Nothing remains

And we take the baton of strength.

This phase.
Passes away.
And Nothing remains?

The shared love,
Opinions of grace,
Facts and fakes,
Stories of pain,
And joy And life And grace;
Love given
And takes;
Passes away
And Nothing remains?

The courage and fear
To nothing in life,
To obstacles set
Around one’s will,
Obstacles overturned
Time and time again
By fearless determination
In place, in brain, in space;
It all passes away
And Nothing remains?

The stamina to fight
For what is right inside;
The faith in oneself,
Knowing the wrong there is
That could turn into bad fate;
So willing to turn into bricks
Of success and success all over again;
Out of strength of clean soul;
Strength as core.
Success as essence.
All this passes away
And Nothing remains?

Why Nothing remains?
When so many of us
Stay in the phase
Of life that gives a chance
To take that strength
From phases gone past
Into spaces of dimensions of great …

We take the strength into us
For the example is to remain;
Remain in those of us
Who have faith in what it represents
To be courageous, righteous man,
To fight in believe, in strain,
To stay on cause, as it sets
The right path at the end;
To hold the spirit and tell
The world of women and men
That there is hope in heritage of men
Who stood to create a better world
Against all odds, and succeeded
Against all will, out of strength
In believe
Of what’s right to fight for and fear-less.

And when all that passes away
In temporary phased of man,
We can take the example and say:
“Nothing remains away!”,
As we take the baton, it’s our turn;
As we live the example in phase;
In phase of here and today;
In times that become “our turn”
To give the world the same success
He showed us possible, this frame.

This frame of great human core value, this frame.

When Nothing remains in gone phase,
We take our turn to become
The example he lived, for us to remain
The next phase in hope of global success.

Leaving Nothing ashtray.
We take the baton of courage, determination, righteous strength.
We take the baton, we make heritage remain.

We make the world progress, as his shade.

And we change the world, at his shade.

hUmAn21, tribute to Kazuaki san, Friend.


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