– I am here.

To live my moment to life.

Am I here?

To exercise humanity
At this time;
At this world;
In this life
That is jungle
Of experiences
And feelings,
Of nature
And humans
In harmonies lived
To die
Into this
Other place
Of dimensions
Felt by few.

The existence of clear souls.

And while this all become
True for few and some,
We keep on paths that are
Behind dimensions of life.

Paths are lit, are fun
To those of us who can
Discover the purpose of…
One’s own life.

What are we here to plan
And do with us for all
Who are around our path,
In land Earth,
In world of us?

Why are we here?
To accomplish what, fast?
For this dimension of life
Is in fast-track fashion run;
It feels a moment in our hearts.

That moment is life.

What do you want that moment
To feel and give
To loved ones?
To You, and Humans in bloom
Of passion-felt rush.

What do you want that moment to feel in You
At last,
When the time moment comes?

When the time comes
That your whole life
Just that:
A moment in time.
The moment of your Why.
What do you want that moment to feel and become
In You?

That moment is
For you to create
In conscious acts
Of your present dimensioned

When we live intense
In clear “whys”,
We make our Moment
The most precious time
In Human’s Earthed Life.

And we change the world.



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