– Tokyo Lights

Where humans and planet balance the future, in style. Tokyo shinesIn lightsIn shadesOf warmthOf heartsOf Tokyo lifeStyleCharms. Tokyo in Style.A search of futurePaths…The hungerTo growHumanityAs oneThat looks afarTo create waysTo live in harmonyWith the pastAnd make the planetLastIn future to comeWith planets to shareAt Universes afar,In Tokyo Style. TokyoLightsHeartsGraphsPaints of trustIn a future to come.Place [...]

– “Piccadillys” Revived!

Live life in Peaceful Freedom. And it’s PiccadillyA Circle of LoveAnd Life.When pandemics permitPeopleTo LiveLifeThat makes PeopleFeel alive. “Piccadillys” revived! Peaceful Demonstrations,And art.People,In loveIn townWith townsOf tonsOf freeSpeech Corners,And freePeacefulLoveAround. In Piccadilly townsOf love and energy around. With music.With bands.Street bands,Of Street improvised art.In StreetShowsOf trialsPerformed In Live Labs. Experiences sharedWith all and anyonePassingAround.And Around. [...]

SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: Enamorado de La Tierra.

Cuando curamos a la Tierra curamos el mundo y generamos la salud universal. ¿Países?.No hay Países. ¿Fronteras?.Imaginarias,Como siempre lo han sido.Inventadas por cartógrafos,Y por los dueños del Mundo. ¿Barreras?.Nuevas barreras. ¿Visibles?.Visibles. Para aquellos que las quieren ver.Y las que se han expuesto para que sean vistas.Y las que se han creado para que el mundo [...]

SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Being in love with Earth.

When we heal the Earth, we heal our world for universal health. Countries?,No countries. Map borders?Imaginary,As they have always been;Invented by map makers.World order makers. Boundaries?,New boundaries. Visible?,Visible. For those who want to see them.For the ones that are exposed to get spotted.For the boundaries that are set to keep the world goingIn the way [...]

CITIZEN#21 SLOG: Give.Life.

Your life experience gives strength to others’ life. This highwayIs yoursTo keep,To drive in,To get through. Highway of Life.Lanes,And channels.ChoicesTo make.FailuresTo take.For learningTo emerge.In You, for Life. Emerge cleverly,From emerged fails.Emerge strong,From strong failsOf justLife,ExperiencedAt last.In Full. LifeIntense.On us.On minutes,On secondsOf LifeTo spare.For experiencingLifeIntense. IntensityOf life,Felt intense.Felt.Then sensedTo completeYourselfAs a personOf value.To complete yourselfWith life [...]

TRANSICIONES#21 CORTO: Encuentros en 3D. ¡Encontrémonos de nuevo en 3D!

Porque somos seresHumanos.Y vivimos en 3 dimensiones,Las dimensiones que nos hacen serHumanos. Pertenecemos a un mundo tridimensional;No al mundo de pantallas bidimensionales,El mundo virtual,El mundo de las voces electrónicas,Con gran sonoridad,Generada por tecnologías increíbles,¡Que nos transportan al futuro! A un futuro al que no aspiramos,… Porque somos seres humanos,Que disfrutamos de los sitios tridimensionales.Porque estamos [...]