Tech Makes It Fair

Let’s tech-progress our life

Those who like tennis may have watched some of the 2022 Australian Open matches over last month.

And I am sure most would have noticed a novelty: the absence of Line Judges at the court. The absence of people using their eyes and professionally trained capability to spot if a tennis ball, running somewhere in between 100 and 200 kilometres per hour, depending on the type of shot, has actually bounced within the court limits… or not.

Example of best human standard, challenged.

Tough undertaking; nonetheless one for which humans have been proficient at, so far. Or, one for which human’s level of proficiency has been accepted by the public, the fans, the players… the commercially interested actors inherent to sporting events that turn into competitive commercial business.

Line Judges have shown an impressive quality of convincing so many. They have had a proficiency level that has allowed them, especially at times of controversy, to defend their capability of getting their job done as best as it can get done, every time. A job well done, for human standards. Undisputed. They have exhibited an amazing human performance!.

Until “as best as it gets” started to get redefined, by this technology, to the naked eye of everyone watching, and of everyone commercially involved.

The “Hawk-Eye”: technology redefined, deployed.

This technology is called “Hawk-Eye”; a catchy name, perhaps attempted to relate it closer to the physical world and make it stand-out amongst communities of fans, no matter their location and culture.

The google definition of this technology reads like this:

“Hawk-Eye uses six or more computer-linked television cameras situated around the court. The computer reads in the video in real time, and tracks the path of the tennis ball on each camera. These six separate views are then combined together to produce an accurate 3D representation of the path of the ball”.

This technology probably started to deliver better results than humans achieved, from the day it got installed and operated in a tennis court. And perhaps as it has proven to continue doing so for a long time, it is that this year, at the Australian Tennis Open, it has replaced all human Line Judges on court… leaving just the Chair Empire in… so far!.

And it has done so without facing much public controversy; no problem seems to have transpired openly so far from any of the main stakeholders affected by its deployment: the players, the audience, the organisation, the sponsors… the fans.

How come this technology has taken few humans so suddenly out of their physical roles without any discontent from the main protagonists, nor from the corporations that make the event commercially successful for everyone?.

Transients matter; transformative success is not sudden.

I believe we have witnessed quite a sweet transition process of a successful disruption based on technology: it has worked, it has happened, in my view as a tennis and technology fan, as follows:

Focus: One application.

First of all, the disruption has been around just one application.

The technology has not been deployed to tackle all aspects of judging the fairness of the game for every single situation. It just looked at the bouncing of the ball against well marked and visible lines on the floor. Multiple lines, yes; and just one straightly scalable single use case. That’s it.

Co-existence: facing the challenge.

Secondly, the technology has coexisted with the traditional way of solving the problem; and it has been given time, while trialed in parallel with Line Judges physically present on court, given humans the right to challenge it, as well as the right to adapt their job to the technology’s output as part of their professional act. A friendly co-existence.

Superior experience: for everyone involved.

Thirdly, the technology has proven, during the co-existence, as being superior than humans for the main purpose of the act of judging: make the game fair.

The technology has not just proved better than humans; it has provided proof of becoming the best way seen to date to establish fairness for everyone involve.

The technology has replaced humans on an activity where human’s reliability could never be not even close to 100%, by delivering close to 100% reliability… if not just a 100%!.

The case, in this particular situation, is too well onto the technology’s side. The use case chosen is one where human capability would never deliver at the level the technology has. Full stop.

Technology meets commercial reality, and wins.

Linking technology with commercial reality! A sweet spot.

This is a case of technology, deployed for one single use case application, with proof of performance against the established practice, that delivered superior experience, based on making a competitive game fair. A successful formula, that may well increase the fans’ joy in the game.

Will this technology be implemented in all tennis major tournaments as a replacement of all the Line Judges?

Probably not… yet.

The technology requires a set up that not every single tennis court around the world might meet immediately without investment. The commercial viability for certain events may render the deployment unsustainable, and it will unlikely be globally adopted too soon.


The so called “grand-slam” tournaments, and some of the so-called Masters 1000 Series appear to have a strong enough commercial muscle to adopt the new ways of working, as many of them have already had the “Hawk-Eye” installed and operating.

For those where the installation is already proven and in working order, it may just take one single courageous decision: the one taken by the Australia Tennis Federation and Australia Open Organisation, going ahead replacing people and delivering incomparable, uncontested, fast fairness to the game: the “Hawk-Eye as a Judge”. A courageous decision for innovative and pioneering.

… over a Transient.

It is interesting to reflect on how important has been to be courageous, when you are backed by a solid human (physical) to digital transition plan: a complex technology, set to deliver value for one use case, proven globally over several years, finally use case-augmented in the one scenario where courage took over tradition, at Australian Open 2022.

What did trigger people to be this courageous? I think many of us can guess the answer to this question, looking at what the world has and is going through since late 2019 to date…

A trigger that generated the successful integration of a “digital technology” as a replacement of physical human presence in this Australian sport event, creating a superior experience for everyone involved, happened over a transition (long) path.

From 2001, through 2006… into Society 2022?

According to Wikipedia,

The Sony-owned Hawk-Eye system was developed in the United Kingdom by Paul Hawkins. The system was originally implemented in 2001 for television purposes in cricket.
And Google tells us that:
In March 2006, at the Nasdaq-100 Open, Hawk-Eye was used officially for the first time at a tennis tour event. In 2006 the US Open Tennis Championship became the first grand-slam event to use the system during play, allowing players to challenge line calls.

Would our Society now adopt disruptive technologies as a fair replacement of humans, as a trusted way to spread fairness for humans? Starting with fairness of a tennis match?

Whatever the trigger that made Australia to have the courage of replacing five or six judges by technology was; even if it was due to an unexpected and globally undesired pandemic scenario; the reality is that it has taken 16 years for a proven technology to be allowed to make the tennis game fairer for everybody.

Let’s “tech-progress” our life, without the need of undesired triggers.

Let’s ourselves be the trigger of acceptance of technology that has a consistent proof of value for aspects of life we care about.

Let’s embrace technology that show evidence, proof of delivering superior experience, commercial advantage, happiness, joy, fairness, trust… better life…

Whichever the value we are looking to augment as a Society in 2022 is, let’s embrace technology that delivers it consistently, and with transparent evidence; like the “Hawk-Eye” does!.

Let’s actively embrace this kind of “tech-progress”…

… and we change the world.



SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Who protects humans from humans?

Human mind is privileged, also for doing good.

When humans find themselves in danger, they behave like any other species: they attack each other… Hang on!, do all species behave like that?.

It appears some non human being living species decide to act united in the face of adversity, especially when adversity is called “death”.

What about humans?; whenever imminent death is what it is at stake, would they unite to defend each other against it?.

Covid has presented death for human beings. Some humans have joined up in concerted actions, like wearing face coverings, even if many would not understand the reason behind it. However, death by covid is not strongly perceived as a real enough threat for humans to take concerted global actions to combat it. Because most humans live their lives sufficiently away from covid threat, such that they don’t feel the need to join up forces and fight back as one. Death by covid is fought by each individual contaminated, in isolation, as a personal fight, only assisted by strangers who accompany them… risking their lives for other strangers.

The so-called climate change could perhaps turn up as a source of some mass death, a potential risk of extinction of the human race. Yet, no one considers it as life threatening; even when the threat could appear real, it would be rather difficult to associate it to deaths caused by climate change. In the eventuality that mass deaths could be attributed to natural disasters, such deaths would still be linked more to the dire situations suffered by the victims, situations that would have never been properly addressed by… other human beings!

Such deaths would be accounted against bad policies, substandard planning, inequalities of wealth distribution in society, or due to the fact that people got ignored by the system or some biased situations… Climate change would only be mentioned when it could serve as a convenient way for some to blame others for making people suffer. People would have died out of other people’s negligence, inaction, inability to act!… human life in the hands of other humans unable to keep death away, whether covid induced or otherwise due to climate change!, or any other cause for that matter.

Is it that humans are not born to become protectors of a group?
Is it that human beings exist to protect individuals over groups?
Is it that our current society is not willing to protect the group?.

And does individual’s own protection end up becoming a source of effective protection of our planet and society at large?

We are into a season where the fittest still prevails in nature where groups act united in order to protect their weakest link, that is any member acting individually, when the individuals are not strong enough to survive on their own.

However, in the world of human beings, It seems like we are not strong enough to survive to covid-like disasters or large natural disasters, even if caused by climate change, when we act alone.

Alone, without counting on the protection from a group, animals’ survival would seem to rest on individuals’ physical strength to stand a possible death provoked by other animal species, or by a force of nature, or by the lack of proper adaptation to an environment which entails a death that is certain.

Within human beings’ world, it would appear as if the survival of the fittest is not related to a superior physical strength, a strong nature, but to mental strength.

Humans kill other humans out of mental superior strength. Humans attack other humans making use of their brain, harming weaker minded humans, or humans easy to weaken. Within humans, the group protects those with a similar comparable mental strength; this is not so much due to the group’s willingness to self protection but out of respecting others’ strength… a preventative measure… so that to avoid being expelled out into a world where your individual mental power is not strong enough to make you survive.

The law of the mentally fittest… Is this the human’s XXI century law?. In case it is, mental power and self affirmation at all costs would constitute the core of the education system for those groups destined to dominate the world, or at least to try. Is it?.

It would be great if humans could communicate with animals, plants, mountains… with nature in all its forms and shapes; so that we could start to understand how human beings like us, could start creating our planet’s common good, for all kind of livelihoods, all shapes of living life, just by putting our imagination at work. And we would learn from our Planet, the exact way of putting our mind and superior intelligence to the mission of protecting others and protecting nature, progressing as a society, in a world, in a planet and in a nature we do all belong to.

Imagine putting the true power of human brain’s intelligence to servicing this common good!

For a truly better world… in balance with nature.

and we change the world.


SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: ¿Quién protege a los humanos de los humanos?

La mente humana es privilegiada, también para el bien.

La raza humana, cuando se ve en peligro, se comporta como todas las razas, atacándose los unos a los otros… ¡Espera!, ¿son todas las razas asi?.

Parece que algunas razas de seres vivos no humanos deciden unirse ante la adversidad, cuando la adversidad se llama “muerte”.

¿Y los humanos…?. En caso de que lo que estuviera en juego fuera una muerte inminente,… ¿se unirían para defenderse entre todos?.

El covid es muerte para los humanos. Y algunos humanos se han unido en actuaciones concertadas de grupo, como el llevar una mascarilla aunque muchos no entendieran el porqué. Sin embargo, la muerte que ocasiona el covid no se presenta como una amenaza lo suficientemente real al ser humano como para que se tomen acciones concertadas a nivel mundial, en general. Primero porque esa muerte no se ve en la vida cotidiana, y segundo, porque cuando llega sólo la ve el que la sufre, y los sanitarios que están alrededor, trabajando, jugándose la vida.

Los humanos en general no tienen la suficiente proximidad al peligro que supone el covid, y por tanto no se unen para combatirlo en masa. La muerte del covid es combatida por cada cuerpo humano, solo, en una lucha de uno a uno, sin más ayuda humana que la presencia de extraños,… que se juegan su vida por otros extraños.

El llamado cambio climático quizás represente un seguro de muerte, de extinción quizás, de la raza humana. Pero nadie ve ese peligro como terminal para sus vidas, aún, e incluso cuando pudiera parecerlo, sería complicado justificar posibles muertes por culpa del cambio climático. Seguramente llegado el caso de que ciertos desastres naturales originasen muertes en masa, esas muertes se justificarían por situaciones de suficiente precariedad,… de gente viviendo en situaciones de precariedad no solucionadas por… otra gente.

Así la culpa de esas muertes serian achacadas a malas políticas, a mala planificación, a desigualdades en el reparto de la riqueza común, a gente ignorada por el sistema o por situaciones partidistas,… se referiría al cambio climático pero sólo para culpar a gente de la muerte o tragedias de otra gente,… ¡la gente moriría por culpa de la inacción de otra gente, o de la mala preparación por parte de otra gente!,… ¡humanos en manos de humanos incapaces de alejar la muerte, ya sea por covid, ya sea por supuestos cambios climáticos, de otros humanos!.

¿Será que los humanos no han nacido para proteger al grupo?.
¿Será que la raza humana existe para proteger al individuo por encima del grupo?.
¿Será que la sociedad actual no está dispuesta a proteger al grupo?.

¿Y entonces, la protección de cada individuo de manera individual resulta en la protección efectiva del planeta y la sociedad en su conjunto?

Entramos en una época donde en la naturaleza aún prevalece la ley del más fuerte, y los grupos actúan unidos para protegerse cuando los individuos no son lo suficientemente fuertes para sobrevivir solos.

Pareciera como que los humanos no son lo suficientemente fuertes para sobrevivir a desastres del tipo covid o de grandes desastres naturales (quizás causados por algún cambio climático… ) actuando en solitario.

En solitario, sin la protección del grupo, la supervivencia en el mundo animal parece que termina basándose en la fuerza física para acometer a la muerte, ya sea provocada por otra especie o por la naturaleza en sí, o a la adaptación al medio, en espera de una muerte segura.

En el mundo de los humanos, pareciera que entramos en una época donde la ley del más fuerte no tiene tanto que ver con lo físico, con el poderío físico, con la salud del cuerpo, sino con la fuerza mental.

Los humanos matan por fuerza mental contra otros. Los humanos atacan con la mente, a otras mentes débiles, o fáciles de debilitar. En la raza humana, el grupo protege a los que tienen un poder mental similar, no porque el grupo se quiera proteger, sino por respeto a la fuerza del otro,… para prevenir… para no ser echado del grupo a un mundo donde el poder mental de un individuo no sea lo suficientemente fuerte para sobrevivir.

La ley del más fuerte, mentalmente,… ¿es esta la ley del siglo XXI humano?. Si fuera así, la educación en el poder mental y en la autoafirmación a toda costa y en toda situación sería la base de la educación de los grupos destinados a dominar,… el mundo, o al menos de intentarlo.

Seria bonito que los humanos nos pudiéramos comunicar con animales, plantas, montañas… con la naturaleza en todas sus formas vivas, para empezar a entender cómo nosotros, humanos, usando nuestra inteligencia, pudiéramos empezar a generar el bien común del planeta, en todas sus formas de vida. Y aprender del planeta; aprender seguramente formas de progresar usando el poder de nuestras mentes, nuestra inteligencia, para progresar como sociedad, como mundo, como planeta, como parte de la naturaleza.

El poder de la muy inteligente mente humana puesto al servicio del bien común.

Así podríamos cambiar nuestro mundo, de verdad.


hUmAn21 SLOG: We are born, to “ONE” the World.

We change the World when we are born to care as ONE.

And we are born
Into this world.

What is this world about?

Not our choice…

Still, we are conceived
And it is not our choice.

And we exist
Out of someone else’s choice,


And we begin, life:
We form,
And then… we are
One more
For this world.

We are born
And we fit.
We breathe,
We fit,
We belong,
To this world;
Without plan
Or self act.
We feel
We belong.

And we breathe.
Cause we fit
In this world.

Thanks to Mum
and Dad,
Thanks to Love,
And Nature,
Thanks to All.
Thank the world
We belong.

This is a life
We will make,
And Shape,
And Live,
For us,
With others,
For others
In the world
We belong.

We are all One.
We all belong
To this same One
We ONE this world.

How great would it be
If we recognise
That we could all
Be One… and We can One this world.

We can feel One
As we all are
Born out of foreign act
Into this same One World.

We ONE this world we care for.

We are born.

We are born…

and we change the world.


CITIZENS#21 SLOG: Which World You Keep?

Which World is worth it, for You?

Two Worlds,
Few Worlds

To choose from.

Which World
Is Right
For You
To keep?

We start.

This World,
Is great, is green, is gross,
Is big
In what
you want it
To be…
Is it?.

What do you want
Your World
To be big

World of… You
World of… Rest
The Rest… exist;
Which one is right, for You?

World of Dreams,
Your Dreams,
The Rest’s…

It is.

Cause your world, gets hidden
By theirs’
When theirs is all
They want you to see.

The World, Your World, You know;
It is in your imagination,
Made out of your senses,
All your senses.
It is real,
In your imagination.

It is a made up world,
Unlike yours,
Made up of their

Which imagination do you want to spend time at?

Keep your imagination
To see your world
For yourself.
Unblind your world
From someone else’s.

The World
You see
In yourself,
For yourself,
Should not cause you harm.

Your harmless world,
For yourself,
Should not cause harm
In Theirs’.

So Theirs
Is worth
For them
To keep,
Deep in their imagination…

Imagine all worlds
Are harmless
To keep
For All.

Harmony of harmless worlds.
Such worlds
Are worth keeping
In us All,
To make it One
In All’s

Harmless In Harmony Worlds.
Making the impossible possible?
It is possible
When this is what
Powerful human minds

Humans mind harmless worlds.

and we change the world


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Money flows… to Earth?.

Flow universal wealth to technology that saves our Planet.

Money flows
Save the planet,
Sink the planet,
Ruin people?
Save humanity?

Money flows

Are important
To our Planet’s Health.

Technology is expensive
To create, mature, adopt
In safety, security, sustainability.

We need technology to mature,
To save our Planet.

Safety costs.
Security costs.
Adoption costs.
Of cost,
Over the current costs at today’s Societies.

Costs, new costs…
Who wants to divert wealth
To cover the cost that takes
To save our Planet?

Who has the wealth
To divert
To cover the costs
And save our Planet?

We know, they know…

Technology got the world
And humanity
Where it is now.
Technology will place the world
And humanity
Where they want to be next:
A green Earth,
A healthy Planet,
A sustainable future for all.
Nature in all its forms of life,
Including human kind.

Technology that heal the world… costs… lots.

When will the flow
Of money that secures
Technology costs
Be oriented
To cover
Technology development
At the pace…
…the planet needs it?

Technology for war,
Of humans,
Costs lots.

Lack of technology
To reach “zero goals”
At the needed pace,
Costs health to All,
Planet and Humans… All.

Money, does it flow
In the right way?

A shift in flow is what we need,
Away from goals that are not “zero”,
On the run to zero…
Change the path
Away from waste
Of flows of money
Away from health
Of Planet.

So many wasters of money, and wealth!
Let money and wealth flow to technology,
From everywhere,
To where talent is,
To where willingness is,
From where richness resides…
Into the pockets
Of the willing
Who work for us All.
For the Planet Earth’s
For real Health.

and we change the world


SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: Enamorado de La Tierra.

Cuando curamos a la Tierra curamos el mundo y generamos la salud universal.

No hay Países.

Como siempre lo han sido.
Inventadas por cartógrafos,
Y por los dueños del Mundo.

Nuevas barreras.


Para aquellos que las quieren ver.
Y las que se han expuesto para que sean vistas.
Y las que se han creado para que el mundo siga el curso
Que unos pocos deciden
Que es necesario
Que el Mundo siga…
Por un rato más.

¿Por un rato?.
Por un rato más.

¿Mucho rato más?.
¿Lo suficientemente largo para las nuevas generaciones?.
¿Para nuestros hijos?.
¿Y también para nuestros nietos?.

Sí, un rato largo más,
De duración desconocida,
Pues nadie realmente
Conoce a nuestro Planeta Tierra.
Y aún nos queda por inventar
El artilugio de comunicación
Que hiciera que la Tierra
Se sentara al timón
De las COPs,
A la cabecera de las cenas
Para poder tener siquiera una oportunidad
De tener la cura que merece.

Demos a la Tierra la cabecera en la mesa de cenar.

¿Qué tipo de cura le damos
A nuestro Planeta Tierra Madre,
Cuando la Madre se pierde la fiesta
Donde se preparan las pociones para la salud?

Un Mundo Nuevo,
¿Está todo eso ahí
Para escuchar a la Tierra?…
En verdad,
¿Quién escucha a la Tierra?.

¡La Gente!:
Para escuchar
A la Tierra!.

Y para dar a la Tierra una oportunidad
De cura y de curarse,
Y para que nuestras vidas
Cambien para mejor, para bien.
En la Tierra, para bien, con salud.

Tomando las medidas correctas una y otra vez,
Podemos crear la salud universal
Si nos enamoramos de la Tierra.

¡Enamorémonos de la Tierra!

y cambiemos el mundo


SOCIEDAD#21 CORTO: El Mundo se convierte en Multicolor,… Salvemos el Mundo.

“Lo verde” al rescate de la salud del Planeta.

El Planeta es verde, y azul, y amarillo, y marrón, y blanco y negro,… y de la combinación de todos los colores. El Mundo es multicolor al ojo humano.

“Salvar el Mundo” es una tarea multicolor. Salvar al Planeta es de justicia. Cuidar el Planeta es de justicia; y es la forma de que el Planeta sea “Verde”, cuando actuamos de una forma justa.

En este tiempo en el que todo lo que importa parecen ser los sistemas políticos, los modelos de sociedad, los juegos geopolíticos, los sistemas financieros, la carrera por ganar un pedazo del Espacio, nuestro Planeta necesita una revisión médica.

¿Qué atención le prestamos a la salud de nuestro Planeta?

¿Necesita nuestro Planeta una revisión médica?
¿Quién lo decide?
¿Quién le hace la revisión al Planeta?
¿En qué doctor podemos confiar?
¿Quién pone al doctor en el que confíe el Planeta?
¿Y dónde está ese doctor?,… ¿Se le conoce?, ¿o está escondido dentro de una caja?,… está quizás en la Antártica con una conexión a un satélite amigo que lo ponga en contacto con los que deciden sobre lo verde?, ¿o está en la reunión de la COP?

Parece que tenemos un doctor,…
Que decide qué recetar para la salud de nuestro Planeta.

A todos nosotros nos parece que el Planeta necesita ayuda. Es algo que nos tomamos en serio.

¿Dónde está la evidencia que justifica que la receta prescrita por el doctor es la completamente correcta para el Planeta?

¿Tenemos algún precedente?. Quizás lo tengamos, es sólo que no tenemos acceso al conocimiento que muestre que los datos que tenemos del pasado sean suficientes para que la ciencia pueda declarar con certeza cuál es el antídoto que de verdad pare la degradación a la que está sometida la Tierra. ¿Estamos recogiendo todos los datos que serían necesarios para diagnosticar la salud del Planeta?, ¿Y tiene el doctor acceso a todos esos datos?.

Todo va a ir bien; ponemos a todo el mundo y a los doctores juntos, durante cientos de minutos,… no horas, o días, o años,… sino sólo durante un montón de minutos. Congregamos a un grupo de gente con un gran interés en,.. en la salud de la Tierra, ¡por supuesto!. Y después incluso nos paramos a escuchar qué es lo que dijeron antes y qué es lo que dicen después de reunirse en forma presencial, hasta que se vuelvan a reunir. Porque ellos nos dicen cuál es la receta para que el Planeta se vuelva más verde,… y nosotros interpretamos que esa receta representa la guía para mejorar la salud del Planeta. Lo verde es saludable. Creemos que lo es.

Así es como obtenemos una respuesta para solucionar el problema que nos preocupa a todos y que nos tomamos en serio.

Entonces decidimos ponernos de acuerdo como individuos que somos; porque no somos expertos, ni doctores en la salud de la Tierra, ni investigadores de datos históricos, ni jugadores de geopolítica, ni gente que imponga modelos sociales, ni gurús en cuestiones de la Antártica,… nos unimos para contribuir decididamente a administrar la receta. Sólo que pareciera como que la receta nos la imponen a nosotros directamente.

En cualquier caso, nosotros, como ciudadanos del mundo que somos, haremos lo que haga falta,… entre una reunion del COP y otra.

Y cuando vemos que el doctor, y la mayoría de los que le asignaron el trabajo, y la mayoría de los que le apoyan, cuando vemos que se van alejando de la prescripción de la receta, nos paramos a pensar:

¿Entendimos bien lo que dijo el doctor?,
¿Nos hemos enterado bien de lo que dice la receta?,
¿El doctor escribió la receta para el Planeta o para nosotros?,
¿Y si fue para nosotros, es para “todos” nosotros?

Y entonces nos paramos a pensar que la receta debe de ser para todos, una receta que es para todo el mundo, por la salud de la Tierra. Creeríamos en ese tipo de receta.

Cuando cada ser humano del Planeta crea y se ajuste a lo que dice la receta, y a las recetas salientes de cada cita, en cada COP, cuando todos la sigamos, entonces empezaremos de verdad a descubrir qué es lo que realmente funciona para salvar la salud de nuestro Planeta, cita a cita, en cada COP, receta a receta.

COP a COP, veremos qué resultado ha dado la receta, cómo ha sido la evolución del paciente, y así la podremos cambiar según coresponda, de modo que después de unas pocas citas COP habremos acertado con la clave.

Y sólo entonces es cuando estaremos empezando a lidiar con lo que verdaderamente importa para hacer el mundo más “verde” y dar salud de verdad al Planeta, y bienestar a todos sus habitantes, incluido a los seres humanos.

De ahí en adelante la gente y el Planeta caminaremos al unísono por un sendero realmente saludable.
Nos tomaremos las citas seriamente para que cumplan con un propósito justo, multicolor, que salve la salud de nuestro Planeta, para así dar con la receta justa que convierta el verde en el multicolor que genere salud para el Planeta.

y cambiamos el mundo


hUmAn21 SLOG: Covid Scar.

Let’s be in love with life, again. Let’s make everyone count.

Covid Scar.

This is covid,
This is life,
Covid life,
On every one
Of us.

What’s the story
Of Your covid life scar?

There is one on everyone
And everyone has one.
To tell,
To suffer from?.
To experience,
The learn from.

New Life.
New places.
Given again.
New life for everyone,
For every life is new,
After covid scar.

New learning
For our lives
It’s good,
When we used it
To understand
What to value most
And less;
What to value in All
And in Yourself.

What to ask for
Next time you are with loved ones.
What to ask for
Next time we miss loved ones,
Next time we miss love in life.

Now, we want more life
And take more life
To give life back.

We put covid behind,
By taking all there is
To gain,
From covid scar.
Our top lesson in life.

We place new hope ahead,
By being in love
With after-scar life,
With life.
Let’s be in love
With life

Everyone has a story to tell,
Every story counts,
Everyone counts

Let’s be in love with our life, again

and we change the world… after covid scar.


CITIZEN#21 SLOG: Give.Life.

Your life experience gives strength to others’ life.

This highway
Is yours
To keep,
To drive in,
To get through.

Highway of Life.
And channels.
To make.
To take.
For learning
To emerge.
In You, for Life.

Emerge cleverly,
From emerged fails.
Emerge strong,
From strong fails
Of just
At last.
In Full.

On us.
On minutes,
On seconds
Of Life
To spare.
For experiencing

Of life,
Felt intense.
Then sensed
To complete
As a person
Of value.
To complete yourself
With life intense
Intensely lived.
For experiencing life
At its best, in You.

You have lived,
Intensively lived,
In You.

You are ready
To serve intense
To others.

Your experience
Of intensely lived
Into others,
For others
To feel
Life intense
From You,
On them,
It’s You.

Life to give
For good…


For Others
For Good.
To Others
For You.

and we change the world