SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Who protects humans from humans?

Human mind is privileged, also for doing good.

When humans find themselves in danger, they behave like any other species: they attack each other… Hang on!, do all species behave like that?.

It appears some non human being living species decide to act united in the face of adversity, especially when adversity is called “death”.

What about humans?; whenever imminent death is what it is at stake, would they unite to defend each other against it?.

Covid has presented death for human beings. Some humans have joined up in concerted actions, like wearing face coverings, even if many would not understand the reason behind it. However, death by covid is not strongly perceived as a real enough threat for humans to take concerted global actions to combat it. Because most humans live their lives sufficiently away from covid threat, such that they don’t feel the need to join up forces and fight back as one. Death by covid is fought by each individual contaminated, in isolation, as a personal fight, only assisted by strangers who accompany them… risking their lives for other strangers.

The so-called climate change could perhaps turn up as a source of some mass death, a potential risk of extinction of the human race. Yet, no one considers it as life threatening; even when the threat could appear real, it would be rather difficult to associate it to deaths caused by climate change. In the eventuality that mass deaths could be attributed to natural disasters, such deaths would still be linked more to the dire situations suffered by the victims, situations that would have never been properly addressed by… other human beings!

Such deaths would be accounted against bad policies, substandard planning, inequalities of wealth distribution in society, or due to the fact that people got ignored by the system or some biased situations… Climate change would only be mentioned when it could serve as a convenient way for some to blame others for making people suffer. People would have died out of other people’s negligence, inaction, inability to act!… human life in the hands of other humans unable to keep death away, whether covid induced or otherwise due to climate change!, or any other cause for that matter.

Is it that humans are not born to become protectors of a group?
Is it that human beings exist to protect individuals over groups?
Is it that our current society is not willing to protect the group?.

And does individual’s own protection end up becoming a source of effective protection of our planet and society at large?

We are into a season where the fittest still prevails in nature where groups act united in order to protect their weakest link, that is any member acting individually, when the individuals are not strong enough to survive on their own.

However, in the world of human beings, It seems like we are not strong enough to survive to covid-like disasters or large natural disasters, even if caused by climate change, when we act alone.

Alone, without counting on the protection from a group, animals’ survival would seem to rest on individuals’ physical strength to stand a possible death provoked by other animal species, or by a force of nature, or by the lack of proper adaptation to an environment which entails a death that is certain.

Within human beings’ world, it would appear as if the survival of the fittest is not related to a superior physical strength, a strong nature, but to mental strength.

Humans kill other humans out of mental superior strength. Humans attack other humans making use of their brain, harming weaker minded humans, or humans easy to weaken. Within humans, the group protects those with a similar comparable mental strength; this is not so much due to the group’s willingness to self protection but out of respecting others’ strength… a preventative measure… so that to avoid being expelled out into a world where your individual mental power is not strong enough to make you survive.

The law of the mentally fittest… Is this the human’s XXI century law?. In case it is, mental power and self affirmation at all costs would constitute the core of the education system for those groups destined to dominate the world, or at least to try. Is it?.

It would be great if humans could communicate with animals, plants, mountains… with nature in all its forms and shapes; so that we could start to understand how human beings like us, could start creating our planet’s common good, for all kind of livelihoods, all shapes of living life, just by putting our imagination at work. And we would learn from our Planet, the exact way of putting our mind and superior intelligence to the mission of protecting others and protecting nature, progressing as a society, in a world, in a planet and in a nature we do all belong to.

Imagine putting the true power of human brain’s intelligence to servicing this common good!

For a truly better world… in balance with nature.

and we change the world.


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