SOCIETY#21 SLOG: #NoPlasticPollution #OceanHealthMatters.

environmental protection matters: protect Oceans’ Health.

The accumulation of plastics at sea is a concern that Korean Administration is voicing over the years. The “Beachcombing Festival to Tackle Ocean Waste” is organised every year at Haeundae Beach, Busan, Korea.

“The Seventh Continent”

The caption below, pictured from this year’s exhibition, reports the impact of human’s act in harming our oceans’ health:

Board shown at Haeundae Beach, 29 December 2021.

While the so-called “Seventh Continent”, and island of floating plastic 15 times the size of Korea, may have been generated by plastics polluting our oceans globally, and not just from Korea alone, I must commend the Korea Administration for their open admission of their impact in forming it. As a nation, Korea has taken action to raise awareness at local country level.

Korean Awareness Campaign

According to the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology in 2014, 210,000 pieces of plastic were contained in a ton of seawater collected from the sea near their Geoje Island territory; they stated that if a ton of sea water is divided into 500 two-litre bottled water bottles, each bottle would contain 420 micro-plastics. They ended up by stating that Korea has the highest concentration of micro-plastics in the world!

I do commend the Korea Administration for being this open; in my personal opinion, the first check to be done before any challenge can be successfully and most effectively resolved is the ”reality check”. The best way to start solving our planet’s health is to be aware of, admit and understand this reality. Bravo Korea for following this path!

I must admit I have not researched any further into data from other Administrations; I am not sure how much Korea contributes to the growth of ”The Seventh Continent”. I would just wish that every nation follows the Korea example, and measures their ocean plastics polluting impact. Knowing how strict the Korean national recycling policies and regulations are on their citizens, and the high degree of compliance I do observe by Korean society, I am alarmed at the potential size of this challenge; and at the subsequent potential lack of timely action to tackle it within societies that may not have been made as aware: we all need to act for ocean’s health.

We could be more openly intentional

We talk about the Environment a lot these days; United Nations For Climate Change COPs conferences keep succeeding one another. The ocean is part of our environment too. Yet, it appears to face a less publicly made known danger: it could be facing unnecessary pollution from human inaction by now.

I wish that the International Community do assign intentional resources to action this challenge: because ocean’s health matter.

Caring for the environment must include caring for the oceans’ health too. Oceans, like our atmosphere, make our Planet uniquely liveable for humans; we should keep the ocean healthy: ”blue”!

Let’s focus on understanding our individual impact in keeping our oceans healthy-blue. Let’s pledge for action, Beach by Beach, City Council by City Council, City by City, Province by Province, Country by Country: Forming an Ocean’s Voice; acting on Oceans’ Health together. Haeundae Beach and Busan City Council is a great leading example.

Positive impact to ocean’s health: a great initiative for humans to nurture in 2022.

and we change the world.


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Who protects humans from humans?

Human mind is privileged, also for doing good.

When humans find themselves in danger, they behave like any other species: they attack each other… Hang on!, do all species behave like that?.

It appears some non human being living species decide to act united in the face of adversity, especially when adversity is called “death”.

What about humans?; whenever imminent death is what it is at stake, would they unite to defend each other against it?.

Covid has presented death for human beings. Some humans have joined up in concerted actions, like wearing face coverings, even if many would not understand the reason behind it. However, death by covid is not strongly perceived as a real enough threat for humans to take concerted global actions to combat it. Because most humans live their lives sufficiently away from covid threat, such that they don’t feel the need to join up forces and fight back as one. Death by covid is fought by each individual contaminated, in isolation, as a personal fight, only assisted by strangers who accompany them… risking their lives for other strangers.

The so-called climate change could perhaps turn up as a source of some mass death, a potential risk of extinction of the human race. Yet, no one considers it as life threatening; even when the threat could appear real, it would be rather difficult to associate it to deaths caused by climate change. In the eventuality that mass deaths could be attributed to natural disasters, such deaths would still be linked more to the dire situations suffered by the victims, situations that would have never been properly addressed by… other human beings!

Such deaths would be accounted against bad policies, substandard planning, inequalities of wealth distribution in society, or due to the fact that people got ignored by the system or some biased situations… Climate change would only be mentioned when it could serve as a convenient way for some to blame others for making people suffer. People would have died out of other people’s negligence, inaction, inability to act!… human life in the hands of other humans unable to keep death away, whether covid induced or otherwise due to climate change!, or any other cause for that matter.

Is it that humans are not born to become protectors of a group?
Is it that human beings exist to protect individuals over groups?
Is it that our current society is not willing to protect the group?.

And does individual’s own protection end up becoming a source of effective protection of our planet and society at large?

We are into a season where the fittest still prevails in nature where groups act united in order to protect their weakest link, that is any member acting individually, when the individuals are not strong enough to survive on their own.

However, in the world of human beings, It seems like we are not strong enough to survive to covid-like disasters or large natural disasters, even if caused by climate change, when we act alone.

Alone, without counting on the protection from a group, animals’ survival would seem to rest on individuals’ physical strength to stand a possible death provoked by other animal species, or by a force of nature, or by the lack of proper adaptation to an environment which entails a death that is certain.

Within human beings’ world, it would appear as if the survival of the fittest is not related to a superior physical strength, a strong nature, but to mental strength.

Humans kill other humans out of mental superior strength. Humans attack other humans making use of their brain, harming weaker minded humans, or humans easy to weaken. Within humans, the group protects those with a similar comparable mental strength; this is not so much due to the group’s willingness to self protection but out of respecting others’ strength… a preventative measure… so that to avoid being expelled out into a world where your individual mental power is not strong enough to make you survive.

The law of the mentally fittest… Is this the human’s XXI century law?. In case it is, mental power and self affirmation at all costs would constitute the core of the education system for those groups destined to dominate the world, or at least to try. Is it?.

It would be great if humans could communicate with animals, plants, mountains… with nature in all its forms and shapes; so that we could start to understand how human beings like us, could start creating our planet’s common good, for all kind of livelihoods, all shapes of living life, just by putting our imagination at work. And we would learn from our Planet, the exact way of putting our mind and superior intelligence to the mission of protecting others and protecting nature, progressing as a society, in a world, in a planet and in a nature we do all belong to.

Imagine putting the true power of human brain’s intelligence to servicing this common good!

For a truly better world… in balance with nature.

and we change the world.


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Money flows… to Earth?.

Flow universal wealth to technology that saves our Planet.

Money flows
Save the planet,
Sink the planet,
Ruin people?
Save humanity?

Money flows

Are important
To our Planet’s Health.

Technology is expensive
To create, mature, adopt
In safety, security, sustainability.

We need technology to mature,
To save our Planet.

Safety costs.
Security costs.
Adoption costs.
Of cost,
Over the current costs at today’s Societies.

Costs, new costs…
Who wants to divert wealth
To cover the cost that takes
To save our Planet?

Who has the wealth
To divert
To cover the costs
And save our Planet?

We know, they know…

Technology got the world
And humanity
Where it is now.
Technology will place the world
And humanity
Where they want to be next:
A green Earth,
A healthy Planet,
A sustainable future for all.
Nature in all its forms of life,
Including human kind.

Technology that heal the world… costs… lots.

When will the flow
Of money that secures
Technology costs
Be oriented
To cover
Technology development
At the pace…
…the planet needs it?

Technology for war,
Of humans,
Costs lots.

Lack of technology
To reach “zero goals”
At the needed pace,
Costs health to All,
Planet and Humans… All.

Money, does it flow
In the right way?

A shift in flow is what we need,
Away from goals that are not “zero”,
On the run to zero…
Change the path
Away from waste
Of flows of money
Away from health
Of Planet.

So many wasters of money, and wealth!
Let money and wealth flow to technology,
From everywhere,
To where talent is,
To where willingness is,
From where richness resides…
Into the pockets
Of the willing
Who work for us All.
For the Planet Earth’s
For real Health.

and we change the world


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: Being in love with Earth.

When we heal the Earth, we heal our world for universal health.

No countries.

Map borders?
As they have always been;
Invented by map makers.
World order makers.

New boundaries.


For those who want to see them.
For the ones that are exposed to get spotted.
For the boundaries that are set to keep the world going
In the way the few decide
The world needs going
For the next while longer.

For a while?,
A while longer.

Long while?,
Long enough for new generations?,
For our children?,
And grandchildren too?.

Yes, a long while longer,
Of uncertain length,
As no one really knows
Our Planet Earth.
And we are still to invent
The communication wizard
That makes Earth
Sit at the helm
Of COPs and COPs
And of dinner table events
To stand a chance to get
The cure it deserves.

Give Earth the presidential table’s head.

What cure we all give
To Planet Mother Earth?,
When Mother miss the feast
Of potion of preparedness health?

New World,
All there
To listen to Earth?…
Who listens to Earth?.

To listen
To Earth!.

And get Earth a chance
To heal and heal,
And change
Our lives for best for good,
In Earth, for good in health.

Right step by right step,
We drive universal health
By being in love with Earth.

Let’s be in love with Earth.

and we change the world


SOCIETY#21 SLOG: The World turns Multicolour… We save the World.

“Greenness” to save Planet’s Health.

The planet is green; and blue, and yellow, and brown, and white and black… and all colours combined. The World is multicolor, to the human eye.

“Save the Planet” is multicolour. Save the Planet is just. Care for the Planet is just; and it is the way we turn the World into “Green”, with just.

This is a time when political systems, society models, geopolitical power games, financial models, race to conquer a slice of Space, are all matters at play at the very same time our Planet goes for a health check.

How much attention do we pay to our Planet’s health check?

Does the Planet need a health check?
Who decides that?
Who undertakes the Planet’s health check?
Who is the doctor we can trust?
Who appoints a doctor the Planet can trust?
And where is that doctor?… in the open?; in a box?… in Antarctica with a friendly satellite to connect her or him to the green game’s decision makers?, or at the COP-appointment?

We seem to have a doctor…
Who decides what the prescription is for our Planet’s health.

We all feel the Planet needs help. We all take this seriously.

Where is the evidence that justifies the prescription chosen by the appointed doctor is right or complete for the Planet?

Do we have a precedence? We may, we just don’t have the data to uncover such past in sufficient detail for our science to declare what the exact right antidote to potential Earth’s health degradation is. Are we now collecting all the data required to diagnose the Planet’s Health? Is that data made available to the doctor?

Everything is going to be all right: we unite the world, the doctors, for hundreds of minutes… not hours, or days, or years… just lots of minutes. We unite a bunch of people with high interest in… the Earth’s health, of course!. And we even listen to what they say before and after their unity is physically disolved, and until the next time they decide to unite their physical forms. For they tell us what the prescription is, to turn the Planet green… and we interpret this as the way to save the Planet’s health. Green is Health. And we believe.

So we all get an answer to solve the issue we all care about and take seriously.

So we decide to align as individuals, as we are no expert, no doctor in Earth’s health, no relevant historic data holders, no geopolitical gamers, no social model imposers, no Antarctica gurus… we align and we get determined to contribute to implement the prescription. Only that the prescription seems to be imposed on us directly.

Nevertheless, we, as citizens of the world, will do our best for it… in between COP-appointments.

And when we see the doctor, and the majority who appointed her or him, and the majority who supported her or him, when we see them deviating from the prescription’s course in between appointments… we stop and think:

‘did we understand what the doctor said?’,
‘did we get the prescription wrong?’,
‘did the doctor prescribed something for the Planet, or for us?’,
‘and if just for us, is “us” everyone?’.

And we think it must be for everyone, a prescription imposed on everyone, for the Earth’s health sake. So we believe.

The moment every human being on the Planet believes and abides to a just prescription, and to the journey of just prescriptions in between COP-appointments, when everyone abides we start our trial to try save our Planet’s health, appointment by appointment, COP by COP, prescription by prescription.

COPbyCOP, we will check how the just prescription worked, how our patient’s condition evolved; we will modify it as necessary, so that few COP-appointments later, we would have got it right.

And only then, we would start acting on what would matter to return “Greenness” to the world, Health to the Planet, and Wellness to all its inhabitants, humans included.

We then set all, Planet and People, on a great health track.
We take the appointments seriously for just one purpose, that is multicolour, that saves our Planet’s health. The just prescription that turns green into multicolour health for the Planet.

and we change the world