Back to 4th of July, 2020

I am back.

I flew inside.
I flew away
From pain inside.
In pain constraints,
To pain away
Anxiety attacks.

I flew to reach
A height in life
Not knowing,
Not yet
Of joy to come.

I flew inside
My heart,
My soul.
I found my wounds.

I found my nature
Split apart
From human touch,
Split afar from love touch.
Made me harm.

I flew towards
A world, for known
Not clearing the fact
That I had scar …
Inflicted hard
Deeply through my heart.

I flew away from known
Pain of heart.
I took this plane
To not look back.
To start. Restart.
To love life back.

I flew into
Joy to have;
A new start.
Unknown and safe,
To be lived merged
With loved ones,
At last.

I flew into grey
In mind.
Innerly felt, unexplored.
Not knowing results,
Just trusting the path
My parents’ strengths
Forever built in …
My human being, soul and heart.

Trusting in my trusted halves.
Strengths that create
Trust in yourself,
In life;
You future paths.

I flew to find
That strength back.
I flew to live.
I flew to last in land.

Independence Day,
From inner fears,
Human inflicted harsh,
Deep inside.
Independence from harm of infested arms.
Independence from that,

Independence memories like this, will stay.
Deep inside.

Every day.
Ever deep breath.
Every moment.
In my heart.
Stay every time.

Time made of dependence in your inner strength.
Respectfully placed to service life.
It’s always there,
For You to use, enjoy, showcase …

Time to have.

That You.

And we change the world.


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