path to making our world last.

Tokyo in life
Of bars, stars;
In levels of fun
And fuss and fun;
In layers of casts
And paths
And life.

In layers of levels,
We live life in Tokyo Style.

In physical layers,
Nature ones,
That merge with sites
Of city life.
Together with souls,
Plenty to count,
And serve
And please
And keep
At times.
All times.
Tokyo Style
Layered Life.

In layers that are
The part of life
That makes this Tokyo
Stand afar
All other physical
Places of fun,
And life, and fuss, and fun afar.
Of cities of present
That stay in past.

In Tokyo Style,
We live
In places where life
Is shared.

We live
In spaces
To take
Your beating
And please your search …
For style that’s rare, and fun, and fuss,
Weird and crush
In comfort safety
And instant energy
For soul to pass
The time
In Tokyo Style.

Hearts in search
Of lights that lit
Our moments lived
In Tokyos’ wards.
Within stars
Of days and nights,
Within the bars, the trains, the clash
The beats, the fun, the race, the hard
Working days
At day, at night,
Long day citizens
That are the stars
Of Tokyo Style
Of life.

In physical
Of Digital lights.
In presence
That stands
And expand,
The mass
Of flow and energy
Of all-day citizens
In search of charm
In Tokyo Style.

In Tokyo Style
We live and laugh
And sweat, and pack
And breath shared air
That’s packed with vibes
That hurry us up
To take each moment
And make it count-last.
Tokyo Style.

City of Layers
City of Casts,
City of levels of life stands.
City of lights, stars, and night.
City of trains, and bars, and art.
City of rare architecture to last.
City of queues, city of norms,
City of diversity, respect of clash.
City of future-making labs.
City of energy, earthquakes avant-garde,
City of future-making paths.
City of hope for humanity to last
Respectfully Organised
For happiness, safety, healthy fun,
Shared, Tokyo Style.

We create the future.
When we believe in Us,
In Tokyo Style of Life.

And we change the world.


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