CITIZENS#21 SLOG: MESSI,.. would there be more MESSIs?

There is Hero, in our world,…

Football Hero, made out of 4 pillars:


MESSI is a Hero:

Born with a Talent: he is able to rule, to his absolute liking, a 360-degrees-of-freedom light object,… a ball. Challenging for many.

With an optimum Physical condition, that is tailored made for making him excel at his talent: handling that ball to perfection. Challenging for many.

Living with a Habit, a routine, perfectly planned to preserve his physical condition to make the conversion of his talent into perfect performance management, handling that ball, very easy,… easier than most. Tough for many.

Self-driven by a Mindset: a personal and on purpose determination to persevere in his habits, to keep his physical condition to the optimum at any given age, so his talent is at full display, most of the time,… to drive him achieve what he wants, that is Win Every Game, one Game at a time, Every time: a winning Mindset. Mindset, is very fit for purpose, and Strong.


Makes Messi a Hero for masses

Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic:
Talent, Physical, Habit, Mindset.

Makes them Hero for masses.

Four traits of popular Sportsmen that makes them become World Hero.

There are many Hero in our Planet.

They just don’t play with a ball in media’s eyes.

Billions of people have the Mindset,
to exercise discipline in nurturing a Habit,
that supports the Foundation,
that transforms a natural Talent into a strength,
that delivers an outcome,
that positively impacts the masses they connect with,
large, massive, or small,… impacting their world.

Local Hero.


A hUmAn21 SLOG.


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