Pick the one
The one book
That you can keep
In physical form
Only one
Becomes the one
Your ONE

Which One is that one?

Imagine…. You can keep just one book, in physical form,… one partner for your soul to touch,…. your pick,…. and it is the only one you can have, in physical form… today,… your now. It will change,… tomorrow…. And today, it is Your ONE.

Which one, is Your ONE?… Today.

Pick ONE

You have your WHY
Why that one?
What does it mean for You?
Why is that meaning so meaningful, to You?
What makes “the meaningful” be so unique, to You, Today?

You can pick Your ONE…. I picked mine.

Luis’ ONE:
Now, Discover Your Strengths, by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton.

Yours is,…

We all have our “Why”.

Luis’ONE – For Life

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