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  1. Thank you Luis for sharing your insight about the post-covid world from Busan Architecture Festival 2020 where people can see the conceptual work done by the university students who are the owner and decision maker to create next generation society. It was a good chance for me to have a think about post-covid industry & business to assist the people under new normal.

    1. Thanks Sung Gu, this was a very stimulating exhibit, pushed me to write the blog and share,… very inspiring seeing what young generation can create for a better future.

  2. A very interesting and thought provoking read – a possibly negative, but hopefully a safe journey with hope for an eventual ‘better’ new normal

  3. Anyhow the world will face ‘new normal’ triggered by COVID19. We would need to make our life tuned as we always do.
    I enjoyed it very much!!

  4. 2022 or 2023, or 2024 versus 1918, 1919 or 1941, 1949, etc …, just as Europe and the World came out of their wars of past centuries, the Planet will come out of the year (or years) of COVID.

    2022 o 2023, o 2024 versus 1918, 1919 o 1941,1949, etc…, al igual que Europa y el Mundo salieron de sus guerras de siglos pasados, el Planeta saldrá del año (o años) del COVID.

  5. Really thought provoking. Let’s hope that the world would be a better place to live in 2022 and the human race comes out stronger from the experiences of 2020 and 2021.

  6. This conjures sadness as we all know some people who are fake; some people who are to frightened to be real for the threat of loss. If only they could realise that when they live in this fakeness the thing they fear to lose is built on a shaky ground. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live being true to ourselves; being able to speak as we find things; to be ACCEPTED for who we are without fear of judgment and/or reprisal. To be real is to be truly free. I want to be free!

  7. Another great SLOG Luis, very interesting. I agree people always matter but in business its always a choice how to treat them…. and its the people at the helm making the choices…. I wonder which companies will survive? I know where my hopes lay.

  8. Okay.

    But the space race is only for a few capable and, although the space belongs to everyone and nobody, they will act in their own interest, since they are the ones who pay it and who risk it.

  9. I believe that technology obviously improves life. However, like in the movie Terminator or another famous movie where a nuclear war machine named Joshua made the decision to strike first, sometimes a human brain needs to have the last word.

  10. Qué bonitas pallabras Luis. Yo siempre la dedico un recuerdo en este día aunque no lo comparta y no sólo hoy, muchos días. Gracias por compartir tus sentimientos a través de tus escritos. Un abrazo muy fuerte

  11. Loss is immeasurable in terms of its impact, as is the love we feel when we lose somebody dear. Sending sincere condolences on the loss of your friend.

  12. Precioso escrito Luis, yo la recuerdo siempre y este día es asi, más. Nunca olvidaré la ultima noche que estuve a su lado y lo que pudimos “hablar”, siempre en mi corazón 🥰

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