– Kazuaki, a Friend in my Heart.

Life comes and goes in this world.

A life is gone and leaves memories, stories. It leaves love, and stories of those who felt it the most; those attached to each episode of shared experiences, that are now gone … into the memories’ box.

Into the box where memories will live. The lid on. And the lid off. And most of times, the lid will seal most memories, until the pain in remembering becomes bearable for those around.

Memories of positive and encouraging acts; given in return of nothing much, but respect for ways of living, together; respect for pacts arranged between people who decided to live in give-and-take.

Memories of stories that felt a burden, and turned into understandable behaviours, explained by the distance created by the absence of physical presence … created by death. Reasons revealed, and understood; reasons supported; reasons believed reasonable, in truth.

Memories of souls who feel the distance in pain, as it should be the case, for people who devoted each other to overcome all obstacles in front of happiness. These are sweet memories to hear about, sweet moments that reveal how much love there is in them, and in us and in so many others who experienced it in physical life. A love we will keep experiencing when our hearts join in togetherness of memories, for years to come.

Sweet memories, smiles, remembering; sweet love, revealed. Sweet dreams, forever.
Kazuaki san, we love your smile, forever.

Love to Kazuaki, a Friend in my heart.



  1. Loss is immeasurable in terms of its impact, as is the love we feel when we lose somebody dear. Sending sincere condolences on the loss of your friend.

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